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Does This Ring The Death Knell for Twitter Growth? Twitter has stopped its Social Share Counts  via Tweet and Follow Buttons. The implications to Your Social Media Optimization, Social Proof  and Business Growth! 

Well you have been sharing your content religiously, have had your followers do the same, i.e. Social Sharing at its best right!

Well Twitter has decided its not to be any more.

When we returned from Florence Italy we noticed a real drop in our Social shares! It looked like we had lost thousands of shares on our Blog. We at first couldn’t explain it. Can you relate?

Did you think that your readers and audience just got mean all of a sudden? That they aren’t sharing your stuff on twitter. Well Its not their fault or yours for that matter. Twitter decided that social shares via tweet buttons using apps like Shareaholic, Digg Digg, Sumome, Mornach Etc etc will neither count nor register anymore. Bah homburg 🙁



By the way you can follow us below, that still works, for now:






What is The Tweet Button and what does it mean for Social Sharing! 

the Demise of twitter social sharing button! #twitternews

Our ORGANIC home page Social Shares dropped from 2,245 to just 245…Overnight! Crazy

The Tweet button like the Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn G+ is similar to the image above. It is meant to count the number of Tweets that have been Tweeted linked to a specific URL specified in the button. Like other social medias, the count dis not and in no way reflected your optin ratios or success. In other words it did not reflect the impact of conversation about your content. We know that — it didn’t count replies, clicks on links, quoted Tweets, variants of your URLs etc. Lots of algorithms which we are supposed to find the trackable results via our Twitter analytics!


According to twitter, the count was created at a time when it was the only social sharing button on the web.  It seems like a bit of Competition has got to them or they have run out of storage space…Both of which are understandable! There is no infinite space on the www supertrain…even the cloud is finite!

So today, the twitter count button or social sharing link is most commonly placed among a number of other share buttons. Accoprding to twitter “few of which have counts.” We beg to differ….

We had the most tweets on our social sharing side and we noticed a trend for most blogs. We can imagine most Pro-bloggers woke up with a drop in SEO too as social sharing does count as a criteria for Search engine Optimization ranking!

Below is what Twitter says about this Hard Decision for a sustainable Platform! Apparently they recently announced a new design for the Tweet and follow buttons which you can read right there.

Watch Video Below for More Info on Social Sharing Can By Twitter:




The Implications to Social Sharing, Social Proof and SEO! 

Well obviously there is a Decided Depreciation of the Tweet counts anywhere you had it. And we mean Literally the Tweet share counts have DISAPPEARED.
We would understand if From now on it wouldn’t work, But to Obliterate We call it “Stealing” our hard earned Older tweet shares doesn’t make sense at all! What!
Is Twitter serious? There was a bug discussion in October on this topic,and a plea to twitter to reconsider to no avail, read about it here
They call this depreciation of our twitter social sharing endeavours and results thus far; an Engineering trade-off they had to make…for a better platform! A dependable and predictable platform to help us build our websites, apps and businesses….This is kind of confusing. To us anyway!
Well it remains to be seen, how a lack of trackable means to our Business tweets will build our business. As the only reason we use it is to advertise our offers socially aka social sharing, grow our audiences and our businesses in the process. Lately Twitter leads had become like gold dust until they launched Periscope…And recently Twitter polls. So now we are kinda confused as to why they have pulled social sharing counts feature via apps. Unless they are planning to launch one like Sumome!

SEO: Many a blog/website has lost a shed load of Social Shares overnight…so we predict a drop in ranking for some. Some websites had hundreds of thousands  Twitter social Sharing counts! What! And we see a lot of Mad web masters. They have pulled the rug from under our feet just like Facebook has been doing for yonks! Only this as not expected at all from Twitter.

Twitter argues that the social sharing or the “count API” has never existed as part of their public, supported and documented API endpoints; it was only intended for use by their own web widgets. and that they never committed to supporting  use of such undocumented endpoints.

They allegedly consulted and surveyed some of their most influential Users…Maybe they used a Twitter poll…lolol!

Shutting down the Social sharing counter for Tweet button will make a dramatic negative social proof to all sites that base their social strategy on Twitter. Imagine how a page with 200k Tweets will look in social SEO now. that the counter has been down! Many are already displaying zero social shares. This will made many people unhappy, well other social networks must be clapping their hands in Glee! 

This development is quite disappointing for brands and publishers, and will have caught many by surprise, maybe what Twitter intended. Gnip is not an affordable service for most companies. In our humble opinion, this is a backwards move for Twitter and will undermine its business relevance n the Social Media Marketing Platform…and maybe even longevity!

So may tools and plugins depend on this social sharing count, people are loosing income overnight as soon we will have to deactivate these twitter heavy plugins.  For many of us bloggers and other users who relay on social proof to engage our audience , its awful.  It ha killed overnight our social proof for new visitors. Twitter well knows that social viral influence was based predominantly on the counter value not so much the content  – Imagine blogs like Neil Patel, Quicksprout Twitter counts have gone down overnight! Ours had dropped to below 500 on our Home page what! Its almost like our content wasn’t shared! So upsetting!

For more details on The reasons why they have discontinued the social Sharing button once again read their article here

Follower counts continue to be available for the twitter follow button in the existing, horizontal layout.

Ths twitter Follow Buttons will be the only Social Sharing links allowed! #Breakingnews #twittertips

Our Personal Thoughts on this Social Sharing debacle: 

We here at Juleskalpuli marketing have been using the twitter social sharing count data as an essential tracking and social proof tool to evaluate the impact of our blog posts and content in the social and Twitter-sphere.

Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed by this either stupid or harsh move Twitter has made. Its a total lack of respect for the entrepreneurs and businesses that have spent a fortune on advertising and marketing to build up their twitter count as part of their social proof and marketing strategy.

The same community that helped Twitter go viral through the tools and services built on top of their platform. The plugins and developers who have definitely lost a huge chunk of their business overnight!

Developers and resources like Tweetjukebox! To us twitter has lost a great deal of credibility as a social sharing  & marketing platform, it definitely could lose its position as one of the top Social media platforms! Twitter’s responses to questions prior to cutting the life blood of twitter social sharing was lackluster and bordering on “don’t care attitude!” 


Fare thee well Twitter Social Sharing Button…will they reconsider…We don’t think so, yet we never say never! 

If you have got value from this not so Great News…Please do share…Do tweet for sure. Like and let your team know esp bloggers. 

We know you deserve more 



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