The Basic Guide to Building Your Personal Brand! #brandingtips

Why as a  Home Business Entrepreneur You Must Start Branding You Today! Part 1 & 2

Your Basic Guide to Branding you like a pro! #PersonalBrand! #Brandingtips

Okay brother, you keep saying you are branding you by growth hacking, picking tips here and there or leveraging other people’s brands without the right foundations? You kidding me?

While its doable don’t get me wrong at all, yet why take the longest route? If you are blogging then you are already in a way looking to stand out from your peers. So you have a dream of becoming whatever it is success looks like to you? But Does this mean you are branding you? The answer is Not necessarily, most bloggers just want to create an extra or full time income and live their lives…thats it!! 

In today’s show I am gonna share with you the basics to Branding you Inc. Setting your foundation right and creating that irresistible product; YOU! Of course in branding you I am are not saying you must share and bare all your secrets. In fact you have to know where to draw the line.

Lets get this out of the way Branding isn’t just 

  • A Name
  • A Logo
  • A shop on the street

It is all the above and then some. 

Branding you is aimed at creating a Service, value and goodness people find very attractive; from you, your business, product or platform or NOT as sometimes the case may be! 

According to Neil Patel’s guide to building a personal brand

“A brand is anything—a symbol, design, name, sound, reputation, emotion, employees, tone, and much more—that separates one thing from another…”

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And lets get this clear for once and for all, branding you is not just for entrepreneurs. If you are building  a career and want to hit the top spots i.e. director, CEO, department head, Manager, you better be branding You and making sure the right people in your company, niche or INDUSTRY take note! So whatever it is you are building be sure that you will learn a thing or two from this post on branding you as a person, product, service!


WHY DO we say this…?


Because to create success in a career or business you need to have a hugely Positive vision, goal and energy, for where you wish to go. From that vision, a smart corporate or entrepreneur creates a mission statement that speaks to their target audience…For an online brand, your Tagline gives us a good idea what that could be


Your Branding You Journey & Proven Steps! #brandingyou #personalbranding

In order to get to create that coveted brand we learnt in Business School and more recently from mentors like Peter Montoya, Neil Patel, Ray Higdon and Tanya Aliza that you must know Your Strengths, Weaknesses, your Competition aka Threats and Your Opportunities. What is commonly called a SWOT analysis in Business Admin. 

Okay we are done here….. 🙂 So what are you gonna do? 




Step One to Branding You

You are gonna sit down pen and paper in hand and write down your:

Strengths and Opportunities on one side, then

Weaknesses and Threats and/or Competition on the other. 

The above could relate to your product or service too if you’re a product or service provider.

Then you are going to write down the characteristics of your target audience or market, primarily called an Avatar. Lots of people have no idea who this is and we have just the Podcast to help you there. And for you already online and creating content or selling products we have your Complete Guide to Zoning in on Your target Audience you can Pick that up below! You will love this if you sell stuff on Amazon or Etsy! 

You Can Create and Attract Your High End Customer today! #avatar #attractionmarketing

Okay back to Branding you; you should also write down what you know others think of you if that helps. Then how you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 years time, Make this good, its your Vision so the past or present have nought to do with it! Trust me we teach this and its essential to your personal brand and growth in your job or business! Once done watch the video below…for the rest! 


The video below should help you out. The Corporate world may have you thinking only companies and business owners should be branding themselves. And I tell anyone who tells you that just wants you on the slave grind being paid what others think your are worth instead of commanding your worth! Or yo may be sabotaging yourself believing you are not worthy as a brand loved by the public. And again I say you are wrong! For more on what we think about personal branding, read this


For The Basic Steps – Part 1 of Why You should be Branding You Watch Here!


And for the Next Steps in this Jigsaw…


Watch The Video below to Learn the Basic Stpes to Branding you Inc!

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Branding You, Be bold Be consistent! #brandingquotes


Okay so we know its important to know what steps to take on your branding you journey. Its essential to be You because you are unique, you are special and guess what, I am not sure who said it, but everyone else is taken. 


In the next episode (Am loving this lol) we shall share with you the 7 Most common mistakes in DIY branding and Solutions of course as we always do!

So in the meantime lets ask you a question…Are you really Building a Brand online or winging it? Seriously how long will you keep waiting trying out bits and bobs, the crumbs, when you could have the whole loaf?


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You are Amazing & deserve more, so better believe it!

Live. Learn. Love

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