Takes 2 To Tango

The Power of Two in Binary explained!

Takes 2 To Tango

The Power of 2 – Binary

Binary, Oh YES please or is it Oh Purlease not one of those again?

Are you struggling to understand what Binary Means and how you can succeed in this new amazing business you just invested in or “Joined?” Well…

I make no claims to know about Binary options, In fact I have nothing against them, but I don’t condone them either! So if that’s what you need help with, You wont find it here! 

In this Tutorial, I am breaking down MLM and Network Marketing Binary and how you can crush it, build a wildly successful organisation or team and enjoy the benefits thereof! 

Have you decided which Business Model you prefer in Multi Level Marketing aka MLM or Affiliate Marketing? Did you know that statistically, Binaries have made the most number of Internet Millionaires?

Do you know what a binary comp-plan is about? So you ask yourself how does it all work? Many have no idea what Binary or Power of Two means in the MLM industry! Worry not, you aren’t alone! Let me assure you that MLM binary programs are fortunately, some of the easiest to understand.

How to crush it in an MLM or Network Marketing Binary Program and Build a Wildly successful Organisation. Simplified and Broken down! #mlmsecrets

Buckle up, Binary is Simplified Below:

The word binary means 2. So focus on the idea of two. When you find an idea, platform, program that excites you and you invest and start building your new business your first goal would be to find and Share with 2 like-minded people. Once they too buy into it, they are your front line.

Where are these people? You ask?

Everywhere…over 9 billion human planet occupants and the WWW is your highway! Later I will share some awesome Resources to help you surmount this molehill! 

Ideally binaries only require that you make 2 sales or recruit 2 folks, which 2 should do the same etc etc. That is it. Only 2 BUT THIS IS where it’s powerful! If You Build Your team up, and you all duplicate the process or Daisy Chain as a strategy you are set to make a good Residual Income using the Power of 2!

Your business consists of you and 2 let’s call them Pam & Henry. If they duplicate your actions i.e. get 2 who also get 2 …everybody gets rich right…? WRONG…okay wait a minute, in an ideal world YES…

Because we don’t live in an ideal world. Pam Just might get 1. Henry may not even bother…!

That’s why most have to leverage Social Media and Online Platforms to connect with new people! And in my view none beats this social media mania in helping you so exactly that.

So back to our case study! You end up having to go out & make more sales, enroll more people; skewing the simplicity of binary codding that just takes 2 to tango! In binary parlance you already have your 2 Pam & Henry…So now you have to decide where the slew of new recruits will land and that’s when You hear about LEGS.

Which Leg will your new recruits land on; Left or Right i.e. Over-spill! It’s up to you to keep the legs balanced. In other words It takes Two to Tango….Or does it! Lets break it down

Binary Overspill or Spillover – The Reality:

The Power of Two - Binary MLM Simplified #mlmtutorial #mlmsecrets


Binary Spill over means zilch if you don't put in some work and leverage it! #mlmsecrets Click To Tweet

Your two or whatever number new sales and team members Will land under your the down-lines Pam and Henry and that’s simply what binary spill over means.

You have helped them build their business by giving them the 1st people in their down-line. This is one of the massive benefits of binary plans and if you’re lucky enough to have a dynamic up-line, you will receive overspill on autopilot. This can help you to get started & build your business ONLY IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK TOO!

“Binary Spill over means nothing if you don’t put in some work and leverage it!”

So here is something you must know about binary, you’ve got to At least make 2 sales & they must do the same etc etc. New customers are the lifeblood of any business. This is the gist; yo have to get more customers, new business, new recruits and place them on either of your 2 legs for the system to balance.

You see, most platforms and comp plans pay you a commission of the business volume, and it must balance e.g. 3 left 3 right = a cycle and kerching! 🙂 So Pam in above image must also make a sale…and the dance continues! 

It is totally possible for you to enjoy a huge overspill, but in the beginning it will most certainly be on one leg. So you will only benefit and get paid from this binary spill over when you make new sales, add new people to Your business balance the gig and bingo!

you will only benefit, get paid from a #binaryspillover when YOU make new sales #mlmtraining Click To Tweet

Many balk at this and run a mile….! They completely miss the beauty of the Power of Two!

I always ask, which business/program/ministry/charity do you know that survives on air, no customers, no new fresh money? The Answer is NONE!

So what you should be doing is planning how to promote your new business. Find resources to help you Connect with new Potential customers!

Leverage Social Media to build your binary program! We love Pinterest and have a killer Limited Time Webinar training on how to Pin for Business profit!

So, do you budget for advertising and promoting your business? Do You have a lead generation system & CRM in place, which if used correctly should attract a good number of Subscribers and potential customers to your business?

Are you also conscious that in the internet marketing industry, affiliate marketing, Home based business, MLM; you’ll be looked up to as a leader by your down-line? They are going to expect you to Support them in their business and to hit their goals!

Many people make a large amount of money with binary programs in the internet marketing industry. So truly it isn’t the compensation plan that is important. Your most important concern will be how to build your business quickly and effectively. How to support your team to duplicate and if done right, working with he right people, and with the right leadership, it really just Takes 2 To Tango!

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