Turbo Charged Content Marketing Strategy

Turbo charge Your Content Marketing Strategy And Grab Lots of Traffic via YouTube

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Hey its Julie again How are you doing my friend! I am so excited, my Pauli is coming home from a long trip so am in an extremely generous mood. I decided to share some wonderful Training on a Content Marketing Strategy!

Every successful entrepreneur & marketer knows to have a content marketing strategy. This covers a wide arena and today I am focusing on How to Get a shed load of Traffic to your YouTube videos and build your business. In other words how to maximize your Content Marketing Strategy to build your business 🙂 

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Do you know what I learned during the Festive season? I am so very excited about this for we’ve written a blog post before about Video Marketing but have been a little lax on that front while we did some more intensive research. I truly believe that what you think you attract, better believe it. Recently we WON a BONUS package as Action Takers on a Ray Higdon training session and Guess what we got….OMG! We got a Full Training Package on a content marketing strategy i.e. YouTube Marketing by another rock-star & no nonsense mentor Richard Matharoo.

Now if you are in a bit of a funk and are looking for a way to explode your home business this year, I can assure you you gotta make a choice as to which platform you are gonna spend your hard earned money on. Whichever you choose, you will need to master it. And what better way to do that than by learning from those that have already been there and done that! We cant recommend enough having your very own Secret affiliate Roadmap to help you on your journey and get your content marketing mojo on! A road map packed with 9 Modules of pure genius with content marketing strategies galore, lead generation & Closing strategies that You don’t want to miss, you might like to grab it now while its still n a Christmas promo! As good students & leaders we have learned to ILT – Invest Learn Teach and sharing it forward! Remember you get what you give as well!

For 2016 if you want to succeed online you have to have  a clear content marketing strategy and Ann Smarty gives a comprehensive list of what you can/should do in the article she wrote for the tweakyourbiz community and you can read more about it there. In said article she has this to say about video marketing and I quote:

“Videos are a tricky form of media, because not everyone has the time, money or production values to compete with the incredible video makers out there. While with blogging you are relying on your talent to communicate, making videos requires a lot more know-how… One of the easiest and most popular ways to create video content has been Google Hangouts on Air lately. So it isn’t impossible to produce good videos without any experience”. 

She then proceeds to give us some homework… Action item: Take some time to check out competing videos to see how they are doing it. Make sure you are paying attention to how new tools are being used to create this content. For example, note how many people are gathering together groups of experts and recording industry discussions on platforms like Hangouts On Air. Or how often you see popular videos that are merely people pod-casting on screen, talking right at the viewer.”

And at this point allow me to share 3 Tips for your content marketing strategy. I recommend you utilize them in your video marketing via YouTube to build your business. The video I created is meant to help you to Take Action on your YouTube videos today if you want to grab some low hanging fruit; traffic to your content fast! Remember Google ranks YouTube videos anyway and if yours is well Optimized for searches, you will get a lot of free TARGETED TRAFFIC to your content! Every little helps I always say!

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Can I just emphasize that winning followers on YouTube requires different strategies than doing so through other types of content marketing. Rob Ciampa chief marketing officer at content marketing suite way back in 2013 clearly believed that simply uploading a video on YouTube without optimizing it and making sure you get eyeballs on it within 24 hrs of publishing it, amounted to a waste of time! This is even more true today!

People are looking for Free engaging and entertaining content on our YouTube videos. So we must use the right Keywords if we are to attract the right target market. So off to SEO keyword research we go. But I don’t want to take away from the video. Watch the video below for more details. In the 5th Minute I share with you how you can get your video to go viral on YouTube so watch it to the very end!

Free Video: Turbo- Charged Content Marketing Strategy – Rank your YouTube videos = Free Traffic to your Content/Blog/website


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I can tell you that this is a long term content marketing strategy. Don’t expect immediate results unless you have paid to boost your content. Understand that YouTube is a whole social media platform in itself. So develop the habit of …Yup you guessed it, Commenting on Other videos esp. trending & highly ranking videos in your niche. Definitely add your YouTube Channel/website/blog or most recent “Related video” link in there. And watch how you get some more views on your content as well! We are definitely getting more organic views on our Videos on YouTube, you too can!

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