How To Increase Your Pinterest Reach -7 tried and Tested steps! #pinterestmarketing

Improve Your Pinterest Reach with the New Pinterest Updates Highlights – More Blog Traffic!

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How To Increase Your Reach On Pinterest - New Summer Pinterest Updates #pinterestmarketing How does the New Layout affect you? Learn how to Utilize it here!


Have you seen the latest Pinterest updates, the new layout, How does it affect your Pinterest reach? Back in February, Pinterest announced a major update to their Smart Feed algorithm that would put more priority on content, shares and likes. In other words, what it conceives as value.

The recent summer Pinterest updates have seen huge changes to their feed. One of the most glaring changes was to the layout. There is A LOT of white space and huge fonts.

But what does all this mean for your pinterest reach?

Well you are not alone in wondering. Pinterest masterminds all over social media are abuzz. Most Pinners are wondering; what the Heck…? The new Profile lay out lays it all bare.

Well that’s why I am sharing this post!

From the get go I Encourage US ALL TO Give our Feedback as to what we think about these Pinterest Updates. Use their Google Doc Form Right Here! Make it constructive feedback that takes us forward and helps your brand. Share how have these changes affected your pinterest reach and blog traffic, your pins, your follower and fan base growth etc. etc!  

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Here’s what the summer Pinterest Updates could mean for you!

#1 In my view your images matter more than ever. The size, colours, text, the Clarity beauty… I have been taking note and following the Smart feed closely since I noticed the changes. I see that HD primary bright colours: reds, yellows, pinks, peaches, oranges are winning. Images with bold fonts but less text are also winning in this new update! Small vertical blurry images are not even gonna get to the smart feed. So either get with the program and create the right size images or don’t bother pinning!

#2 Here is what I have observed and learnt: Pinterest wants you to focus on Content as opposed to just following anyone! Only connect with those you know as opposed to following someone just because they have lots of followers. You now cannot tell how many followers a person has by looking at a snippet, You have to actually visit their profile to learn that!

#3 Some profiles have glitches and have lost content, If this is you, and you can’t find your boards or experience some really hard glitches, please do email Pinterest. Do it daily, they are receiving lots of email from lots of confused pinners. I believe they will get back to you! 

In fact, you can leave some feedback on a dedicated Pinterest page. Make your feedback constructive. Don’t go on a rant or get abusive. Share with Pinterest how the changes have affected your business directly! Esp. Your traffic. Change is normal, embrace it. Pinterest is going through some changes and like a moth turning into a butterfly it will level out!




Okay here is what You can do following the changes shown in Video above to Improve your Pinterest Reach!

1. Do shorten your name and May be a good Idea to just leave one or two keywords attached!

Shorten your name, good Idea to just leave one or two keywords attached #pinterestreach Click To Tweet


2. Improve your Pinterest Reach and SEO– Change your Profile & Board Titles:  Change the title from showing your name first, to showing your blog name, tagline, or board theme first.  This is because it’s is easier for your potential followers and clients to SEE what you pin about and what niche it is faster. Your name is thus secondary BUT Your Tagline is absolutely essential right now on Pinterest for SEO!  It’s what will draw others to your profile and Pins. You could use your blog/brand name or tagline 1st and your name second. By doing this your profile will presents a more professional show than most who have no clue how to ride this update and encourage more follows.


To update your profile simply follow the instructions in the video above.

See image below on what the new pinners layout looks like if you haven’t checked your Pinterest lately!

Pinterest_Updates_Name_vs_Brand - Potential Effects on Pinterest Reach

3. Your Profile Image used to be a tiny circle picture. This has changed for the better I think! Now you have a much bigger profile image.

Make sure you have a really clear HD profile photo. So many people’s images look blurry! Fix that immediately as this is the first thing your audience see’s and potential followers and brand collaborators too. Make it awesome!  

4. There is a new school of thought on changing your Pin size to a smaller yet clearer 600 x 1000 pixels. This brings a more High Definition image and shows your text better too! Try it, track your results against the 734 x 1100 pixels size and keep me posted on your progress!



5. Looks like you can still optimize Board Covers. The labels can be 444 x 300 pixels. Yet for now I would still hang fire on creating any board covers until these Pinterest Updates settle in!




6. Check your analytics to evaluate how the changes are affecting you and keep track. This will give you a more accurate picture of what’s going on with your Pinterest efforts! 

You want to check your click through numbers.

Check the specific pins that are bringing that traffic to your site. You can do this via your Pinterest analytics. But for the more Savvy marketer, I would…

Login to your Tailwind (Haven’t opened an account yet? Its free go automate our efforts.) Check what boards are bringing you the most traffic. If it’s your board then pin more on that board. If it’s a group board, ditto!

Why Tailwind? Because their analytics are spot on, way more than Pinterest analytics.

What do all these changes really mean for your Pinterest reach? Well here are my thoughts reflected by other Pinterest Enthusiasts and experts:

  • Pinterest has always preferred to be considered a Search engine and by making these updates its making a loud statement to that effect. We as users just need to embrace this and leverage this search engine to our advantage.

It is still the easiest one to rank on!  On the face of it, it appears that building a community like on Facebook, via Pinterest has not really always been its aim. Rather they are leaning more to serving as a search engine, so get more of your content Re-pinned or saved, this in my view has always been more important anyway!

Pinterest is leaning more to serving as a search engine, learn how this affects your… Click To Tweet


  • Pinterest is setting the scene for Wall street takeover. It happened with Twitter and Instagram. So why not Pinterest. They gotta make profits too right! As an entrepreneur you should understand this!



Well with that said, this week I wanted to dive a little deeper on Promoted Pins because Barbara Asked the Question. So Barbara and anyone considering spending some dime on Promoting your best performing Pins here goes:



7. Pinterest Reach – Promoted Pins

How To Increase Your Reach On Pinterest with Promoted Pins #pinterestmarketing #pinterestconsultant

First you want to create 2 Different Pin Images. Make sure they are Clear High Definition Highly colourful images with minimal text add your brand tastefully at the bottom. Try the size I have recommended above vis-a-vis the older size. This will be for AB testing purposes. Then choose your parameters the could be:

Keywords, Audience targeting (this is very new and exciting), Interests etc. test, test some more and test again!

If you use the New Audience targeting feature, it’s recommended that you:

  • Use 3-4 Interest tops
  • stick with: all US, all languages; unless your promo is for a specific niche in a specific geo-location.
  • Use 20-30 keywords of course for higher search results.

I believe that at this point in time Promoted Pins Analytics are kind of crazy. And the whole layout can be confusing.

I would start with a small budget if I were you. Then scale it up if you get good pin reach results.

Start with a Low Cost Per Click (CPC.) I would start with 0.10 – .15 cents per click. Don’t mind Pinterest telling you that’s a low CPC. They will on average set it for you at $1/click. Do change it please, it’s your cash and you want to test it out without spending a fortune!

Let your Ad run for at least 30 days, always checking which Image is giving you a better pinterest reach. Set your budget at $5/day tops. Then bin the image that’s not performing. And if you get the result your wanted or better, increase your daily budget to $10/day or more!  

Test Your Ad out on Content aka Blog post vs Sales landing page.  

According to most marketers who have tested before, at this moment in time, content Linked Pins perform better than Sales page linked ones. Although there is of course a lower Call To Action (CTA) response rate and conversions. Usually they are targeted at getting subscribers.  

BUT here is the sweet deal, if you have your Pinterest Pixel and Facebook Retargeting pixel, on your blog, they will go to work for you. And sooner or later you will have more subscribers as these people will be re-targeted with your content!

But hey go right ahead and test your content Vs your landing page. Your niche or product may be a super hit!

Alisa Meredith did a great job on explaining more about promoted pins, do check it out!

Now is the time to Start posting for your Fall and early winter promos so you van have a better pinterest reach. So they will be hitting the Smart feed regularly once the season is fully upon us! The Summer slowdown is coming to an end. Activity usually starts climbing back up from 1st September so get pinning and promoting your fall stuff.

Especially great for Fashion, Healthy food, Winter sun travel promos etc. Any season based niches really!



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