6 Traffic Sources to Leverage for Maximum Leads and Sales!

6 Traffic Sources that Most Home Based Business Owners and Affiliate Marketers Dont Usually Leverage! 


Following a Survey we did recently, it looks like our loyal subscribers are largely interested in new and untapped traffic sources and how to leverage them for Leads and Sales! We all know that Targetted traffic is the life-blood & gravy of any business and being integral and able to close prospects is the Holy Grail & skill we all must aspire to! But we aren’t talking about closing today, we are talking about largely untapped traffic sources. This article follows on from one we did on untapped traffic sources Read that article HERE! Google is still king on organic or paid traffic in our book and talking of Google: Is your site/blog mobile friendly? As of this month Google will start penalising websites that are not. You can test your site here https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Here is what they said in their statement:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices”.

We have settled for the WPtouch Mobile Plugin to make our website super Mobile friendly. Try it.

So now you’ve been warned it’s time to crack on with optimizing your website for mobile users! In fact it’s so easy for WordPress based sites we have no excuse for delaying then inevitable!  And without further Ado below are what we believe are largely unleveraged Traffic Sources…Not that people dont use them, its that the majority of Marketers tend to sit on Facebook waiting for people who are usually rude, jaded & unsuccessful network marketers to join them. We believe they could best utilise their time filling their funnels form other platforms that are quite user friendly! Lets get to it:


1. High-Profile Content Syndication

As you probably know by now, simply hitting publish on your blog these days is just the beginning of

Untapped Traffic Is like this!

If you dont Promote & syndicate your Content Its like Burning Cash!

the work…! Ha you didn’t think it was the end didja? And submitting or populating your articles on social media & to sites like ezineartiles is becoming less effective. You can get exponentially more results by zoning in on high-profile content syndication – submitting your articles to the top blogs and websites in your niche. For example, below are 11 of the top-tier websites we utilize that accept articles contribution & syndication:


http://ifttt.com (YouTube Video)










And these are just the tip of the iceberg, there are hundreds of thousands of sites you can submit your articles; language, country, region and better still niche specific. No matter what market you’re in, chances are there is a popular website that you could submit your articles to for massive traffic. What are you waiting for? You know your niche; get researching…Google may not be the best source, hint…Dig Deeper!


2. Tag Your Videos

Videos are hot traffic cakes these days. If you create a video make sure to check out Similar Higher Ranking Videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or whatever Video hosting site you use. For YouTube, all you have to do to find them is this:

  • Search for keyword in Google,
  • Search for videos on YouTube by typing said keyword e.g. “Travel the New Living” In other words put your search words in quotes
  • Let the highest ranking go and try those with say 1000-5000 views,
  • Right click on any part of the page of said video; a new smaller window appears with Title, Description & Tags. Copy the tags and paste them on your video tags…Boom!

In simple terms use the same tags as another related video on YouTube. You will most definitely have half a chance of appearing in the related videos in the sidebar of that video and can send you tons of extra traffic, especially if it’s a popular video. Make sure to ask your friends and team to like & comment on your video so you have some views on it too. This will help in ranking your video. Link it to your website in the description, not forgetting annotations, so you also can have website traffic boom, two birds with one stone! We did share some ideas on YouTube marketing!

3. Podcasting traffic

I tell you now I didn’t know how sexy Julie’s voice can be until I listened to our first podcast…Bravo. Yeah I hear you it’s about the content so let’s dig in! We’d been researching and planning to launch our Juleskal Podcast for a while esp. after Ray Higdon one of our mentors recommended it to us in Top Earner Success School. Actually a lot of his training is delivered that way. We did some research and settled for spreaker.com. Podcasting shares a lot in common with broadcasting. Content is obviously the most important element, as people won’t listen to you if your podcast sound quality is bad. Mind you they’ll listen longer & often and share if the sound quality & content is really good.

While people do love videos, they also love audios as it’s easier to download them for further listening e.g. on a music player, in your car, on your handheld etc. Podcasting is also great for you if you’re camera shy & may feel more comfortable talking into the microphone. Plus it definitely highly improves your credibility and authority. If you are interviewed by someone who has more authority or is well known…Well let’s just say, Success Leaves Clues and does rub off! Super powerful stuff, don’t you think?

So below are 11 podcasting and publishing resources for you that we have researched and got recommendations for. Most of these allow for you to share your podcasts on various social media thus hitting a few birds with one stone. Spreaker simply stood out for us as it came recommended, it’s so easy to use, has a free version. It also has an upgrade option if you wish to go to the next level. We have started on this journey and love it. We have the training and would like to share some resources below, and ask you to Share your experiences with us too…








godcast1000.com (Christian)
feeds4all.com (podcast category)

And we mustn’t forget iTunes


4. Craigslist as a Traffic Source
Ha ha you may be saying Craigslist has been over hashed. BUT trust us when we say many people don’t even know CL nor utilize it to generate leads! We know this couple in our team who have cracked the code & enrolled over 12 New Team Members in 1 month by leveraging CL. It was the most incredible success story we’ve heard this year leveraging leads and sales from Craigslist & it’s amazing how they do it. (We won’t be sharing their secrets without their permission). As that would be unethical, suffice to say we have since utilized said training and generated some great leads too, you might like to get in touch for more info on this! Craigslist is also the most trafficked classified ad site on the internet. One thing to keep in mind, most of the CPA networks don’t accept craigslist traffic, so your best option is to send them to a squeeze page, build a list and then promote stuff through email marketing. If you aren’t conversant with Craigslist below is some great training you could utilize to learn how to tap into that traffic giant:

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5. Traffic from eBay

Although its much less so these days, its still a source of untapped traffic. Why do we say this? Because most network and affiliate marketers with tangible products do not leverage eBay as a traffic source. YET we see a full-fledged MLM (not naming any names) leveraging the giant that’s eBay. One of the biggest internet sales sites. So don’t you think there’s always a way to get a slice of that traffic? Well lets share a couple here: You could write some useful “How to” reports and that e-book in your niche gathering e-dust…or mind cobwebs (put it together, get some cover graphics done fiverr is great for that) and sell them for very low price. Your focus is on traffic; the sales come secondary and would be most welcome of course. If you intend to leverage eBay you should create an about page and include a link to your blog/site.


6. Misspelt Domain Traffic

Feeling adventurous? Well you might try this one esp. if you are starting out and are purchasing a domain. It’s the only way this would work! So it could go either way  We are sharing it all the same if you want to try it!

Miss-spelled traffic basically comes from deliberate miss spelling of a name of a popular website as your own domain and create a website. When people mistype the Popular domain name they get to your website! Believe it or not there’re a huge amount of people typing the wrong word in an online search e.g. a % of people may type “Adibas” or “Abidas” instead of “Adidas” So if you owned a website adibas.com we bet you’d received a great amount of traffic. Get the point? The way to succeed with this is to find trending websites, movies, celebrities, events, bands, music and buy domains with various variations of what you want…you get the point…! We did say this was left centre.  Now another less grey way to do this is to ensure that if someone miss-spells your website name they will automatically be redirected to a page on your website. If you use WordPress, there is a plug in for this too!

We are sure these traffic sources have given you food for thought, think outside the box. Surely you started your home business for a reason and Want to succeed. Let’s go get em, try these sources and give them half a chance to bear fruit for you! Whichever works, you know what to do…Lets spell it out for you stick to it rinse and repeat! Share with your team or create a video training. We believe in what Ray Higdon our mentor & leader teaches…Invest Learn Teach (ILT)!

We’ll be updating this list from time to time so Bookmark it & keep an eye for future updates.

Contact Us directly for more Podcasting and High Content Syndication traffic sources! And If you want to look at a more comprehensive list Check out one of our Sources Here:

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