Embrace Social Media Marketing Changes With These 6 Trend Updates! #socialmediamarketing

Social Media Marketing Changes Don’t Have To Hit You Hard in the New Year, Learn How!


Embrace Social Media Marketing Changes to Build your List! #socialmediamarketingtips


Have the Social Media Marketing Changes this year been too drastic for most small business owners and home based business entrepreneurs?


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We really don’t think so, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Yet many have been caught off-guard and that has affected your results…What are these social media marketing changes and how can we be better placed in the new year? 

In this post we are going to share with you the changes we have noticed that have hit many a business owner and entrepreneur. If you take note you will make some tweaks and create better residual.

We dislike negative talk and that goes for negative posts…yet some information just has to be shared. So you have been warned this is not a sugar and spice update!

If you are following the trends and you should do if you leverage social media for your marketing purposes. You will notice several changes across social media platforms, have happened this last quarter of the year with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and in Jan 2016 we await the new Google Penguin update…So listen closely and take a whiff of the social media marketing wind, you’ll realize something is up.

If you are reading this and need to keep up to date then we highly recommend you read our article on Free Twitter social share counts Demise, which we have sorted for our website. Our counts are back and that’s awesome. Learn how via image below if you too wish to reactivate your Twitter Counts! 



Now that we’ve sorted your twitter social proof, let’s dissect the social media marketing changes beast…



Social Media Marketing Changes – The Twitter Slump and Social Shares Update:

Read Don Sturgill’s report on Why Twitter removed the social share counts and you will see Social media influencer’s responses to what happened on 21st October 2015 and its potential ripple effect on Twitter as a social media marketing resource. Here is the UNSURPRISING news; Twitter’s vehicle of choice for social share counts is Gnip, which costs a min of $3000/month starter package….What! Some serious money to a small business or new business owner. So not for the budget conscious marketer. And guess who recently acquired Gnip? Twitter of course…does anyone smell some poop here?

Are the Twitter Polls a Fad or Super Business Tool? #twitterpoll #poll

In our humble view, most low budget marketers won’t be able to afford the twitter counts via Gnip. Sadly nor should you be expecting free or low cost tweet counts soon!

Twitter’s changes aren’t stopping there, there is a huge possibility they may increase the number of characters from 140, a signature Twitter feature. Will this make it more attractive to users? Depends on how long that piece of content will be allowed on the newsfeed before it disappears into the nether. You can read more about this proposed change in the above article by Kurt Wagner.

Twitter jumped on the Live-stream bandwagon like Meerkat via Periscope and this has been a gravy train for some and a whole mystery for most. Why do we say that? Because for most its a mystery how to grow a following & make money via Periscope when you literally have to promote your scopes to your existing followers…! Yet there is a science behind periscope which we shared in a blog post before and our next post is going to take about the disgusting Periscope trolls and how to obliterate them! 

Anyhow, these giants seem to work in tandem, so there is a ripple or knock on effect on other social media, better believe it…And that brings us to the Facebook Social Sharing aka Group Posting Changes and the Facebook Slaps that have been dished out over the last 3-4 weeks left and right.


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Even integral marketers have had the slap for some weird reasons, we’ve had it twice it’s diabolical.



Social Media Marketing Changes – the Facebook Slap & Instagram Integration:

Social Media Marketing Changes - Facebook brief! #socialmediamarketing

Of course you are aware that Facebook owns Instagram right? You also noticed that videos have become more popular on Facebook! Well Facebook has placed its spear on the Video Marketing battleground with a bang, we wrote a comprehensive post on Facebook Video Vs YouTube.

But something sneaky is going on in Instagram when linked to Facebook. Lately in order to auto share an Instagram update on Facebook, you have to re-authorize the app! At first we thought we were facing some kind of iOS security until we surveyed several other users that follow us! If you have more than 1 Insta-account and you more or less use the same gadget to update the 2+ you will have met this gremlin recently. And guess what also is happening, Facebook considers that spamming…What! So be careful of the Facebook slap that could be heading your way! 

Now we all know that Facebook is now truly a pay-for-view platform…if you still think it’s a FREE SOCIAL Media you are sadly deluded. Just go check out your friend’s newsfeed who is on Facebook strictly for social purposes and you will notice they barely have any engagement…And yet Facebook told us at start of the year that they were making changes for the social user…you can read more about that in this article we published on Facebook algorithm changes.

And my oh my hasn’t Facebook dished them out lately…block after block; it’s forcing people to create new or multiple personas. We know several other people with multiple identities on Facebook, needs must! 

So here is the dirt on whats happened with the New Facebook Algorithm be sure to read this article if you still want to have not just your personal profile but your business page too! And if you wish to try out the Massplanner tool we highly recommend it. It is an integral part of our marketing and promotional arsenal so you might like to take a look and test drive it for 5 days it takes the work out of social media sharing and traffic getting, you will also get tip offs on various social media marketing changes and how to work round them or make tweaks to maintain best practice! 


Facebook is making new changes soon too which we reported via a Facebook update. They’re releasing a blog embed “Message me and chat” plugin. That plugin will link to a button on your FB profile that takes you LIVE to your wall…We are waiting with bated breath for this update…it definitely will come with something else we are sure. 


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Social Media Marketing Changes – Pinterest:

Social Media Marketing Changes - Pinterest for Business! #pinterestmarketing



Visual beings that what we are and Pinterest as a visual marketing tool has also upped its ante. August 2015 saw changes to Pinterest and that weren’t generally too bad but still rubbed people the wrong way.  Sadly lots of marketers disregard this marketing juggernaut. This is again social media marketing changes even though Pinterest creators likes to think of it as a Visual Search Engine rather than a social media platform


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Pinterest introduced Rich Pins and also the Pinterest App where you can send pins to friends! You can use keyword #hashtags on Pinterest images and these are searchable via the new Guided Search another recent Pinterest update. And of course these tags are searchable via search engines.  Super exciting. So if you optimize your images on Pinterest you are in business. We shared a monster blog post on Pinterest for Business with lots of resources for you.

If you are reading this and you haven’t yet started using Pinterest as part of your marketing arsenal, read our post on Pinterest for Business and Grab our FREE Downloadable Instant Access PDF Super Pinterest Hacks, while Its still free Now.  

Back in 2014 a new update that wasn’t so exciting for many was made. When pinners pin your pins, in your notifications tab it shows that the user pinned a pin to their board. Meaning it takes you to their board and not actually what pin they pinned from you. A new update by Pinterest that lots of people didn’t like. But in our view this is a give and receive world. If someone pinned your pin, be happy, coz their audience can and will find your optimized rich pin on their board. Before this when you got a notification, you would be redirected to Your pin on their board…! But the update that had most Pinterest for business users upset was the change in the Pinterest Newsfeed! You can learn more about that in the updated Pinterest Feed Changes article by Liz Gumbinner of coolmompicks

So below are the Pinterest Social Media Marketing changes that affected Business Pinners:

Pinterest smart Feed

Pinterest as a Search Engine

Pinterest Interests

You can learn more about how these changes affect your business in Jill Levenhagen’s updated power blog post on Pinterest Smart Feed Blogger strategy!

We absolutely love how Pinterest has supported small businesses in amazing ways for a while, and still can for you if you learn how to leverage it. Social Media Marketing Changes are really more about monetizing and making money for the share holders via the big brands. Pony up and play is what all these giants are saying! Can we keep up…of course we can!  

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Social Media Marketing changes – LinkedIn:

Social Media Marketing Changes - LinkedIn Group Updates! #LinkedInmarketing

While LinkedIn seemed the one happy place to go,  since October 13th 2015 we feel it’s not as responsive as it could be because it did what the other giants did. Allowed everyone to create and spam groups then cried wolf.

Now LinkedIn is also listening but not taking the right action.  The changes they made to groups haven’t improved engagement or stopped spam. What they did was group discussions no longer show up in search engine results…that’s poop! Spam and self serving discussions are still rampant.  

In fact group admins have lost almost all tangible control of their groups. Many groups have disappeared completely…thats a weird one! Many LinkedIn group admins are truly pissed off by the October 2015 changes.  Yet some people felt that they had become lil Hitlers blocking people left and right for imagined and real breach of rules (just like Facebook groups.) You might find Donna Serdula’s well researched post on Changes to LinkedIn Groups truly eye opening! 

All groups are private, and some are actually unlisted…how you can find them is beyond us…! Unless invited by a 1st generation connection! Viveka von Rosen via Social Examiner gives you a visual run down on the LinkedIn changes and what they mean for the marketer

Also you can’t really contact someone on LinkedIn unless you are directly connected in some way or know how to get round that! A pain for non techie or new users.

On a really positive note, recent upgrades to SlideShare made it a hot contender on the 2015 social platform. LinkedIn has really focused its energies on making SlideShare a traffic source for Professional presentations and content including videos. A fun way to showcase a SlideShare is to make a GIF of your presentation using GIF Deck. You can also embed a presentation into your post, this is ace link building see Slideshare below. We intend to use SlideShare more in the new year. So we encourage you to add it to your marketing arsenal in 2016 and we will keep you posted too. 



You can find us on LinkedIn here and on SlideShare too and lets help you Leverage this awesome resource! 



Social Media Marketing Changes – Google Penguin Update for SEO:

We did give you a heads up on the coming changes on Google SEO and included the resource to learn more. If you haven’t read that article please learn more about the Penguin update here right now and get prepared as this is essential for your website visibility, rank and optimization! 


Clearly consumerism is at work here. Google Plus can’t get it together; each succeeding change makes it worse instead of better. Facebook already proved they are a pay-for-view platform. The one good we see is that now Groups have an App. Hmmmm, the masses have come, the entrepreneurs have set up shop now the Giants are about to extort their pound of flesh and grab billions in marketing & advertising cost…It seems like a natural play for monetization. Which makes Wall Street happy.

In conclusion though let’s remember the simple but highly effective Movie Who Moved My Cheese…Social Media Marketing changes are certain, somebody did move your cheese …BUT IT WAS FREE and we had it for years (Sorry if you just begun.)

So instead of worrying about why it was moved and who did it, it’s time to deal with it and go find some new free cheese, OR Pay to play. This is the essence of the Social Media Examiners’s Post and what Infuencers like Neil Patel said on Social Media Trends for 2015 post that has proven like a real magic ball! We believe 2016 wilL follow in this same spirit..more monetiztion to come and more pay per view to be expected in social media marketing changes 2016!

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What do you think, seriously? Drop your thoughts below because trust me this will affect the way you promote your content sooner or later.

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