Article Marketing Tips Top 5 How To’s You Need to Know!

This is How to Leverage Article Marketing – We share 5 Super Tips that Work to get more traffic to your website and offers!

How is Your Article Marketing Going?

Is article marketing dead?

We had a good natter about this esp. with the changes to Ezine articles and more people doing guest blogging than ever…It kind of makes sense to take a peek at article marketing as a lead generation strategy right! And before we go any further we do invite Guest Blogs and Great articles from Awesome Writes simply Contact Us and review our Privacy Policy for Terms and Conditions


So you might be asking yourself, what the heck are they talking about now? Don’t worry we are gonna break it down for you, and point you in the right direction too…is that fine by you? Good. Let’s get this party started…


We used to wonder why, whenever we’d visit Quicksprout, HubSpot or Digital Marketer websites, we’d find articles written by different people! It kinda made us think, and we made a promise to one day write an article for one or all these sites… (Vision Board #dreamhuge)

Digressing…Face slap!  So……..

Article marketing has a lot of power to attract web traffic, turn that traffic into customers, and make several sales for you. You can use article marketing to sell any product on earth, from baby wipes, your boat, house, car, to software, apps, and any nick knacks you want! As long as you can earn a commission, article marketing is the perfect way to make sales. Now it also used to be good for SEO, the question today is; is article marketing still good for SEO and driving traffic to websites?



And here is the answer, we use an article marketing strategy as a means of getting traffic to our site, not so much for SEO, though it sure has great SEO benefits. WHY? Because as Darling Jimenez states in his article on your website user experience,

It’s a 24/7 salesman, your website has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.”


Lots of people keep asking us; how do you do it? Pumping out long super value article after another? The truth is writing a compelling blog post that drives traffic and leads isn’t easy; we are still on a journey to perfect our style and zone in on our niche. Yet with a humongous why, dream and vision, of where we want to be in the next 2-5 years. It’s an easy choice to make. And Neil Patel keeps telling us, blogging is an inbound marketing strategy that truly works and as such an article marketing technique not to be scoffed at! Who are we to ignore such a super entrepreneur’s Advice?


So we hear you asking; what is article marketing?

The Article Marketing Life Cycle!

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“Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, their company or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy. A primary style for the articles includes a bio box and byline (collectively known as the resource box) about the business.” (Source Wikipedia).


In this post, we’ll show you how we use article marketing to grow our audience and sales! We compose articles and drive traffic to our website to generate leads for our offers and ultimately sales for those offers, products, services, or opportunities.

We have found article marketing beneficial because:

  1. We love creating posts that have value for our audience and customers. We then promote these articles like heck, we syndicate them. By the way you should join our Syndication tribe if you are a Serious blogger Here. We know that if the value is great and the audience is right, our readers do follow the links that we include in the posts. Of course the CTAs must be congruent and strong to make this happen. This also helps increase our search traffic, community engagement levels, and leads…Lifeblood of any enterprise!


2. The resources we share in the posts are usually links that are inbound links to our site. Usually we look for resources with value and thus the links do increase the value of our site and web presence in the search engines.


The above is a real powerful way to great Search Engine Optimization. It’s about creating a plethora of incoming links to your site. Article marketing is a fundamental part of an effective link building strategy. This increases web visibility and ranking for your site…sweet!

So you may ask, do I need to be an expert to write great articles? The answer is Nope…. BUT

You need to become the go to person or position yourself as the expert in a profitable niche to get more traffic to your site or blog. A Realtor is required to have a deep knowledge about the property and area they are selling. Your article is your online sales tool. So a poor or badly written article will neither attract nor keep the interest of a reader for long; much less purchase anything from your site. Start by improving your knowledge about a profitable niche/s and leverage article marketing as your moneymaking machine. Word of advice, keep away from using article wizards i.e. word spinners!


BlogPress takes us thru the process of becoming an article marketing pro in their article on how to get more blog traffic with article marketing. Do read it highly recommended with some Ninja article marketing tactics to half your journey! So we won’t be going into that again. We are going to address a different angle….


How Article Marketing can boost your Sales:

Article Marketing is about Creating Content that offers value to your audience! They will Engage with it if you do!

#1. Article Marketing for Reader and Client Retention: Client retention is key to steady business growth. If your article marketing is done right and your content is packed full of value, this will keep your audience, subscribers and clients interested in reading more of your content. Buying more of your offers…Bingo! So if the Newsletter, website Owner or directory allows, place several related reading links and focus on your product. Also you can point the readers to a similar article to the one they are reading E.g. you could write about List Building and link that to another article on Email Marketing. All topics must be either exact or very similar and complimentary. For instance we wrote an article on how to Increase Traffic to your website which is very much complimentary to this article! CLICK TO TWEET


#2. Article Marketing for Ranking: Focus on sharing stories and facts intermingled but keep to the truth. See when we write stuff about ourselves, we have a tendency to add “sugar and spice…” It is human nature to boost your own worth. This is why meta-tags and page copy are nowhere near as powerful as they once were. Coz they’ve been used and abused. So back linking is key i.e. Links from other websites. These are viewed by search engines as unbiased (or at least less biased), 3rd party votes.

With the right links and valuable content you have created a link and list building machine. The result will be a significant increase in search rankings. Now Yahoo tends to put more weight on page copy than Google does. BUT links are the #1 ranking criteria for competitive phrases in all major search engines. So writing an article with no links whatsoever or just your links is not clever and isn’t article marketing best practice.


#3. Article Marketing for Posture: While you don’t need to be an expert writer you need to tell a compelling story! Your articles must be at least 1500-2000 words long, i.e. long articles. Look at it this way, short articles do not have enough meat to present your audience with much of the medicine they need. You are trying to position yourself as an expert…A short article won’t do that unless it’s packed with outbound links to your work i.e. as a guide note. Short articles less than 500word count don’t showcase you as a true expert, just another blogger or writer trying to sell something. Longer articles may include more keyword diversity and count. The basic article is at least 500 words long with 1% Keywords and the perfect article at least 2000 word count with 3% keywords. If time is on your side then aim for a long article. At least 3000 words, especially for a high ticket offer. If your offer is 20%+ of the revenue, create a sales letter type article…We have created an e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Grabbing Sales Letters”. Get your FREE Copy Here!


#4. Article Marketing for TRAFFIC & Leads: This should have been #1. But it’s just in the right place. Why; because its an on-going process. That’s why it is called article marketing. Keep your article views high all the time, this e-salesman is very important but only if the salesman is getting customers. So syndicate your articles, send them to all directories, social media, forums: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg. Share your images on Pinterest, Instagram, definitely StumbleUpon and all other medias that allow articles to be added and indexed. The more the better, this is a key component to your article marketing success: visibility & driving traffic to your website and offers!
One article has enough power to deliver endless traffic, as long as the article is cared about. How? If it’s renewed, kept fresh, updated and posted on the right traffic route (see example below). To care about an article means to constantly increase its size, adding new information, make it fresh. There is no sense in writing a ton of low quality short articles that are regurgitated by everyone, and add no value to anyone. Search engines will simply ignore your content or even downgrade your site. Bad baaad karma that, another one of costly SEO mistakes…

Dominate Article Marketing, Care for your Posts!



#5. Article Marketing for New & Better Keywords – SEO: Finally, as you write more engaging articles, your article marketing techniques will improve & develop. You’ll learn new keywords. Always remember Google is blind to most things except keywords and so are readers. People use keywords to find what they need online. So research deeply the right keywords, keep them fresh and use them all each one in a new article. Try not to combine keywords to confuse search engines and readers. This will result in your articles not ranking as well as you’d like them to. It’s like being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none! You get…?

For a blog post it’s your Ultimate Goal to Write Blog Posts That Rank in Google’s Top 10. That’s the way to organic and free targeted traffic, the Holy Grail for pro-bloggers and article marketing submission for SEO. This is article marketing for 2015 and how it should be done by serious and integral writers!

And to help you on your Article Marketing journey here are the things you should consider and ensuring you get right in your intro. The idea is to grab the attention of and engage your audience:


  • Ask a question
  • Share a quirky event or life experience
  • Start a debate
  • Show statistical results
  • Make a comparison
  • Quote an expert
  • Cite a typical example
  • Share an interview
  • Clearly explain a situation
  • Describe a current problem (event calendar helps)


Sources of quality content:

  • Library,
  • Magazines -niche related,
  • Books – niche related,
  • Podcasts,
  • Newspapers,
  • Life experiences,
  • Personal expertise,
  • Other blog posts (dont you dare copy and paste),
  • YouTube Videos,
  • Cinema…


Come on, inspiration for your content/posts for article marketing is endless, staring you in the face…You aren’t writing a novel for goodness sake! 

Remember the Main goal is to convert a reader into a customer and then into a loyal reader and finally a loyal customer…Got it?




Article marketing definitely can attract the wrong kind of joint ventures. So to ensure your content is not misused by unscrupulous web masters who may remove your value links. Or by lazy bloggers who copy and paste. Create pieces of killer content tailored to specific markets or niche with a personal or professional story woven in your blog posts. Something only you or your followers can relate to. Simply copying and pasting an article could not only lead to loss of credibility, it can get you’re a huge google slap! Downgrading your rank website rank, and in a twinkling of an eye killing your Prime Online real Estate! CLICK TO TWEET

To us the underlying philosophy of article marketing and blogging has been rooted in a commitment to giving massive value to our audience. We’ve invested our time heavily in creating that kind of in-depth, high quality content. We follow a proven plan too. Initially, we didn’t get any organic results, but over time, traffic has grown – one of the weeks this month we generated almost 10,000 organic visitors! And this is Search Engine Organic Traffic Not counting social shares, Email, Social media etc. Now some may say that’s peanuts…Compared to what? And not if you used to pump out articles and not a single comment or visit! And you can see below that July generated less, and also august started slow!

How is Your Article Marketing Going? Here is some Social Proof of ours!

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Hope you enjoyed and got some value from our post on Article Marketing. And if you did, why not like, share and let us know your article marketing strategies and what is has done for you!


You absolutely Deserve it all so….




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