Emulate what successful people do and You avoid losing in life and business!

 7 Things every Home Based Business Entrepreneur should know that Successful people Already Do, to Avoid Losing!

“It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose your cow!” So how do you avoid losing your cow?

Its what they say in Texas right? This spoke to us lots about how to avoid losing in your network marketing or home based business and in life in general! 

Before we dig into that, boy is it hot or is it hot….so should we not go out for that jog? You bet we go out every morning when it’s cooler. Why? Because we have developed habits that help us to avoid loosing focus and personal health is top of our agenda. So whether we like it or not, off we go, plus my African backside needs that workout!

Today we are sharing with you 7 things that successful entrepreneurs know and do to keep winning! Brian Tracy has drummed them into us; it’s about forming habits and routine! Form good habits and make them your masters, for good habits are hard to form but good to live with!   Whatever your habits are its time to reboot your brain…We add the Juleskal slant on these things by looking a lil deeper in how to avoid losing your investment

John Maxwell has written a book about what successful people know about winning when you look at his pre-launch blog post. He actually focuses on how to avoid losing and how loss affects different people & why some come out winners! So let’s look at the 7 things every successful entrepreneur knows to avoid loosing their rag  & wealth that you should know in our quick Video Below:




And now lets add some meat on the bones on what successful people know and do to avoid losing their wealth, motivation, and mojo. Lets dig in…




#1.) How they Avoid Losing out on an Opportunity: There Will Never Be a “Right” Time to Start. Today is the day! Do it as Richard Branson CEO of Virgin says:  When You find a great opportunity, jump in and learn as you go!

While others say Put first things first, as in plan, strategise, have a vision, connect with mentors…All this means nothing if you don’t invest in YOU and your future when you get the opportunity! So get started for sure. You have got to be in it to win it…right!  Geoffrey James shares 37 Secrets Only Successful People Know and boy is the list exhaustive…but lets face it THEY GOT STARTED! Period.  CLICK TO TWEET

Envision your future in tecnicolor and you'll avoid losing it!

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#2.) How Successful people Avoid Losing: They Build strategic relationships for long-term growth. This means connecting with people getting to know what makes them tick, understanding their pain points and above all SUPPORTING them! Winners like to connect with other winners, successful people like to hang out with other successful people or with those in whom they see potential. Start today to build win-win relationships with your peers. Where you can cross promote each other. For instance you could create a Joint Venture Partnership, without worrying about losing custom to the other. Because what you promote is valuable and complements each other’s product for the benefit of the end user! We highly recommend this book on Brilliant NLP Successful people Business by David Molden. This book is $0.01 right now on Amazon Click To Tweet




#3.) To Avoid Losing your dream: Connect and engage with Niche Influencers: Think about your goals. Who is already where you want to be…Think about this most of the time and focus your mind on the results you want. Connect with these people if they are open to it and learn from them. Buy their training if they offer it and Emulate their actions. Be consistent in applying. Develop a habit of implementation and make sure you share your results. We have already shared how to connect with Influencers and how to get them to promote you in our article on facebook engagement.  Discipline yourself to put whatever you learn to work for you. Do as you are told… and teach others. This habit has made more people successful in life off and online.




#4.) To Avoid Losing your Courage, Be Fearless: 

To avoid losing your Courage, Be Bold and Fearless

Be Bold, Face your Fears!

This is one of the traits of successful people. How do we become fearless? Get proactive. Focus on what you can do today and do it. Don’t focus on the things you cannot control, that’s a waste of time! And if you can do something about it…What the heck are you waiting for? Get doing it already! Fear is a useless emotion and the biggest dream stealer of all time. Don’t choose mediocrity. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, for greatness. To rule, to reign to grow and to overcome or subdue…NOT MADE FOR FEAR! Are you overcoming or subduing or are you letting everything get on top of you? The fear of failure and believe it or not the fear of success can be overcome and you can achieve greatness. Lots of people just don’t think they can handle the responsibility of having so much success…Coz to be honest as the good book says “To whom more is given, More is expected


Yet this shouldn’t put you off at all! It should in fact drive you. With more abundance at your disposal you can impact more lives. You can build that project for orphaned children. You can give to that charity that resonates with your heart, you can give your elderly parents the life of their dreams and make them proud…Heck you can of course buy that dream home, cars and whatever the heck you want! So why allow fear to steal that amazing dream from you? Crazy huh…



#5.) To Avoid Losing Focus Know that: It Will Be Harder Than You Think (Yet So much worth it): So always begin with the end results in mind. See yourself where you want to be, see yourself succeeding in your endeavours; see yourself on that stage, receiving an ward, the accolades, the pleasure, the sheer adrenaline. What will you wear, what will it be like. How many people will witness this achievement? Who will you take with you. Keep that image in your mind at all times. This is not hocus pocus my friends this is the sauce! If you can envision it, plan it and action it you can achieve it…Notice We don’t say just dream and it will appear by magic. You gotta tap into the Universal Aladdin’s lamp and use the hand you are dealt. Sitting back waiting for magical wands is darn silly…sorry!




#6.) The Successful People know that to avoid losing everything: You MUST and Can Ask for Help. Don’t wallow in mediocrity, refusing to look for and accept help when its offered. What’s with that? You know you’re struggling, you see all kinds of offers for help free and otherwise, and you still wait for the pied piper? Invest in your self development, invest in your future period. This is what it means to seek first to understand, implement, test, and then share. As you learn and share you too will be understood! And you will attract your desired audience. So seek training, mentor-ship, help in how tools and resources work. Marketing strategies, soak it all up and DO/IMPLEMENT as you learn. Whatever works best for you do SHARE with others. The more people you impact and help to grow, the higher your earnings. Your net worth or value is directly proportional to the number of people whose lives you are positively impacting. Period! 

So asking for help so you can learn what works is absolutely essential to your’s and other people’s growth! DO IT! CLICK TO TWEET





#7.) Last But Not Least, This is what successful people do To Avoid Losing traction: They Get Online and Grow their network: Be people oriented. The internet has opened our world up and made us global citizens. It’s about time we recognised that whatever success or results we desire and will have, we can only do so with other people’s involvement, help, custom and/or support. LOTS OF PEOPLE. Family and friends are only our starting point, the people who are there to help mind the little ones as we go for that training event. Who may lend us the cash to get started. Who may stay up with us as we cry our first tears of frustration. Who may even be our first customers. They are our Hot Market so to speak. And no they wont make you a fortune…unless they are Bill Gates and buy your house :).

To find more and build more relationships, to create a warm market of people who know you or have heard of you. GET ONLINE GET SOCIAL. With that in mind isn’t it worth your time and effort to leverage social media, get on at least 2 platforms, master the Marketing Strategies via these platforms and grow your network and net worth! Share value, build strategic alliances, be more mindful of people’s needs than money and watch your income grow?


Take a look at Steve Covey’s 7 Habits of highly effective people and you will find that what we say above is in total alignment with what he says in his book and videos. And with these words we believe you have been armed with what it takes to Stay the course and join then 3% lets get that percentage up to 2 figures. In this internet world we surely should if we Go for it! We leave you with two words; be Consistent and Persistent!  

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