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How To Turn Your Insta-Followers to Facebook followers – List Building Using IG for Business!

My goodness our young ones can teach us a thing or two!!! Just before Christmas our son literally fell over laughing when I said whats with hashtags this hashtag that and why are you always on your phone? He was like mom you gotta get on to Instagram and share all our lovely holiday photos and your business. You will make so many new friends its awesome, look I have over 1000 Insta-friends …In other words list building baby…!

And that’s how our Instagram Journey begun and our agenda to utilize Instagram to make new friends, for business and list building!

We don’t know about you but we not only connect with people via Social media but also use it as a List building strategy for our Business.

Today we would like to share what we have learned and put into practice using Instagram for our business. While our Instagram journey is truly young, Its growing fast and our IG to Facebook connections are actually growing quite fast and that’s what matters!

We all know that to actually thrive and prosper — you MUST grow your list. When you continually add new prospects to your list, week after week, you’ve got new possible buyers and new opportunities to promote your services or products and make new sales. So why not use Instagram to do that?

If you are not yet using Instagram for list building for your business now is your chance. Here is detailed guidance on how you can get started fast and some much needed tips for beginners & those whose Insta-journey is stuck in a funk!

The real trick is adding the right prospects to your list. Qualified leads who are interested in what you’re offering. People most likely to actually buy your product or service. All you have to do is search! Below we share some Tips on how you can get your Instagram list building strategy off to a great start:


Instagram_Complimentary Cheatsheet -Insta Leads Magic


First off have a main Business account for list building and several other accounts linking and feeding into that one. You can have a separate private, playing funny memes, cat, account if you please. Just don’t use your business account for personal reasons. We have learned that lesson fast!

You will learn the advantages of this soon enough in this Article! Our main account is @Syl_JuleKalungi and its the one we endeavor to feed daily! Click that link to follow us

Its important that you make your account public. Over half of the people who are trying to interact with us on Instagram I’m like, Duh, your account is private…! Yet you want me to follow you!

Its set on private by default, change that now. You want to build your list don’t you? Secondly offer and serve value in everything you post on that account. You have 15 seconds of someone’s time and if your image/message is not clear at first glace that’s it…!

Don’t be afraid to un-follow someone if they don’t fit the bill of the kind of person or brand you are looking to connect with or attract!

We cant emphasize enough the value of list building and Ali Brown best selling author has made this her mission and shares in an article she wrote on”Grow That List!

Below are 4 resources to help your List building efforts and create an Insta-following Fast!

Fit Men Cook: An example of how to create great content on Instagram, real fun.

Video Meals: A great example of using video to build your Instagram audience. While Videos get less engagement, they do position you as a leader in your niche! So get more targeted leads! Remember it must be only 15 secs or less! The service that gives you key metrics about your Instagram accounts, sign in using your IG account its much faster! An affordable outsourcing platform to put your “extra” Instagram ‘Feature Accounts’ on autopilot.

We’ll end this post with some Key Takeaways that we have learned from April Marie Tucker & Chalene…Both Isntagram Queens in their own rights:

Some Key Takeaways
• Establish your roots on Instagram now before it becomes the huge business advertising platform Facebook is developing it to inevitably become. List building on Instagram is so much more fun, the crowd over there is much more friendly, engaging, plugged in…and Facebook hasn’t yet made it user unfriendly!

• Provide valuable nuggets relative to your niche not just journal personal life snapshots.

• Take advantage of every square inch of the comment section by being very descriptive about your post, (hint… Link) including where to find related info and always give a call to action.

• Create and honor a business theme.

• Aim to make your Instagram account appear like a magazine spread with helpful “How to” photos and/or videos. If you blog, Always post your Blog, we usually take a screenshot of our Bog and add a link to the description and a Call to action!

And just because we are feeling real great following an amazing weekend of learning and sharing and some R & R. Below you will find a full Podcast interview of Chalene Johnson by Amy Porterfield.

Amazing Tips unusual and off the beaten track super training on Instagram for business. Chalene has over 400,000 targeted Instagram followers so she knows what she is talking about and has built multi 6-figures using Instagram!

Cant spit at that can you! Enjoy 🙂

List Building on Instagram Tips by Chalene Johnson

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Feel free to pay it forward by sharing this post with anyone you feel needs it, bookmark it for the resources we have packed in it and Do drop a comment below, we appreciate that thank You!

Lets go create more relationships via Instagram List Building!

To Your success

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