Building a responsive list takes focus and resources!

Is Building a List your Priority in Network Marketing? Whether Online or Offline a Dynamic List brings the Bacon Home! 

We keep getting asked whether building a list is important? Our friend and small business owner Ken asked us this. He wants to try using the internet and wasn’t sure its any good. He also said he keeps getting told to build a list and he doesn’t get it, after all his business is not online…or so he thinks! This is a good question and one we answer with a resounding Yes.

But what is list building and why is it important for an affiliate marketer or a home business owner? Is it really important for a Small off line business? 

When we first started we didn’t have a list to speak of and we didn’t know how to build  one let alone that building a list was important. Having fallen on our faces in our first home business. we quickly decided to learn the requisite skills or get out, you can read our story here. We have since done several courses with experts and coaches, what is essential to growing a business on or offline. Building a list is always up top of the list. 

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In order to make money online or offline you need a perpetual flow of subscribers and customers! You need to generate leads and building a list, a dynamic responsive one is the key. Common sense…right? Well you would think so until you hear people who say they prefer businesses that don’t require “Customers” aka recruiting in online business! We decided to deal with Building a List 101 because its a crucial step in growing an amazing online income, and it all starts with sharing great content!  Now don’t get hang up on creating content that you put off prospecting, as Jim Rohn said What you lack in skill make up in numbers… and remember also prospecting will help you grow your list! 


We have dealt with this topic before and we just want to share our List building FORMULA which is:

Targeted Traffic + Conversion =

List Building


Here is what you could earn From Targeted Traffic & building a list properly…

Potential Profits Per Month

3000 subscribers $1500-3000/month

5000 subscribers $2500-5000/month

10,000 subscribers $5000-10,000/month

20,000 subscribers $10,000-20,000/month


This begs the question: what are you doing to drive traffic to your Shop, Offers, Links, Squeeze pages, Website? Traffic Costs Money…EVERYTIME! Let’s put it another way…! There’s no such thing as free traffic. Organic costs you precious long hours chasing “untargeted traffic.” Which time you must quantify. Paid traffic well costs cash! We know that Kevan Lee gives some great insights on how the experts build their lists and you could learn a lot from a man like that. We said this is gonna be a jump in and muck in type post so here goes…

Get started Build a List

Strategies on Building a List:

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC): this is a list building maximizer, and like anything it does have pros & cons.

Its Pros are: It’s fast! You can start getting subscribers within 10 minutes. It can be extremely effective. You can get volume. Makes building a list seem easy with time.

The Cons are: It costs money (this to us is the pay off) . It’s difficult to make the sales pay for advertising. The competition is fierce. It requires a lot of tweaking sometimes. You need to be regularly monitoring it. It’s technical, (not creative marketing)


Question is, how much are you willing to spend to acquire a new lead? Most marketers are afraid to spend in building a list that matters, yet expect to create an income! A customer can have a lifetime value of 100s – 1000s of dollars. If you spend between $1 and $2 per lead, you are doing pretty well. We try to aim at $.50 -$1 per lead. There is also some list building software if you like that kind of list building technique, hit and miss in most cases we think!

Now Ray Higdon gives you a shed load of very reliable ways to get those emails and prospect details into your funnel on his website! But even more importantly he is a man on a mission to help as many people become experts in their niches as possible. He shares his “in the trenches” tips, tricks and techniques that made him a 7 figure earner…Heck if I were You I would be grabbing his course NOW. Yup thank us later 

  • Social Media Marketing (Paid or Organic). You have an unlimited source of connections and potential customers. Its slow and takes time unless you use the Paid option that every social Media platform offers! 


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): getting “natural” traffic from search engine results. This requires you to optimize your squeeze pages or sites to meet ranking criteria for the search engines!

At the moment Pinterest is attracting a shed load of traffic to our Site and Offers. If you are struggling to build authority on Pinterest you Definitely Need our Smart Pinterest Blueprint which covers all the latest updates so you are working with up to the minute techniques to build your list! Learn more about the Launch while you grab our Pinterest for Business Hacks


  • Content or Article marketing: Generally, with Content or Article Marketing, a site may start to generate decent FREE traffic once you have at least 100 articles or pages of content on it. Same goes for article directories, which will only give results if you can submit at least 100 articles. If you’re not willing to create 100 articles, then you should look into other forms of list building, such as paid advertising…! See the key here is Consistency and Adding Value into the market! To us this is Key to building a list consistently and for those who already create content here is how to make it stand out for your prospects. Devesh Khanal shares via crazyegg his article on Content Upgrade, a way to increase your opt-ins or jump-start your list building process! …You are most welcome

Great Content and CTA makes Building a List easier!

  • Joint ventures, affiliate programs: Aside from pay per click advertising, joint ventures and affiliate programs are the quickest ways to get traffic and subscribers. The idea is you’re getting traffic from someone with an already well established list. HOW?
  • Attend LIVE conferences – you may ask how is this going to help me build a list?  Duh…the sheer energy, adrenaline positivity, the value you get from an event…You must attend events, and use them to leverage and share content online inc. social media. Shoot some videos, create podcasts, write up a storm, create a free pdf or e-book, hold a webinar  and stand out as a knowledgeable or even expert in your niche! You will attract people hungry for that knowlede and builing a list never got any easier than that. Have you heard of “Build event to event?” Well that’s what it means and that’s how super successful Marketers, leaders in home businesses grow their business and income. 
  • Link to other sites, without expecting them to link back in return. esp Influencers. We recently linked our travel blogs with another Cool blogger Marko Kristi and you can check out one of his passion for travel posts here. For building  a list on speed, get in touch with the major players in your niche, the ones you have the most affinity with. Offer to write an article featuring them, ask for an interview etc. You have to offer them something they can’t refuse, everyone loves value, even successful people. esp. successful people. So be smart in your request, they see too many offers in a day.
  • Offline efforts + word of mouth – prospecting, happy campers sharing your value etc. Click To Tweet



Building a List – Traffic Conversion Methods 

  • Pop-up windows (this one is controversial yet statistics have proven that pop-ups work a treat) 
  • Free special offer (free report, this could be a list building pdf or free e-book, cheatsheet, email series, video series, whatever of value you have, segment it and give a potion away Gratis-Free and watch the optins roll in) If Hubspot does it and is doing awesome, why not you? 
  • Password-protected posts (we are by nature curious and inquisitive and like what we cannot have. So yup They will optin to get behind the veil)


As you know we love to share PRACTICAL TIPS and reinventing the wheel is just not cool. So we instead share this blog post on building an email list by Jurij Burchenya which blew us away with the value content and implementable tips. It has lots of practical Stuff on building a list. Actions you can take immediately. We promise you will implement at least 3-5 things TODAY.

Our Advice is choose 1 Main Method and 1 Secondary Method and MASTER them. Work on them systematically, one step at a time. We’ve said before, a lot of this it is “The Right number’s game”. If you are disciplined, you will get the results, Go get em Tiger


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We’d love to know your list building techniques and secret tips, and of course feel free to like and share. Jump into the discussion below why don’t you 🙂


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