My 9 Most Effective Pinterest Marketing & Image Creation Tools #Pinterestmarketing #PinterestConsultant

My 9 Most Effective Pinterest Marketing Tools and Image Creation Tools. Plus a Heads up on Some Exciting Changes for Business Users!

Julie, what are your most effective Pinterest Marketing Tools, Apps, Image Creation tools and how do they link into SEO? Also I haven’t logged in for a while and I find Pinterest all weird…!  A friend and client asked above Question and made that statement. That is what Inspired this post. Can you relate?

First of all allow me to state that if you want faster success in the world of SEO, you definitely should consider focusing on Pinterest. By understanding what works and what has changed, you’ll be able to maximize the abundant traffic no matter what changes or update or they release.

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7 Effective Pinterest Marketing Tools

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I love to over promise and Over deliver so Below are 2 more Pinterest Marketing Tools I love to use

  • FriendorFollow – Managing my Social Media Accounts Esp. Pinterest! This is a FREE (Up to a certain Number of FANS) way to easily clean-up your Pinterest and root out Spam Bot accounts. So, you want to leave quality followers. Who you follow on Social Media does matter and Pinterest is no different. You can also follow back People you didn’t realize were following you!



  • Visme – For killer Infographics that you can share on Pinterest! Unique Presentations with Video embed option and so much more!



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My Best Pinterest Marketing Tools to help you make money! Plus The Latest Changes and how they affect your Business! #pinteresttools





What else Is New – Pinterest Changes & What they Mean for The Savvy Entrepreneur & Blogger:

9 Best Pinterest Marketing Tools and Changes for your Blog & Business growth!

The Boards Snippets Layout has changed As shown in this image!

Tis the Season to be Pin-Jolly! A Word to the Wise: If you haven’t already done so, Start pinning your Christmas products now, so that they are searchable and hit the Smart feed by December holiday season! Why is this important to your Small or home based Business? Because it’s been proven by dataCheck out Hannah Chapple’s share in quote below:

“A recent study released by Social Media Today shows that 89% of daily Pinterest users bought something they found on Pinterest and 64% of all users have looked at items they previously pinned to help them find products while shopping.”


So, as Pinner how do you take advantage of these Pinterest New Trends and developments?

By thinking like a Buyer and Lead with Your Customers’ needs first! Understand your consumer’s needs first! Goes back to your Avatar Training and research. With this as your foundation the customers will come! This is the winning formula! 

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You check out the “Trending Ideas” Create content based on these and Pin Away. At least 6 weeks early to have half a chance of your seasonal trending products to sell! See image Below where to find the trending ideas:

9 Best Pinterest MarketingTools and Changes for your Blog & Business growth!

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Exciting Changes For the Business User:


Pinterest has been on a mega mission all year to Make its stand as a Social Search engine and Become the key platform for Business users. The developments introduced include:

Native video and Image Recognition Search. This is super exciting. Simply click the magnifying glass in the top corner of a pin, (see image below) a highlighted box appears on the pin. You can adjust the size and location of that box superimposed over the image. The software works in the background and brings you all pins that are visually similar to whatever is in the highlighted box!

Pinterest Toools_ Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition #Pinterestchanges



Board recommendations: Pinterest now recommends relevant boards for you to follow. I noticed these recommendations are based on boards you already have or your topics of interest. This is found on the extreme left side of your PC, top corner of your Pinterest Smart Feed. You will see a recommendation! I must say at first I thought it was a pin, except it was a board! Sweet.  See image below.

My 9 Most Effective Pinterest Marketing & Image Creation Tools - Board Recommendations #pinterestchanges

WHATS the relevance of this recommendation and recognition technology changes?

This is what Dmitry Kislyuk, Pinterest lead visual search engineer:

“At the end of the day, you’d always prefer [to ask] ‘What have users curated?’ ‘What have the users done?’ [and use that] as the ultimate signal… as these two things are the most relevant,”



How is Pinterest Categorizing our Pins? This is best seen on a mobile device. Once you click on a pin, Pinterest shows you how that Pin is categorized. You want to check your most recent pin and see if the categories listed are how you want your pin categorized because that’s how it will be found in Search engines!

And finally…,



New Inbox to replace You Tab: Pinterest has removed the “You” tab and moved all the notifications and combined some of them over to a “News” tab. In their words;

“… instead of 8 kajillion individual “So-and-so liked your Pins you used to see, now they’re consolidated into one simple story that you can tap into for more details.”

I will let you hear what this means for you from Seth Weisfeld Pinterest’s product design manager who posted on the Pinterest Blog a Snippet below:

“everything else you’re used to seeing is here too, including:

– Your own personalized recommendations

– The ideas people you know are saving and liking in the topics you care about most

– Who all’s been following your boards, and liking and saving the same ideas as you

– Which new boards people are creating, and finding to follow

Your notifications are also now way more visual than before, so you clearly see which of your Pins people liked and saved, and what new ideas people are discovering. And all the Pins, boards and profiles you see are tappable, so you can dive in for a closer look and explore more ideas from the people in your community who share your same interests.

Your messages, Pins people send you, group board invites, and comments on your Pins now all live together in your Inbox.”

As you can see from Images below, I haven’t yet got the Inbox as my You Tab is still on the Mobile App…Can’t wait!


Next time we shall focus on How to Rank Your Blog Posts Via Pinterest Keyword Research! This is hot stuff…secret sauce Most SEOs don’t even know. 🙂  I can’t wait to share

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