Lessons from Billionaires for the entrepreneur! #successtips

9 Super Lessons from Billionaires for Home Business Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers to Super Charge your Business! 



So  who do we know? See lessons from billionaires means we know some right? Of course we do, the internet is full of highly successful people happy to share their lessons, strategies, wisdom etc. The lessons we learn from them can be priceless for the entrepreneur and internet marketer. 

Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest men alive. But he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He started with very little and EARNED his way to the top. We all have read about a billionaire or 2 like this, question is have we learnt any lessons from billionaires at all? Whether by attending a mastermind, being mentored by one. Watching videos, listening to audios, or reading their books? 


There’s a decision that they made early on that helped them to get to where they are today. See Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Simon Cowell etc. these guys are all just like you and I

Warren Buffet realized that in order for him to make good decisions, he had to focus on just a few companies. Many billionaires share this same lesson, that….

It would be impossible to make smart investments in 100′s of companies, he thought. So…

He picked 10, of the safest investments at the time and still so today. He invested HEAVILY in them…

He has achieved extraordinary wealth as a result. Then and true today, many were and are trying to invest in everything under the sun and going bust.  Here is a prime example of Less is More.

Yet we hear some one say..10 investments that’s too much…lol!

Today, there’s a million and one ways to make an income online. But we know you have a vision and advise you to focus on the lessons from billionaires we are about to share today! 

Lot’s of methods, systems, niches, and so forth that can keep you running in circles the rest of your life trying to figure the “”best”” one to go with. Instead of doing that, which is not only unprofitable, but also highly stressful…

Do like Mr. Buffet here and invest heavily in multiple streams of income, maybe 2… that cool?

The ones with the highest probability of success. And what is that you say?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but for many, it’s just too risky to try to do things all by yourself. To try to create from scratch isn’t very easy.

It’s not likely you’ll just pick up an e-book or course and make a ton of money from it either. Those all aren’t the safest bets for most today. However…


LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #1:  Decide on a Proven System or Create one!

Lessons from billionaires, Decide on a proven system! #merryfixmas #businesstips

Research, Decide on or Create a Proven System!

You could research and decide on a proven system, one that gives you a coach, one that’s got a track record of making partners a residual income and for some even millions. And makes it possible for the little guy -and everyone in between- to succeed massively…

Now you’ve got something to invest your time and energies to. That exact system can be found right here:


This is the first step in leveraging your way into a very lucrative system that will get you generating your first MLM leads, make sales and grow your primary business too. VERY lucrative. If this year hasn’t panned out as you expected, You owe it to yourself to Try something new and hit the ground running in the new year




LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #2: Treat your customers, staff or team members well. You will have great retention. We have heard that one of the industry best known billionaires Mark Cuban renovated the Dallas Mavericks out dated locker room and got a private extra-spacious jet for his players. Right now today, how about you get your team something small, and keep doing. Ray Higdon sends his students some real awesome mementos. One of our mentors Always sends us birthday and seasonal cards. Its super awesome when we get them!  

Depending on how deep your pocket and generosity is, you could have team or customer loyalty on tap! By following these lessons from billionaires, or you could also learn the secrets of MLM experts so you can follow in their footsteps or duplicate their actions!



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #3: Your Daily Personal activities. Seems wrong when you see many people blogging daily, posting on social media but clearly not progressing. The question is in your mindset AND activities. Are you focusing on your MMAs – Money Making Activities your High Value Tasks or just being busy! By the way if you missed our earlier post on Narrowing your Focus we dealt with this malaise, so read it here now!

As a solo-preneur you need to accept that you will always be enrolling, until! So focus your energies and daily activity on those strategies that produce the results you desire. We have created and use a funnel that brings in at least 8-10 new leads per day…yet we also reach out and connect with the same number on social media per day as well…and marinate that relationship till its sweet and soft! Can you do that? We aren’t done until we’ve made those connections, and continue to work through the numbers. Its a sorting and sieving numbers game which increases our odds for success.



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #4: Be Caring and Genuine. Be human. Show your softer side it’s not a weakness. Even big men do cry, right! Its thus wise to show your vulnerable side. Even the challenges you have gone or go through sometimes so others may relate to you and the lessons you propound! Heck you want to be macho type…we get it!  But consider your prospects and new team members who definitely look up to you…to get the best from them. Show them your very human side, express yourself. Be dramatic sometimes, without causing drama if you get our drift!  However uncomfortable it may feel to begin with, it is an awesome business strategy that Sir Richard Branson has perfected. J.K. Rowling advises that we need to be kind to those around us regardless of who they are. See you never know who may decide to join your team, and be your power hitter. And who do you wish to learn your lessons from? In our case definitely billionaires thank you very much!  



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #5: Build Relationships – Make Friends. One of our mentors on social media etiquette; Jessica Higdon emphasizes that your aim online is to make as many friends as possible. Build relationships and rapport. The idea is not to sell to them but to make a friend. Later the business side will flow naturally. You are sorting and sieving.  This advice from Jessica confirmed by Tanya Aliza has made a huge impact on how we connect with people on social media and how we promote our business online. 

We all know what Zig Ziglar taught, in fact most of us keep regurgitating it…Do we walk the talk? That…anyone could be successful in network marketing if you help more people get what they want or become successful!

So how about we purpose to reach out and make some new friends instead of looking for “$$$ signs” on social media? We can later help them to successfully step on the business ladder. For once lets put aside our personal desires and serve our network of friends. The more friends we make and serve, the greater our success in the home business front. What awesome lessons from billionaires and mentors! 



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #6: Know Your Odds! Are you willing to work smart and find others who have the same work ethos. To what degree are you willing to do this? How many No’s are you willing to take. How many cards will you flip before you either break through and find your aces…those are your odds! The thing is you will never know what those odds are until you hit your own Jackpot…! Are you willing to take that chance? The super successful billionaires do this every blessed day. Work through your numbers, keep flipping those cards and you will learn what your odds are sooner rather than later. 

Its another of the prices we pay to get to our desired destination! That means that you must pay the price for freedom. Keep improving your chances through training, self development, learning and TEACHING OTHERS. And this brings us to….




LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #7: Pay The PriceHmm they’ve gone crazy! Nope Have you heard the saying:

“To whom much is given much will be required!” Luke 12:28 Scripture

Well that then follows that for every fortune a price is paid. Whatever that price is to you, you will find it out sooner or later!  This is one of the lessons from billionaires that most neo-entrepreneurs still do not understand and also avoid…Leading to quitting! Very few wish to pay the right of passage from average to great! Most look for freebies and giveaways…Which are great. But what price are you paying to get to your desired destination? 

Most people find the price when they meet these 4 dream stealers:

Lessons from Billionaires, avoid dream stealers! #networkmarketing

  • Deception – Of the people who see your presentation many say I like it, and will get back to you. Then a big majority start to avoid your calls! 
  • Rejection – You invite your “hot market” 48 family & friends for a presentation and 30 of them say Nope! 
  • Apathy – You present to a room full of 50+ people at a product party and 33 of them say…Not interested…arrrrg  AND 
  • Attrition – you get 5 customers or team members and 3 drop out/quit


If you are a home business entrepreneur or network/affiliate marketer and you haven’t yet met the above tax-men you are not building hard enough!

Anyone read Mark Yarnell’s story? You can relate!

Then you will also understand one  of the biggest lessons from billionaires. Which is “Work through the numbers!” The emphasis here is on the words “WORK” and “NUMBERS.” What you lack in skills make up in numbers…i.e. the number of people you show your business presentation! We have said before business is a numbers game and Pauli Kalungi will swear as a mathematician that numbers never lie. Pick your income goal and then get into beast-mode aka massive targeted action.



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #8:  Delete Excuses. Billionaires and top earners in any industry have one thing in common and that’s; they make no excuses whatsoever for their results, and actions. And they don’t really tolerate excuses either. Neither do they make excuses when things don’t go right aka failures or lessons. Taking full responsibility for their lives is one of the lessons from billionaires that we gotta embrace if we are to join the 1% of this planet. Sir Richard Branson has been known to say when an opportunity you cannot resist presents itself jump in with both feet and learn on the job. AND take full responsibility for your success or lack of thereof. Lord Alan Sugar always tells his Apprentices on the TV show The Apprentice, to take personal responsibility for their results. In other words one of the lessons from billionaires we are to digest is that to be successful one has to embrace being a member of “Team No Excuses!” In the process you will attract like minded people or employ those who trust that you will guide them right and never lay blame at their door.



LESSONS FROM BILLIONAIRES #9: Take Your Personal Success as A Given And Step up. 

Lessons from Billionaires, take your Success Personal! #successtips #businesssuccess

Its very easy to listen to all the noise online and let people like your upline, downlines, team members, coach, aunt May and everyone else who has an opinion on what you do, determine your Success by what they say about you. “Your Power Echoes” did a podcast on “How to stay consistent why do we say this, because as Andrew Carnegie said, “The world is watching” 

This is so much more clear in this internet and big brother age! Everyone is waiting to see WHAT YOU DO. So why not produce your results and make it your business to deliver. Assume the sale every time, success follows those that believe they already have it! 

So its important to learn this as one of the lessons from billionaires: Instead of letting everyone affect you and determine your results and success, DO it for YOU! Know exactly what success means for you and declare it every blessed day, then go get it. 


So we’ve established via lessons from billionaires that; there is no such thing as luck in this industry. Winning big is a matter of being willing to pay the price. Are you? Your future is in your hands! The choices which you make today will determine the course of your entire future.

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