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 Who is and How to find A Mentor! #leadershiptraining

Here is how to find a mentorNever ask a stranger! Okay that’s it we are done here! 

I remember when we first started we had this huge dream, at the time it never crossed our minds nor did we know how to find a Mentor. Our dream was to own a multi-million-dollar business that touches thousands of lives worldwide, while still allowing us to work at home and spend lots of quality time with our lovely children.

Well after a couple of months this dream seemed totally out of reach…Can you relate?

So how did we turn this thing round, AND what the heck has cooking got to do with how to find a mentor?

Its time for some tough love! 

If you too have a dream that right this moment seems out of reach, we’d like to as you a question. Have you ever considered taking training from someone? If you did, do you have a blueprint for your specific needs?

Recently Julie was interviewed by an Internet Rockstar and Multiple 6-figure earner Marquel Russell. One of the points that stood out was the need to and how to find a mentor! You can Listen to said Interview here! Be sure to grab your pen & paper. Its packed with value! 

An Interview with Marquel Russell, touched on How to Find a Mentor!

Today we invite you to take a closer look at whether you are in it for the long haul and profit. In which case You Do need a Mentor or mentors. We are going to give you a detailed overview of how to find a mentor or, that mentor you need to catapult your business and life to the next level.

This knowledge is part experience and part of what we also learnt and reinforced over the weekend we had in Florence Italy! You can learn more about how you too can Experience Florence here! We also are putting together a webinar for your pleasure to share some nuggets for our team so if that is you…You are in for a treat! If not and you have been considering the option, then you might like to check out the different ways you could work with us!  

Building your dreams and going after your goals can be downright confusing sometimes…esp. after a couple of months of dedicated work and no results…Is this you our friend? There is hope for you yet!  

Maybe you wonder if you’re really headed in the right direction…And if you are, WHY you haven’t gotten “there” yet? 

You may feel altogether stuck, or worse yet, like you are slowly moving forward with the “hand brake” on and no idea how to release the brake and so you can move forward and create results more easily.

Perhaps you’ve endured failure in some areas of your life, but enjoyed success in others…And you wonder HOW to create success in ALL areas that matter to you. Keeping all these in mind…

Who do you wish to learn cooking from, a Michelin star chef or your auntie May who granted thinks she does a mean pie….Humph you hated them pies! 

Here is the thing most start up entrepreneurs do wrong, we did too! We chose to learn enterprise from amateurs who had no clue what they were doing…! And when things go wrong, many either quit, play the blame game or…Yay seek and check out some free training online! Till we learn its only a band aid! And if we are truly committed we think about hiring a mentor. If the latter is you today we will give you a Blueprint on how to find a mentor!

Techniques on how to find a mentor for your business. #productivity

If you want to become an expert at cooking, you want to either learn from the expert or follow a great cook book written by an expert chef who is successful at what he/she does. So why then do you seek business advice from your auntie May when you invest in your future? Then you proceed to mess up your chance to change not just your life but lots of others too! Its time for that change to happen… 

IF YOU BUY the cookbook of your choice, wouldn’t you wanna follow it to the letter in creating those awesome culinary delights? So it follows that in business you will want to not only find someone to learn from, you will want to follow every instruction as they give it. You will NEED to implement and achieve the results you desire…or do you? If you ask someone for help to earn 10k per month and then only do some of the actions they tell you to do…or do them only once, or not at all, you expect results? If you actually pay this person to mentor you….you joking me…why? After all you actually aren’t following their advice….So let’s talk about how to find a mentor …before we do that, lets look at another scenario!

If your child came to you and decided they want to become a chef…you would find the resources you need including mentors to guide her on her journey to becoming a star chef right? You would do some research and you would have criteria on how to find a mentor…did we hear a resounding Yes? 

Okay then share your criteria below ….obviously we are done here, NO? Then let’s talk about how to find your mentor…

Watch the Video Below: How to Find a Mentor, take notes, Implement. You can thank us later! 


  • By recommendation
  • Usually your mentor will find you. In this day and age its easy to find a mentor online. 
  • You can seek them out
  • At business or related events, community events
  • social media groups e.g. Facebook groups, twitter groups.
  • Church, Meetups
  • Be their Best student on an Info product! Most mentors do offer a Prize of closer working to their best student or affiliate! Ray Higdon did it on the Top Earner Success School
  • You definitely Can check out My Services, we could be the right fit for you. 




Can you spot a bad mentor? Here is How to Find a Mentor and Avoid the Bad!

If you watched the Video above you know what To LOOK For in a good mentor. But below is What to avoid in anyone you wish to mentor you

  • If they bully or guilt trip you into taking certain actions. That clearly only benefit them! Could be an egomaniac – who think they know it all, NO ONE IS PERFECT! They make you feel like its  heaven honour to be part of their private mastermind! 
  • Chauvinistic – They don’t tolerate any kind of question or query of their expertise and demand blind agreement with whatever they say or tell you to do! 
  • Incompetent –  If they clearly have no clue what they are doing, give you very detrimental tips or downright lead you into acts bordering on criminal. yes they exist. But they bluff their way…Sadly many just don’t recognise this. Why, coz they present themselves as very sociable, connected and  knowledgeable. The worst kind! 
  • Manipulative – Many are happy to mislead  and use you for their sole profit. You are a dollar sign to these. 

So we hope we have given you some eye openers in how to find a mentor and keep a distance from the fakes. 

How to find a mentor, and avoid the fakes! #leadership #howto

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If you’ve been feeling frustrated or disappointed because you know you could be doing so much more – living a much bigger life – then definitely you need a mentor and we just showed you how to find one!

Do you have a business mentor or coach? How has that impacted your life…Please share your insights below! And be blessed as you do…yes those that do comment are blessed

For you do deserve more

Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi


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