How to Use Pinterest for Local SEO & Traffic Gains #pinterestprofits

Use Pinterest for Local SEO to gain both Traffic to your Site and Local Customers. A Deeper Dive into WHY Pinterest? 

Did you know that 80% of Pinterest users are looking for your product or services with money burning a hole in their pockets to spend with you?

Yet you are you still wondering why Pinterest? Why should I use Pinterest for local SEO and what are the advantages? Maybe you haven’t even thought about it? Well today I want you to bring them to the forefront of your mind.

I know most people aren’t using Pinterest as a primary traffic source, not even second. But if you are a blogger, internet marketer, content marketer, you do videos, podcast, share micro blogs on Facebook or LinkedIn. You should be using Pinterest to expand your horizons, attract more eyeballs and ultimately help build your brand audience. I got for you 10 reasons plus a bonus – quick wins to help you build your Pinterest radar way up!

The thing is many bloggers are struggling to attract even a meager organic traffic. You don’t realise that Pinterest can also be used as a great supplement to your SEO and ranking blog efforts.

If you haven’t read my article on Pinterest Mistakes, you are making one right now, its not fatal  you can fix it, go read it now, I can wait!

Welcome back….

By the way, you can build great social signals from Pinterest for your client’s. In particular there is a great local SEO strategy that exists and I am gonna lift the veil on it for you today! Yes, you are welcome Jules.  

But before I do, let’s get back to basics, so you totally understand why you need Pinterest in your marketing Arsenal….

How to Leverage Pinterest for Local SEO, drum up both local and new business and custom for your brand, blog traffic and make even more sales! #pinterestmarketing


In this PART 2: You will get a road map you can use today to GET MORE LEADS & SALES for ANY BUSINESS! You will be able to create Duplication within your team. And you will be able to attract more leads and convert more people in your business no tech skills required!




Why Pinterest for local SEO? In fact Why Pinterest at all!  #5 is my favorite

The point of Pinterest is you can share your content and it gives you a basis esp. if you link it to your other socials! So without further ado lets dive deeper

#1. My 3 S’s as to why you should use Pinterest for local SEO

  1. Its Searchable
  2. Its Shareable
  3. Its Sociable

Pinterest interconnects with Social media platforms and also helps give your blog exposure. How?

Because you can and should have share buttons, widgets and follow buttons on your blog. Pinterest interacts very well with Facebook. You can add a tab on your Fan page and that gives you more exposure! I see lots of blogs with no Pinterest buttons at all! :

Your pinterest boards are a showcase of your brand, and everything you do has a place on there so its sociable. You can move your audience and they can interact with your Pinterest assets!

With that said, if you aren’t yet following me Here is how to correct that 🙂 

Your pinterest boards are a showcase of your brand #pinteresttips #pintereststrategist Click To Tweet



#2. Pinterest helps you Brand You better! Why and how?

Because you can organize your boards almost like a catalog or boutique magazine! So people start to relate a certain image type and Content to you and your Brand!  Now for Pinterest to work for local SEO, you gotta remember to tag your Geo-Location on your boards. You can and will soon very easily start to attract local custom, business partners, Joint Ventures etc!

Categorize your products. Give tutorials to your audience in our niche.

Example case study: For instance, if you are a dog groomer, share some cool How-to tips on DIY dog grooming. Share some tips on puppy meal plans and exercise. All the while pointing to your services for a more professional job!

Also show case the behind the scenes…We always see the end products, It’d be kind of cool to see how the dog gets groomed. It’s great to get people engaged and hooked to your services!

Share a bit of you…So people get to know you via your Pins and being visuals, it pulls at people’s heartstrings more.



#3. Pinterest is a growing platform 

With over 7 million and growing users, it’s not going anywhere. I am a user, and like millions of others I go to BUY via Pinterest. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, people go to Pinterest to Buy.

Real Example: When I am looking for tips on DIY, planning an event, gifts etc. I check out Pinterest first. I use it to search for ideas and buy stuff off there.

Recently I bought cool birthday gifts including a pair of shoes via Pinterest. I went specifically to Pinterest looking for a gift and I found the seller and bought it locally…Do you see how powerful this is?

So if you aren’t showing your buyers your location via Pinterest…You lose!  This is how you use Pinterest for local SEO and get sales!

Most people go to Pinterest with money burning their pockets to spend with YOU. If this doesn’t compel you to go use pinterest properly then I don’t know what will. You should be hanging out over there, like right now…

Most people go to Pinterest with money burning their pockets to spend with YOU! #pinterestprofits… Click To Tweet


#4. Pinterest users are high income earners

Most are in the $50k+ bracket and they love to browse. It’s your job to turn them into buyers. They have ideas, fantasies and visions and want to bring them to life, the Pinterest images help this…They also save and share your content, exposing it and you to their audience…Giving you Some more Exposure. That share could go viral depending on who shares it!



#5. Pinterest is an Amazing Search Engine

This is the gist of this article!

This is where Pinterest for local SEO and wider blog/website ranking comes into play!

Pinterest is searchable, lots of people now go to Pinterest to search for certain things before Google, esp. women!

Did you know Google also loves Pinterest? They work great together; any keywords that show up in Pinterest do show up in Google search! That’s why those in the know use Pinterest as the vehicle to rank in search, local or otherwise! 

The secret sauce is the URLs benefit, the Pinterest do-follow links give you higher SEO rankings. So if you are a blogger, make sure that you are pinning things on Pinterest!  Linking back to your content, tweaking and updating your content every so often till it ranks! If it’s a powerful post it will rank!

Make sure to share your local hangouts, regional stores, bases, warehouses, affiliations, partners. Keep letting your audience know where they can find you in yours and their locality On or OFFLINE!

You see…

When somebody visits your pinterest profile they have a variety of topics or content to dive into via your boards! They can check out your Home based business boards, or Pinterest marketing university vault.

Could be your DIY workshop is their thing, or is it that Travel bucket list scrapbook they are after? Maybe you teach about Network Marketing…! You get the picture?

Whatever your Pinterest aims…Whatever value you have to offer, your display of talent, whatever will add value to your audience. 

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Your audience can browse through your content; they can choose to follow you or some of your boards! It goes without saying when they do that, they will definitely share/save some of your pins and posts…more exposure!

So do your Keyword Research very well. Whatever you Put out on Pinterest is very searchable: your Image, URL, Pin Name and description, Board name, Description if done right, they are all searchable and get you found both on Pinterest and on Search engines.



#6. Pinterest allows infinite links:

Each image is an opportunity to add a unique link. Unlike Instagram where you only have 1 clickable link in your bio. On Pinterest you can add a different link to each image you pin on there from your brand, blog, affiliate offers, ask them to connect with you etc. Don’t have a website? Add your Facebook Fan page, Twitter link, Affiliate link etc.

Make sure you have a link in your ABOUT ME Area, so people can connect with you and learn more about you, build that trust factor!

Here is how this works for ya, your Mission on Pinterest:

  • You ATTRACT your audience with your Killer Images
  • DIRECT/GUIDE them to your Content and Offers with your Links – Website/blog TRAFFIC and
  • You are SELLING with your Value., whatever is at the end of the links is The value you are offering and can attract or repel the traffic!

If YOU are in love with Attraction Marketing, this Right here is your Formula for Pinterest Success. Whatever you do to attract your target market do it on Pinterest, it’s no different really!


Example: So to use Pinterest for local SEO, why not Create a Board with your Product and City-Location as its name e.g. Liverpool Dog Groomer – Julie Syl

Research keywords that pertain to dog grooming, and add them in your Board Description space. Save/pin as much information as you can on local dog grooming, Events, Tips, dog walking, diets, How-To’s. Pin other local dog groomer’s content on there too…This attracts them and if they are over booked, they may send business to you and vice versa. You can do collaborations…Is this getting you excited yet?

Pinterest is also your Local Online Visual Shop and Billboard! Its one of the mostly untapped FREE traffic sources. Use it to your advantage!

Pinterest is also your Local Online Visual Shop and Billboard #seotips Click To Tweet

Pinterest is very flexible and now you know why I have fallen progressively in love with pinterest!


#7. Pinterest Profile – Create a great Search Foundation

  • Your Profile Image: Make it smiley, frontal, sharp and clear, make sure it fits in the circle. Use same image as your other platforms for congruence and your audience will find you faster!
  • Chose a URL branded to YOU, use pretty link if you have a domain. Use your brand name/tagline, whatever people are searching for online in your niche. If it’s your name, then go ahead! Keep in mind Pinterest is a Search engine so if you aren’t yet famous, your name doesn’t serve you as well in this instance.

Rather use your blog tagline. What you do and Where you are. Remember your aim here is to use Pinterest for local search!

  • Don’t use your network marketing company as your name—very amateur! In the new layout, it all shows and you lose the point of attraction marketing, the mystery and curiosity is gone. And so is your posture. The whole aim of branding is to Put YOU in front of Your Network Marketing Company

I know you love the company, but wherever you go, there you are!  Your company has enough PR! DO YOU?

Look, you must step up as the leader you wish to be because, people come to Pinterest searching for:

  • Who am I Looking for?
  • And, Who do I want to learn from?
  • Who are my leaders aka who do I want to follow…And guess who they will find? You. Not your company!

So make sure in your profile you answer the following 3 questions precisely. You only got 160 characters:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you Do?
  3. Why we should follow you!

Ensure you stick your niche keywords in there, because we are talking Search here baby!




#8. Pinterest for local SEO- Analytics

Pay attention to your analytics, you are gonna want to know what gets your audience fired up? What is attracting the most likes, saves, and follows. Do more of that…(Only Business users get analytics.) It doesn’t bite so go get it on There is lots of stuff on the basic Pinterest analytics. So go get that sorted.


#9. Pinterest for local SEO – Link to Other Socials!

When pinning from the web, on some websites, there’s a check box that allows you to share to Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook esp. if one uses the Sumome Plugin!

Set yourself up for success. Be vigilant and get it right so that if, when you decide to make it happen on Pinterest you only need Pin/Save.



#10. Pinterest – YouTube Collaboration.

You do know you can Pin your videos directly to Pinterest from YouTube? And they can be watched in Pinterest direct without having to go to YouTube? Super cool.

Yet I see so many marketers and bloggers missing out on Video and Vlog traffic by not sharing your videos to Pinterest!

The name titles all the SEO from YouTube will be carried over to Pinterest. And if you added your blog link, then you will be driving traffic to your blog too! Utilize the resource in the Bonus tip below to link your videos to automatically populate to Pinterest you will build a wider audience long term! For that to work faster…

Again create a Board named “Video Tutorials” See example below.

 How to use Pinterest for local SEO YouTube collaboration.



BONUS TIP: How to AUTOMATE Your Pinterest Efforts For Free

IFTTT…The magical resource that most marketer haven’t even half tapped into along with Pinterest lol!

Action Step: Create a specific pin board. Name it your niche long tailed keyword/IFTTT

Head on over to If This Then That aka IFTTT and create an account and start creating Recipes. If you have no clue how, watch the video in above link or head on to YouTube and search for how to create a Pinterest Recipe in IFTTT. The Board you are to pin to via IFTTT must be set to Public. If its private you will get an Error message.

Create your cool images and add them as a Recipe, pinning to your board at intervals one a day. Make sure you add other images to that board so it doesn’t look like a one pin board! Link your other socials via recipes. E.g. if you post an image on Instagram, its pinned to that Board. Create variety and make your profile colourful, informative and fun, without spending hours on Pinterest! Automation baby. I love it!

pinterest_local_seo_if How to use Pinterest for local SEO - #ifttt

You can download the “IF by IFTTT” App from the Play store. Super cool app for your business. You can then hook up your Facebook Fan page or profile to your Pinterest and Instagram, create recipes on the go etc. So you can pin direct from there and drive traffic both ways!

Since most of us spend lots of time on Facebook, this is one way to link to the two. Create a Board as “Fan Page Posts” and so all your Posts will also be pinned to Pinterest and get you more followers. Use specific #hashtags on specific posts Facebook has a way of pinpointing which posts will go to your board! A great way to link your socials to your Pinterest.

I did a tutorial on how to create recipes with twitter posted to our Facebook Fan page. Do like it and checkout said tutorial in the videos section. 🙂 Enjoy xoxo



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So, I bet you are chomping at the bit to go leverage your Pinterest for local SEO right now! If that is you, do go right ahead, we are rooting for you. But first Like our post, share your views in comments below, Pin this Post, and Share on Social media… 

As always You deserve more

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