9 Super Easy Ninja Tips to Rock Pinterest for Business!

9 Super Easy Ninja Hacks to Rock Your Pinterest for Business, Generate 5-10 Leads Daily and Make Sales – Podcast!

I know, I know, you already use Pinterest for business…So are you actually leveraging it to Build your List?

We implemented some super pinterest for business hacks and I am going to share them with you today.

We’ve seen an increase in subscribers via Pinterest, and so I believe it’s time to share some tips on how to rock Pinterest for your business.  

By the end of this blog post you will know exactly how to leverage Pinterest for Business purposes, generate leads, build a list and make sales…Using your awesome images!  

If you already have a Pinterest account, you may learn some tips to Refresh & re-launch it, to attract more Followers and Pinners.



Way back in 2012 this is what Amy Porterfield said of Pinterest for business:

Would you love to tap into the power of a social media site that can send you more referral traffic than Twitter? Bring you more leads than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined? Convert more fans into paying customers who will easily share your content with their friends?”

And I always listen to people that know what they’re talking about. You want to read her 10 Commandments for using pinterest for business asap.


But before you do…



If you are still on the fence or not even using your Pinterest for Business growth let’s check out some Pinterest stats: It is growing so fast that Pinterest Statistics for business from 2014 differ hugely today. 

See some of the 2015 Pinterest for Business Stats Below:

9 Easy Steps to ROCKING Your Pinterest for Business


Pinterest was launched in 2012 by co-founders Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. And if you wish to learn a whole lot more about Pinterest generally and pinterest for your business then read this article.

9 Easy Steps to ROCKING Your Pinterest for Business


Pinterest says it has 100 Million monthly active users and boasts of over 50 billion Pins served as of March this year. While these stats are way behind Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter; Pinterest would rather be considered less a social network and more a search and discovery service…! So more like google, bing, yahoo please See Image Above for More stats from Martin Beck’s Post!



Now I had a peek a ComScore’s stats for earlier this year and confirmed that I need to leverage Pinterest for Business more, and so should you!


With all these crazy numbers if you want to stand out on Pinterest, you’ve got to set up your pinterest for business marketing account for success properly & ASAP.


So here are my 9 Super Easy Ninja Tips to a ROCKING Pinterest for Business Profile…

1. To Maximise Pinterest for Your Business – Set up a Business Account

Below are some of my boards: 



To be honest if you wish to use Pinterest for businesses purposes, it’s important that you specifically sign up for a business account. The usual sign-up page is for personal accounts so — to create a business account, use this site.

Emily La Grange a Super Social Media Blogger Shared a Step by Step Guide on how best to make that Pinterest for Business account count and get you Leads! 

And to clear some cobwebs; if you are new to Pinterest; pins are simply the images/content you share on Pinterest, and boards are the spaces that you use to organize that content — like visual bookmarks. And before you can start pinning anything, you’ll need to create your boards.  Pinterest for business gives you very clear guidance on how to best set up for maximum leverage!


And Below are 3 essential things you must implement in order to set up your pinterest for business account best:

  • Make sure you use a clear professional front facing image of YOU. Not a generic image or a product image. Remember this is Your Pinterest business account not your company product page! A great quality recognizable photo of your beautiful smiling face is always best. You are the brand right!
  • Ensure your Pinterest for business page description has Your Keyword/s and make sure people know that you are there to help them succeed.
  • Ensure your Boards descriptions also have your Keyword/s because Google indexes these. i.e. people can find your pinterest business page and offers via search engines.


2.     To Maximise Pinterest for Your Business – Use Rich Pins (I love Article Pins)

9 Easy Steps to ROCKING Your Pinterest for Business! - Use Rich Pins!

An Article Rich Pin

Rich pins are (in Pinterest’s own words) pins that “include extra information right on the Pin itself”. At the moment, there are 5 types of Rich pins:  article, recipe, movie, product and place. As a blogger you probably use images in your posts, and as long as an article features an image, it can be pinned to Pinterest. With this kind of Pin, users can automatically see your article’s headline, author and a story description — So they are easily searchable. This distinguishes them from other content on the platform. And this is what makes pinterest for your business awesome. Your pins and articles can be found via search engines.  Again head over to emilylagrange’s blog later, to learn how to set up Rich Pins.

But Here is a super tip

Use/Create vertical images for your special business boards. Long photos (vertical picture collages) or infographics do really well on pinterest for business boards. They take up valuable Pinterest real estate in the feed, which makes your brand and offers standout. Bringing you more targeted followers and subscribers too!

As of today, the best image size for pinterest for your business is approx. 600 px by 1200 px.



3. To Extend your Pinterest for your Business – Add a watermark to Your Images.

9 Easy Hacks to ROCKING Your Pinterest for Business- Watermark Pins!

When pinning your own original content, consider adding a watermark of your website or logo to your image, to preserve pin integrity.  This way the image will always stay connected to your website, and will continue to promote your brand, no matter where its pinned or shared.

And for SIX MORE Pinterest for Business Super Hacks, You’re gonna have to Tune into the Downloadable Podcast. Which by the way means you can read or do some other stuff as you listen like cook that diner, do the laundry, jog etc. Coz I am good like that      






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I truly believe you Deserve more….


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