We share 4 Steps of our enrollment System that Work 90% of the time – Part 3

Do you have an enrollment system? If you don’t You WILL NOT get better at enrolling clients. Period…sorry! It had to be said!

So this article is going to be short but sweet as I am at an event in Tampa and I got so much love for you and the nuggets are super awesome I don’t know where I will begin but we’ll get there…Hmm I digress…!


You need a system and I am gonna share with you one and Help you enrol more reps and make more sales simple!

So lets dig in….

Whats an Effective enrollment System like? Find out Here Now!

What’s an enrollment system?

Well its simple it is from when You set that appointment to Present your offers to actually making the sale! You are simply taking your prospects though a system and process that should consistently yield sales, results, kerching…  


An effective enrollment system  takes the guesswork out of your presentations and sales conversations. You know what to do & say at every step. And your prospects or potential clients will notice it and appreciate that you know what you’re doing and thus will be able to show them how it’s done! Remember we made an analogy to a college or university enrollment process, how the students to be qualify themselves to join a specific college in Part 1. Pauli laid out some secrets to enrol new reps in Part 2…come on go read them now or this won’t make sense to you

Okay here is the deal, if you are still winging it then know that…

Without an enrollment system that works, your results are “random” if any! CLICK TO TWEET

Oh yes our chats were great, passionate and we formed connection with our prospects, but our lack of confidence and a system subconsciously showed and we weren’t signing up or enrolling many! We had no idea why!

And when they did sign up to work with us, we had no idea what we’d done “right” so that they said yes. It felt completely random.

I am not a systematic woman not really. I’am more of the creative.

But after TESS with Ray Higdon and Branding ourselves via the UBB with Tanya Aliza, we couldn’t deny…

With an efficient Enrollment System at your fingertips you can make more sales and Do what you please!

When we started following a system, the door to enrolling new reps consistently opened.

Even if they don’t sign up to our primary business they still pick up our other offers. Only 1 or 2 out of 20 people used to sign up with us without a system. But now 6 out of 10 people say YES to us. WHY, because we have and follow a tried and tested enrollment system.

Don’t these results get you to become a believer in following an enrollment system?

If you don’t follow an enrollment system or process, you’ll have a lot of presentations that are a big waste of yours & their time.” ~ Julie Syl Kalungi

If you dont have or follow the proven enrollment System, you will waste a heck of a lot of time!



Here’s a snippet of our enrollment System: You too can systematize your presentations!

I am giving you a specific example of how you can systematize 1 part of your presentations (so you can get better results).

I start every presentation conversation the same way. After connecting with the prospect, I always establish the agenda.

Here are the words I use: “I’d love to get started. Can I share with you an agenda for our chat that I’ve found to be extremely effective?”

The potential client almost always says YES.

You want to start in this way for 2 reasons:

  1. Posture – You are letting Mr. Prospect know that you know what you’re doing and have an effective process.
  1. Ice-breaker- Mr prospect can & will relax and let you lead and be the expert. CLICK TO TWEET



Here is a sneak peek of the process that follows!

1. I lay out the plan of action and time it could take bar questions.

2. I share my story – Keep it down to 2 mins max

3. I hit play on the video…and watch riveted like I have never seen said presentation before.

4. I ask what they liked best about said presentation and Ask the closing Qn “Are you ready to get started?” If I have another expert ready on the line I edify them & make the conference call so they can share their testimony and close for me!

Our 4 Step enrollment System revealed! Use it, See results!

Did you notice something here?…This enrollment system does K.I.S.S …Yup Keep It Simple Sylvia. Yet lots of people totally don’t bother to learn it and keep on winging it, talking themselves out of a sale! 


It’s really hard to be successful with presentations when your prospects or potential clients are in charge and interviewing you. Whoever is asking Questions is in charge of that conversation, make sure it’s you! Always turn around their question with your own after you answer them! Your Job is to Qualify the Prospect, not have a Spanish inquisition! 

If you’re not sure what to do or say to have a client say YES to hiring you, or a prospect buy from you consistently, you’re missing an effective enrollment system.

So from today create one, if you have none you DEFINITELY NEED this system it will considerably increase the value of your personal brand or bank balance!  CLICK TO TWEET

You instantly position yourself as a leader in your niche in front of the prospects and that cant be a bad thing!

Imagine learning the lessons you need to pick up the phone for your next consultation and having a plan to follow that works every time. Wouldn’t that make consultations a lot more fun?

You CAN do this!

So if you are serious about helping a lot of people, while giving yourself a pay raise, this is the #1 business skill you must learn!

The most important takeaway is that an efficient enrollment system is remarkably consistent, and will help you get more steady results. It makes it much easier to collect more concise decisions and determine an accurate return on investment (ROI).

I am at Jessica and Ray Higdon’s The Top Earner Academy Event in Tampa Florida for the week and boy the value coming our way from 13 Top experts I can’t wait to Receive and Share a few nuggets.


I hope you learned something from this Part 3 on An Enrollment System that Works 90% of the time – and you are seeing the wisdom of learning the art of enrollment. By all means go ahead and like and share if you did and please do let us know your thoughts below.




As always You Deserve More.

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