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Now that we’ve covered why you should ensure your content has more videos and how to get it seen by more eye balls via Video Marketing, Lead generation. Let’s talk some more about TRAFFIC…
And what is traffic you may ask? Well imagine your fav shop or store; “Traffic is YOU & other people like you that go into that store and either purchase or browse etc.…”! The more people that walk into that shop the more chances of a sale & thus income & my oh my Profits 🙂 Your website or link is YOUR ONLINE SHOP or store and without traffic its dead in the waters.There is a correct way  to do this.

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Traffic is that Holy Grail every business needs to survive off or on-line. There are some cool tools as well as Free or dirt cheap means of getting that Traffic…You just need to use the right carrot … “Opt-in Page”

You can have the best looking website & super content; if nobody sees it it’s like putting your prime steak stand in a vegan neighbourhood…or an amazing MacD in the middle of the desert!

In one of our posts we talked about Generating Leads. In this update, we are dealing with how to maximize traffic, get those subscribers & make sales.  Every second you spend online promoting your product/service should result in either an opt-in or a sale. So once you get that lead what do you do? This next step is where many fail esp. Noobies …bear with me.

If you are like me yonks’ ago 😀 i.e. posting your company link directly all-over social media including via Solo Ads & PPC sites…you are bleeding cash and leaving lots on the table. And worse still you are not building your own lil tribe… aka Your List = no traffic! Man I used to post to like hundreds of groups and really get upset  why wasn’t I getting any opt-ins let alone sales. I completely ignored the hundreds of other Ads & links pasted in the same groups, pages & News feeds…!  What we call the Invaluable link. By now you know it doesn’t work! If not then …Wise up to the correct Process Today. Before you lose heart & focus.

To Maximize traffic, Follow the system as demonstrated below:

Maximize Traffic

In this process, even if someone does not purchase you can follow up with them after via email or phone and create a relationship that engenders trust and you just may make a sale later. That is the purpose of the opt-in or capture or squeeze page i.e. to collect your visitor info. In other words maximize traffic to your website.

Personally I try to put the shoe on the other foot. I imagine I am the visitor? If am directed to a website which blatantly sells to me something i.e. pitch, I usually won’t by. Because Nobody likes to be sold to, I prefer to BUY so most times I won’t even look. So think of your visitors in the same way…You are a potential visitor to a shop, surely you would like to buy with your head/heart rather than coercion! This makes opt-in pages extremely imperative. They are a subtle way to get that visitor to move to the next step the sale process. When I opt into something it means I agree to receive information or whatever it is I am interested in receiving usually by email or even a phone call. I am Partially Committing to what That Opt-In Page says; the Process

Some call this MICRO-COMMITMENT and it been proven to increase sales. Simply put, by giving you my email and/or phone number I have made a semi commitment and I am receptive to your “Offer” I have not been coerced nor forced and therefore I expect a certain value from YOU. I expect You to deliver…this is another way to maximize traffic to your website, by delivering on Your Promise, i.e. whatever your opt-in page suggested I would get if I gave you my details.

That’s why I strongly recommend that wherever you have put your ONLINE SHOP and are getting traffic or leads USE AN OPT-IN PAGE so that you at least get the contact information of your visitors and followers so you can follow them up and get that sale sooner or later.

We have enjoyed sharing this process with you right from Lead Generation, Strategy, Video Marketing & now how to Maximize traffic. Hopefully we have opened your eyes to some ideas to progress your business.

Talk soon when we just might talk about our fav Subject & activity. It’s not all work, work, work ,you know…We love to Travel, and to Maximize Traffic In Style.

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