Here’s How to Make Money on Pinterest Still in 5 Tested Easy to Follow Steps!

How to Make Money on Pinterest! #socialmediahacks #PINTERESTTIPS

Can I ask you a question? How is your Facebook Fan Page Reach doing for your blog traffic and sales? Great I hope you said!

Yet somehow I doubt it. That’s why I encourage you to consider leveraging this strategy on how to make money on Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog & offers.


Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook Click To Tweet

You see, Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook! It’s the 3rd most popular social media network and any entrepreneur or blogger not properly leveraging it is leaving money on the table… 
So, in this complimentary Pinterest tutorial you’ll learn Five things you need to make money on Pinterest profitably. Within this I share:

– Take Advantage of How-To Pins

– Critical steps to optimize your Pinterest business account and gain more paying customers
– Specific strategies to increase your engagement and lifeline of a pin
– The top pin ideas that most business owners are not doing

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Watch the Video Tutorial Below to learn how to effectively market your business and start making money on Pinterest. I share powerful marketing strategies and pinning tips that have helped business owners gain huge amounts of FREE traffic and buying customers from Pinterest.

Get ready to increase the success of your website, because Pinterest still gives you a CHANCE Click To Tweet

Get ready to increase the success of your website, because Pinterest still gives you a massive opportunity to make a killing off of traffic and sales, inspite of the Algorithm changes! The best part is, it’s easy and absolutely free! I walk you through ways to boost your site traffic organically and make money on Pinterest!

And if Pinterest is still a Maze for you, its time you grabbed our Full Bodied Guide to Pinterest Traffic Here.



So I am sure you have grabbed some nuggets on how to make money on Pinterest 2016 and beyond. Tip #4 is my Favorite and if you’re serious about Building your brand then I believe The Bonus Tip is your kettle of fish!

Thing is, it’s super easy to get started; just sign up for a free Business account on Pinterest if you don’t yet have one! Then, you can search for content related to your specific niche. Use the search function to find users with lots of followers in your niche, follow them. Click on their boards and see who follows them & what they’ve pinned. Now find pictures you think would be interesting to your own audience. Just click “Pin it!” or “Save it” to add it to your Own board that’s related to same niche.

If you are in the following Niches or post content of this nature you should be attracting a lot of interest from Pinterest:

These are the Top 6 Pin Ideas most marketers are simply not leveraging:

  • Food – recipes,
  • Beauty – natural health,
  • fashion,
  • DIY décor,
  • Travel &
  • Weddings as detailed in the video above. 


Quick Recap of the Resources Mentioned in the Video –

Watch it or this wont make sense:

  1. Take Advantage of “How-To” Pins. Why not show case your expertise and create amazing tall Pinnable HD images with Text overlay. Add your Optimized Keyword & description- a snippet of your Topic. Jason Costa tells us more about How-To Pins here. ASK FOR REPINS AND Social shares. 

How to Make Money on Pinterest! #PinterestTips


  1. Follow others who’ve pinned images related to your niche. – By doing this, you’ll start getting even more followers! Remember every Pin you share from your own website or YouTube Channel points to your own content and offers – This is where you start making your money on Pinterest!

Pinterest now “prefers” pins that have engagement to show up on top of the Smart Feed, it believes this shows user interest.

  1. Learn to search optimize your pins for keywords on Pinterest’s search engine. – The best way to do that in addition to what I shared on Pin optimization a couple of weeks ago, watch that tutorial here. Here is how to optimize your pin for Pinterest Search…

Ensure you Match Exact Words which increases the chances of them getting repined Click To Tweet

Ensure you Match Exact Words which increases the chances of them getting repined, shared and click through to your site and offers, which is how you get to make money on Pinterest!  So the exact keyword match plays a major role in how your pins show up. 

  1. Read Pinterest’s Official Blog Often – This blog shares the latest Pinterest news and some awesome ideas on how to optimize your content, monetize your Pins and grow your Follower base on their platform.

Also join Pinterest Link Parties, I highly recommend one that runs every Friday to Wednesday, You can join in here scroll to the bottom and join the Pinterest Game. Get your pins seen shared and promoted without paying a penny. This in turn will trigger Pinterest to show them on the Smart feed more = traffic=leads=sales…make money on Pinterest, that’s your aim right!!!

Learn how Pinterest works and you'll make a lot more money on Pinterest than Facebook Ads Click To Tweet

My Advice is Learn how Pinterest works and you will make a lot more money on Pinterest than you do via Facebook Ads, or Twitter marketing!


  1. Use Short Pin & Board Descriptions, they’re more Likely to Show Up in Pinterest Searches which is quite similar to Google! Use 100 – 140 characters or less, as pins with such text density tend to dominate the Smart Feed. And if you wish to make money on Pinterest from Mobile users, be specific, to the point; 100-140 words descriptions tops.

How to Still Make Money on Pinterest - 5 Easy Steps #Pinteresttips


Bonus Tip: For Serious Marketers and Business Builders: Pinterest Ads – Promoted Pins:  Pinterest’s Marketing Developer Partners (MDPs). If you have set aside a marketing budget,  Learn more about how to use it via the Horse’s mouth, Pinterest itself!

You can set up either Traffic Campaigns or Engagement Campaigns. Lean about how each could benefit you from Abby Fromm, Pinterest’s promoted pins expert here

How to Make Money on Pinterest #Pinterestmarketing #socialmedia



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