Looking for a Joint Venture Partnership? Here are The Secrets They Don't want You to know!

How to List build with a Joint Venture Partnership – Part 2 

Would you agree that…we have thoroughly shown you how to start a JV Partnership in Part 1?


We demonstrated how a Joint Venture Partnership is one of the fastest strategies to build a mailing list, sell your products, and create a profitable business in “Part 1 of Joint Venture List Building!” Haven’t read it yet…here it is and you are in for a treat in Part 2…

You are about to learn one of the most powerful strategies we’ve learnt for being successful in today’s competitive business world. Enter Joint Venture Partnerships: teaming up with another person, group of persons, or organisation for purposes of expanding your business influence and creating a more powerful market presence. You see when someone else tells thousands of their subscribers how great you are, it’s like waving a magic wand and taking a short-cut to success! And by the way commission is always implied in a joint venture partnership. Its not a great motivator any more, try something else to get potential JV partners to promote you!

Seriously, joint ventures are in, and if you’re not leveraging this strategic weapon, trust me your competition is, or will soon be utilizing JVs to their advantage…possibly to your detriment!

Our primary goal is to make you an informed entrepreneur & successful joint venture partner. So this is what you will discover today…

*  Why JV partners may NOT want to promote you and what you can do about it (2 Biggest reasons, of the 12 we know of)

* How to create a “JV-friendly” offer that partners can’t resist! Where to find HOT JV partners in your niche

*  Top 3 Joint Venture Partnership Strategies or ways to JV! 




Joint Venture Partnership Killer...Do they know you?

#1. They Don’t Know you from Adam -thus may ignore you unless you seriously make it your mission to share value in the circles they commonly hang out. Get into their tribe so to speak and Stand out for all the right reasons. Below are some more ideas on how to get up close and JVing with your desired partner:


  • Get introduced by a mutual friend or connection – this is by far the easiest way to get to someone you wish to reach. Think about who you know that knows a lot of influential people and ask them to connect you. People love connecting cool people together – are you cool though? Jokes aside, this is a sure-fire way to open some doors for you. For instance our friend Jeff McGeary had a cool A FREE 5 day lead generation Marketing Bootcamp right here, which offer is no longer available. But there are more tools like he offered so don’t struggle when there are Joint Venture Partnerships to be had. 


Maybe you might like to Grab our Full Kal System Pro Program to help you build a solid organisation from the ground up HERE






  • Attend a live event they are speaking at –nothing beats the power of face-to-face seminars and networking events. A great way to connect with people you want to partner with. Get off your butt, put your face on & go mingle!
  • Interact with them on their blog or via social media – leaving well thought out and positive comments on their content updates regularly is a great way to get noticed.
  • If it makes financial sense Buy & Promote their product/s –you want to grab their attention so FAST they come to you… money still talks. Promote them like mad…Unless they aren’t integral, in which case you made a bundle. Keep looking and find that integral JV partnership!



#2. Have you approached an A-Level potential joint venture partner when you’re just starting out or have a very small list? Start with your peers, people at a similar level and build-up. The big dogs will notice you with the production and results you get and reach out to you…Usually to promote an affiliate product…Once that happens know you have a bargaining ground…find out how big/wide/deep and leverage it!  




How to create “JV-friendly” offers that Potential Partners Can’t Resist!

To Clinch that Joint Venture Partnership Get on Their Radar!

This is Your Ninja Tactic!


In an attempt to impress and show off or be creative and different, we might create a whole bag of confusion. A complicated offer’s a No No! Remember, attention span lower than a gold fish…So we don’t like to take the time figuring out what you’re doing in your business or offering. Chances are the people you are looking to partner with are even busier – they’ve got plenty of their own stuff to get on with…Or that beach to chillax at! For instance if you wish to partner with us and we have to ask a thousand Questions, it will slow us down and won’t get us to promote you.

So to create an Irresistible JV-Friendly Offer, be clear on the following:


  1. What exactly is your offer or what are you selling?
  2. How would your JV partner get featured… is it part of the Offer?
  3. What email to send including link & when (think frequency)!
  4. Is your offer an e-product e.g. video, free report, webinar or tangible?
  5. What’s in it For Them? This is the clincher!

To avoid confusion why not create a short 2-4 minute video explaining your JV opportunity and show it to a few friends/colleagues. Ask them if they found it Clear & Precise, on what you are doing? If they ask you mob follow-up questions… that could be your sign. Unless the Qns stem from excitement and how fast can they get started?

If they are with you, did they look like deer in the headlights?

Make it easy for your JV partners. Don’t make them jump through hoops.  Create a “Just Hit Send” offer. Get them lost in the details of your promotion or marketing sequence & you lose!

No need to go into the “behind-the-scenes” logistics. Make it a need to know basis i.e. tell them only what they need to know and send them only what they absolutely must have to promote you.

Try and “feed” them one piece of information at a time. It’s a pretty big commitment to “dive deep” and figure out someone else’s project, and share it with a list you have taken years to build up. So make it worth their time. Remember Keep It SIMPLE Stupid, it works a treat!




Network MArketing economics is about Finding Those That Wish to Work with, Buy what You offer!


We did hint above – Who do you know who knows lots of influential people. Grab that trusty cell phone and scroll down. Make that call. Oh yeah we hear you…you may not know anyone…really! Okay who do you know on social media who is influential…Aha now you are warming up. How close are you to that person…If not, get social, duh its social media! Engage with their content: share, like, comment on their shares, follow them and learn what they like. Make your comments count…

Now if you aren’t part of your niche groups…what are you waiting for? That’s where most Influential people like to interact in private forums. We as pro-bloggers use TribePro…to connect with influencers & a potential joint venture partnership or 2 in our niche. Get on board if not yet, its free! We also mentioned Attending Live Events… Ha ha you expected a magic wand…

Questions to Ask self: does this person have a JV product, a website, are they active list builders? Do they have an optin form on said site?


If they don’t, they may not have the right platform to support you.  You need someone with an active community where you can submit your article or offers. This is the only time I feel it’s okay to follow this advice…Google them!

Make sure you don’t promote the same products or offers, YOU WANT TO OFFER SOMETHING DIFFERENT to their community. Something complimentary. Be sure this person is joint venture minded.

Find someone whose audience is your ideal audience. Find a common ground, e.g. we are coaches, speakers and bloggers these 3 have a common ground. Look at how they grow their audience & how you can become part of their vision or project. Offer to help, support them in a way that promotes them, and they too “if integral” will reciprocate in a way that benefits you way more. Exposure, positioning, promote you…get the picture!  The above process could take as short as a phone call OR a few months of email campaign or at a live event…! Once the relationship is built you will benefit from it for years or as a one off… depending on the results you both get.


What if they aren’t JV minded we hear you ask? WHY NOT suggest it.  They aren’t collaborative? Suggest an interview with them, edify & compliment them like heck. Ask their insights…we all like to feel important and clever! This will give them exposure as well coz you will promote the interview with links to their online profile of course. And If you impressed them enough, they may share said interview with their wider audience or Ask what you do and how they can help you…Bingo, result! 


If you have a healthy budget then definitely consider JVInsider Circle with Milana Leshinsky & German Rich. These two have created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire.

She is the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution, the author of “Coaching Millions,” and of course co-founder of the JV Insider Circle, the world’s leading joint venture community for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts. Milana came from Soviet Ukraine 20 years ago as a classical musician with zero knowledge of the business world, and has built her million-dollar business from home part time, while raising her 2 children. Rich became a coach back in 1999 and has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls in his career. Started his own company in 2008, he has taken the world of coaching by storm. He has written 2 best-selling books and founded the extremely popular Epic Coach Academy.




  • Teach a Class – webinar, seminar, conference, tele-seminar etc. Your joint venture partner promotes you to his community for your expertise and you get lots of new subscribers for your training…and future promotions!


  • Co-create products and co-promote. You would have to have the technical expertise or knowledge to be able to get this kind of JV going. And this is usually with a peer. Someone you are at the same level of influence or success so you are cross promoting to each other’s list…this means you have a list even 100 people who are targeted and plugged into you is better than 3000 non responsive leads


  • Share each other’s content – This is common in syndicates yet people don’t really know that its JV’ing at its most basic level. These could be articles, blogs, videos, give aways, events, trainings, etc. The most successful people do this all the time.


PJ Van Hulle The List Building & Joint Ventures Queen

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We are part of a Mega Joint Venture Movement called List-A-Palooza with JP Van HulleHere is her website. She has created a community of professionals, network marketers, entrepreneurs bent on building our lists within 90 days. We have live sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays for 60mins each…Our List has grown exponentially from this interaction. We promote, follow each other and we are creating private joint ventures with each other. PJ has created a million dollar business via various JVs and her mission is  to help as many people as possible to grow their lists to at least 5k.  What would 5k targeted leads do for your business & future JVs…? If you aren’t yet part of List-A-Palooza, I suggest you Get On Board NOW. IT’S FREE to join. You will make lots of connections for the future if nothing else. A fine example of strategic alliance. We learnt about the JVInsider via List-a-palooza!

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If you are seriously looking to JV with us, Let us know via our Contact us Page and we will get back to you within 48hrs!


List building via Joint Ventures Summary:  Today we’ve shared; how you can quickly grow your mailing list and your income by tapping into the power of  a joint venture partnership! We promise to share with you more about List-A-Palooza in the next Blog post!



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