Network Marketing List Building Mistakes exposed. Avoid them!

Avoid These Network Marketing List Building Mistakes. Looking at Solo Ads and Paid Traffic too! You Can Build a Super list and Make those Sales! 


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So excited and I don’t know why…other than good things a coming and helping network marketers avoid the List building mistakes we made esp. in the beginning! By the way this post is not about how to set up a sales funnel and why coz we have handled that before check that post out here. Plus if you don’t have your own capture page then you are committing all kinds of list building mistakes, and this post is probably not for you, unless you wish to learn….


Indulge me, let me share with you something a friend told me while in Breckenridge, don’t even know how this conversation came about lol. But I know it links to what I’m gonna share with you i.e. network marketing list building mistakes and how to build that super list! Its not rocket science and neither is it magic! 

Did you know there’s no saltwater in saltwater taffy? Man how is that? Well…

Taffy has actually been around for nearly 1000 years. In Atlantic City, back in the 1880s, a lot of shops sprang up when they first put up the board walk. One guy sold several things in his shop, including taffy. One day, the ocean arrived and flooded his shop. Lots of stuff was ruined. But the taffy tasted fine. In a flash of marketing genius, he decided to call it “salt water taffy.”

Although taffy recipes vary from one candy maker to another. I found that the common ingredients in taffy are corn syrup, cornstarch, sugar, butter, water, salt, food colouring and flavors. I noted that the list of ingredients includes both salt and water. But that’s as far as it goes…Anyway my children love it…Oops Digressing  

Just some trivia…so let’s get into the list building mistakes and how you can build a massive list and drive traffic to your offers every blessed day!

Like the above accident, oft times great marketing happens accidentally. This follows numerous mistakes made and we are looking specifically at list building mistakes. The “Secret affiliate Roadmap” so popular to so many M-L-Mers now, was originally titled “Kal System Pro Training Platform.”

But the focus was wrong. “Kal System Pro Training Platform” became ” Secret affiliate Roadmap.”

Aren’t you glad? That other title would be much more of a challenge to get into the ads.


Plus you want to build your own big income in a home business, network marketing or M-L-M, the people you work with or sponsor will need a constant stream of hot leads or subscribers. We can help you do that. For details, contact us or Find out for yourself here

These List Building Mistakes are Costing You a Fortune! 

List Building Mistakes to avoid!



Usually you build a List in the following ways and I will tell you briefly why they could be for you modern list building mistakes:

Lis Building Mistakes end up in You Carrying The donkey. Not Cool, Not Smart!


  • Organic/Manual – man this is so time consuming, and your time is precious. Best spent doing the things you love or with loved ones! Like well doing nothing. Seriously if you are an entrepreneur then you know that automating a system, paying for it or outsourcing is the way to go. Doing things manually is such an old fashioned and inefficient way of doing things its just not good thus it qualifies as a list building mistake and strategy! CLICK TO TWEET

Solos and Paid Traffic done wrong is one of the most prevalent List Building Mistakes!

  • Solos and Paid Traffic – Don’t get me wrong lots are succeeding with this. But in my view, Solos are Not to be trusted, mainly fake leads, fake emails, and lots of bottom feeders. You don’t need these on your list, they could affect your delivery rates! That is definitely a list building mistake to avoid fast. You want to attract your traffic of be recommended by others (I like this one and I will tell you late why). Now Paid Traffic is the way to go…But The RIGHT PAID TRAFFIC…PPC & PPV!  Don’t make the list building mistake of buying solo ads from an unknown vendor or a vendor with an over worked list! Neither should you buy a solo from a vendor who offers Free or Low end stuff for your high ticket offer…So Know your Solo Ads Vendor if you must go down this route! Subscribe to his/her list so you know what type of info he/she send to their list and thus how your offer will be presented too.
  • Pay Per Click and Pay Per View can be trial and error unless you know exactly what to do and My man Jeff McGeary recently shared some super nuggets on how its done Learn how here. You must keep an eye on and see which Ad is doing best, so you must split test and do what you gotta do. Can what’s not performing. Rinse and repeat with what’s working. Sending just the one ad to a resource for PPC/PPV is a list building mistake that will cost you more than you wish to pay trust me on that! In Fact don’t try something without the right training. Why re-invent the wheel? CLICK TO TWEET

If you engineer your Give Awaye Wrong, It cab be one of your Costly List Builsing Mistakes

  • Give aways – well this needs a list already, otherwise who are you giving your awesome stuff away to? You can create he best product if nobody sees it. Nobody buys it. So make sure to have identified your niche market. Seriously we cannot emphasize how important this is and there is no magic pill. You either know who you are talking to or you’re swimming rudderless! Give aways must be packed full of value. An e-book is not good enough any more. It has to really point ans a specific problem and how to solve it! So its a list building mistake to create a basic give away with no big value, place it on your website and expect the emails to pour in and sales following closely behind! Do your research. What else is out there and who is offering it. Competing with the big guns is a waste of time. Create something that compliments their offer and reach out to those you know and ask if they are happy for you to offer it to their list! This is one super sweet and smart way to build a super list. One Big hitter recommends your offer to their list and you are gonna get some great optins! List building on speed! Don’t make the costly list building mistake of trying to undercut their kindness by making a crap offer or spamming the people who join your list with non value content! 


  • Free OTO offers – See example above on this, similar but not the same. Everyone is giving something away…too much noise so good luck with this. 



You can also learn more about list building mistakes in your online business from Adam Chandler here.

So today I am sharing with you an easier list building way to avoid mistakes, save money & time.

We did talk about OPT = Other People’s Traffic and this is the best way. We have already shared with you Joint Venturing!

Another  way is to Educate people and give them so much value they are ready to not only buy from you, they recommend your services or offers to other people or THEIR LIST = OPT  CLICK TO TWEET

But let me be clear using affiliates to drive traffic to your offers like the Warrior forum marketing type sales do. This is becoming hard work. Affiliates are tired of doing this, they want stuff that works. Not some band aid product that barely helps solve the pain, or worse is not worth the e-paper it’s written on!

So here is… 



How to stand out and avoid making some network marketing list building mistakes:


By having other people build your list, a super list to boot and we will show you how all you need is a 3-page Funnel. We have learnt from super list builders Mark Herbert & Alex Jeffreys and more recently from Russell Brunson.

Reasons why most people make list building mistakes over and over is:

  • They are Too lazy to drive the right traffic
  • They don’t master a Method or can’t be bothered to try…
  • Too many conflicting strategies, which one to use? Anetta Powell is a lot more harder on this topic
  • They chase money instead of letting money chase them…DON’T CHASE MONEY, LET IT COME TO YOU!


Here is how you are going to do it and By the way if you suffer from Trafficology, this is not for you. If you are serious about your business then you must know that traffic is not a problem. It’s converting it to warm then hot leads that is the problem. If you don’t have an email management system to keep your leads, aka an Autoresponder, we suggest you get one. Try Aweber for as little as $1, if you don’t like it can it simple!


So here is the formula:

Traffic + Your Free or Low Ticket Offer – Really low basement price $5 or less than $20

Offer + Upsell (always have an up-sell, side-sell etc. on whatever offer you make ALWAYS – see at this point they are a hot lead and just might buy…Once a buyer always a buyer)!

Offer + Follow up

Start today to treat your leads like friends…this is huge. Educate them, provide value and become their trusted go to person for their problem solving. Start a conversation as opposed to selling them stuff from the get go. Chuck Andy gives you a whole list building  training tutorial, I recommend it.

NOTE: Traffic is the last cog in this wheel. Your framework must be set up properly before you turn your traffic funnel on in order to avoid expensive list building mistakes, and build an online empire. Julie and I are determinedly on this journey

Remember the money in not in the list, nope…it’s in the way you ENGINEER Your Sales Campaign or Funnel. Do it right and you create an income for yonks! DO it wrong making unwarranted and unprovoked list building mistakes  and you are out of money. Creating a half arsed sales funnel is a super costly list building mistake par excellence!

And we already suggested that you must absolutely create JVs to cross offer to your lists and build complimentary lists for your offers. Other People’s Traffic or OPT is the way to go and its sweet. Its less work, its less stress and these people come to you recommended by someone they trust so they come to you “WARM” you get it!

Business is simple; people make it hard Anonymous

We hope you have the hunger to avoid list building mistakes and in that spirit I sure hope you had time to print and read our “Ultimate Guide to Lead Grabbing Sales Letters” e-book, which you can download for free here. Remember, there are only two things in life Reasons and Results. The first one doesn’t count.  If you haven’t yet downloaded the e-book, here is the link.

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