Custoemr Retention is Key to business growth and success

Subscriber/Customer Retention – Raising The Transaction Level Of Your Subscribers. Part 3 of List Building

Hey its Pauli again,

And I have some super awesome tips for you. Now that we are building a super list and are sharing some awesome stuff, how about keeping our subscribers and customers happy…this is called Customer Retention and the last cog in this List Building series!

The first Lesson of customer retention is to make sure you set the right expectations and OVER DELIVER!

Have you ever received a card or a present e.g. Easter or Christmas hamper from a client, customer, business partner, service provider? Well we have and it can be the most amazing surprise. This is one of the best strategies for subscriber, client or customer retention. In simple terms how to keep em loyal and buying more from you! You are a business owner …right? What actions do you take, whats your customer retention or subscriber retention strategy? And please don’t tell us its sending them information all the time! We are in an era of information overload, so your “Value Info” may simply be considered spam to another! As Home Business owners we’ve got to go the extra mile…Recently we received a box of the most delicious chocolates, lil cakes and sweets (Hello dentist  yet our children were in sweet haven) from a client see image below:

Customer retention the sweet way

A very Sweet and Unique way to Say Thank You and stand out for your Loyal Customers


And this was their way of saying Thank You for a job well done!

We have a very happy subscriber and customer and dare we say loyal too. Below is an extract of what he said about Julie recently (always make sure they are happy for you to share their info)…We aren’t sharing this to boast. We just want you to know that when you go the extra mile, your customer retention and satisfaction increases. Guess what, definitely when you ask them to take action e.g. purchase a product you are offering or recommend, a good percentage of said subscribers will always take the required action i.e. buy!

 Customer Retention, Social Proof

Below we share 3 of Our customer retention Secrets!

Customer Retention #1. Take surveysAsk Questions: Before you can get your subscribers or customers to take a specific action Or move into other levels of service e.g. an upgrade of your service that costs more you must nurture them over a period of time. How? By taking a survey, ask them what they really need from you or your services, we use a free service survey monkey for our surveys try it you will like it! Then you know exactly what they want. Remember most will have opted into your squeeze page for a specific something and now you want them to take the next step. BUT you don’t know exactly what they want. Ask them! Ray Higdon gives some real killer Qns to ask if your audience is predominantly made of Network or affiliate marketers check them out here! In the same way Ask for Feedback on your offers, articles & shares!

Don’t only ask your subscribers/customers questions. You must also Ask yourself this question: “What do you do, on a regular basis, to show your clients you really value their business, or to make them feel special and appreciated?
Many business owners send calendars, birthday cards, or a newsletter once in a while. What about you?


Customer Retention #2. Absolutely Surprise Them Several Times A Year!
This is the rarely told secret, the Secret they don’t want you to know. Yes a great customer retention trick. Go on and at least 4 to 8 times a year do something awesome, amazing, unexpected for your Loyal subscribers & clients. Something that will astonish them, an act of such pure giving that will make them say, “Wow, I can’t believe the person/company that serves me, that I do business with is doing all this for me!”

Here is the good news; it doesn’t cost much time, effort or money to make your subscribers and customers feel special. It’s the little things that make a big difference. This is customer retention and service at its best. Even if you have a huge list, you definitely Know Your Most Loyal subscribers and/or affiliates or customers. You simply do something that most or all of your competitors don’t do, won’t do, or don’t know how to do. This is the secret to customer retention. You see it doesn’t matter how huge or small your list is…Its Your relationship with them that matters! Learn some more technical customer retention strategies from Marketingwizdom here! And learn what clientheartbeat tells us on what the US Chamber of Commerce has to say about customer acquisition and retention from The Customer Happyness Guru himself Ross Beard here!



Customer Retention #3: network marketing communication. Of course you absolutely must continue to send them those special reports (or a series of special reports) teaching them e.g. how to get the perfect bikini body, improve their health, Create healthy culinary delights, how to save money on their travel, how to get their girlfriend back, how to make their homes safer, etc. you know your niche, find the value reports and share with your list & customers. This will help in your strategy to retain their loyalty & custom!
Get personal with your customers or subscribers and we are not saying stalk them…lol. For instance when you come across an article you think one of your subscribers/clients would enjoy, send it to him or her, with a note that says something like this:

I read this the other day, and thought you might enjoy reading it too.
Your Name


Listen to this our dear friends, small business owners and home business entrepreneurs, let me emphasize, if you don’t use an auto-responder or have a system for communicating with your clients regularly and provide them great information that’s perceived to have massive value, they’ll consider you more than just another home business owner of affiliate marketer! I’ll go so far as saying that they’ll think of you as a friend, and will do business with you for a long time, as well as give you lots of referrals. How’s that for client or customer retention?


And maybe next time we shall focus on Network Marketing Communication…Or Better still why Don’t You Challenge us and Ask Us What You want us to Write about next?

So what are you waiting for…Go test the above customer retention tips and see your sales soar!

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