Use Pinterest SEO For Better Search Engine Traffic & Ranking!

Your Ultimate Proven Tips on Pinterest SEO for Better Blog Search And Rank! 

The Proven Ultimate Pinterest SEO Guide!


Yeah right,  so how does Pinterest SEO work, does it even exists?

Well If you Wish to be found in a keyword search on Pinterest, then Pinterest SEO should start to be real important to you!? See this is how people who don’t yet follow you find your content and if they like it…Bingo!

I doubt I get much traffic from Pinterest anyway so pull the other one…! 

Yes, that’s the answer I got from a surprised client when I said we should add Pinterest marketing to their arsenal! We don’t even have a blog…

The thing is he has a website, but it’s almost non-existent in search as in I couldn’t find it in the first 10 pages of Google. Predominantly because it was built & left online. Its not updated regularly! His social presence is: a Facebook account which he uses to spy on his meager staff, (by his own admission.) A Pinterest account with “3 Followers” and he uses Twitter to follow Footie…

Seriously do you also live in the 19th century when it comes to Social media for business growth! Let alone dive into blog or Pinterest SEO! As part of my strategy we have lots to do to drag his site kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!

And the first product we recommend to update you site, improve Site SEO is Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint.  I can’t recommend this product enough.

Even for existing bloggers. You may be struggling because you too could be missing the essential building blocks in Setting up, Positioning and Monetizing your blog! Anyhow…

In today’s Pinterest Café, I am sharing a very specific Pinterest SEO tutorial. My Pinterest Ninja Tricks that should get you off the fence with your Blog marketing efforts too!

If you already have a Pinterest profile you need to  Like & Visit our Facebook Page and get conversant with my Video horde where I share various Tutorials on how you can become a Pinterest Ninja for more Traffic, Opt-ins and Sales!

In one of our first tutorials via our Facebook Fan Page I shared some basics on Setting up your Profile right and in an article I coined on Pinterest for Business you will find more. So…

I believe I don’t have to preach it that You Need to add PIN IT Buttons to all your images. If you use Sumome and I presume you do as Google analytics uses it, then you can use more of its resources and one of them is “adding Social Buttons to your Images as Below! This is a real powerful, tool in your Pinterest social influence, SEO & Traffic building Arsenal. 

Use Sumome for better Site SEO! #pinterestseo

Sumome Image Sharer Icons/Buttons on Image – Example!

These buttons provide automatic links back to your site as soon as they’re used. The easier you make it on your audience & fans, the more social shares you will receive; increasing your Pinterest Kudos & Search ability!

So in the same vein it makes business sense to build your Social influence and Search engine clout by connecting your other social media accounts to Pinterest. The best tool for this is IFTTT

We wrote a full article on how to Leverage this amazing resource and you can access it here.

One of the factors in ranking on Pinterest is engagement. Today, older more popular pins are dominating the smart feed and this means your Pins need to find traction fast. The Fastest way is to get active in Forums or Social Pinning Group/s. This could Catapult your Pinterest Growth fast get you more readers.

Neil Patel Emphasizes Forums as a great way forward in finding your readers, marketing channels! If its good enough for Neil, its more than good enough for you!

Now let’s dive into the meat and potatoes on this week’s Pinterest Café Menu!




 IF PINTEREST SOUNDS LIKE GREEK TO YOU, This 7-Module & Step Formula will Turn Your Blog into a List Building Machine via Pinterest





Now that you understand the sheer importance of Pinterest for blog SEO, I can’t emphasize enough why you must…

Cross-promote your brand and get more targeted followers. By simply posting on Pinterest, IFTTT automatically shares on Twitter, Facebook etc.  You will find that your Social media followers who are already fans of your brand will follow you on Pinterest as well.

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Did you know that having a strong social presence connected to your website signifies to Google that you’re a trusted source of information? This will improve your Search Engine Clout too!

Pinterest categories in my opinion are an essential research tool when it comes to promoting your boards. Esp. during the board creation process. Do select which Pinterest category your board will belong, then create a Keyword-rich board Title & Description.

When you do this, content pinned to your board has half a chance of showing up on those category pages in the Smart feed.

Meaning more eyeballs, more shares by anyone not necessarily just your followers. In fact you will get more followers if your content keeps popping up in the smart feed with lots of value & shares!

One of the most essential thing you can do to optimize your Pinterest efforts is to TRACK your Actions and results. You need to understand what resonates with your audience. In my opinion it’s the use of resources like Tailwind’s Pinterest Analytics Suite, that you can tell which pins/offers/posts are trending.

Find which words are used most often in descriptions and how many pins with such words do you have pinned from your site? The key here is to make your pins, boards, and profile show up in Pinterest and Google searches!

By paying attention to what your audience, followers and fans love, you can build related content to drive more targeted traffic to your website/blog/affiliate links!

And now I am super excited to share with you The Ultimate Pinterest Road-Map – PIN TO WIN CUSTOMERS. 

Grow traffic and attract new clients with Pinterest Techniques and Tips! A 7-Module Step-By-Step Guide to help you Swim through the Pinterest Marketing Ocean and Make it work for your business. Is Pinterest a wise investment of your time and money? Get started in 7 Easy to Follow Steps! Practical advice on how to create a Pinterest Business Account That Attracts & Converts. Get ready for business – Pin like a Pro.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Road-map #PinterestTraining


Pinterest SEO Quick Recap:

  • Create Amazing LONG IMAGES and Optimize These Pins Like Heck 734 x 1200 is great. Make em Keyword-rich Descriptions, and Add them to at least 3 images all pointing to your Post! And by the way don’t overburden your PC with huge images, Save your precious Pinterest Horde For Free in DropBox, and you can access them anywhere! 
  • If you pin your posts only once, you may as well not have bothered! Pin them to your different boards over and over! Using the tools I shared! Join and Pin them to group boards. Join  and Be active in Social share Groups. This will give you the initial push your content marketing needs to ensure your content gets pinned & seen by other people. 
  • Pinterest is a VISUAL SEARCH ENGINE. So Pinterest SEO makes total sense, and everything that gets seen on there is based on being  keyword-rich. Think about it. The people that use Pinterest daily and there are millions, use it instead of Google? They use the search function in Pinterest almost daily! Can you afford to ignore it any more? 
  • Do research and optimize your profile, verify your website, enable rich pins, and use descriptive keywords in your profile, boards and your pins.
  • Address a Specific Need and Do it as a CUSTOMER that way you feel their Pain and Give a Solution that works! 
  • Do Not forget to State your Location, Great for Pinterest SEO aka Local Searches. You want Local Business partners, clients and Brand Ambassadors right? So add that Location!
  • When setting up or revamping your boards, make sure to choose a category DO NOT Leave it as “other.” Help Pinterest return your pins in relevant searches!
  • Your Content URL i.e. where your pin points, should also contain your Keyword for congruence and better SEO.




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