Myths you Need to Know about Starting an Online Business #onlinemarketing

9 Myths About Online Business – And What it really Takes to Be Successful Online!

Today allow me to help you out, to clear the air…Lets talk about the Myths about Online Business and what it takes to Succeed.

Because it’s obvious that many online/Internet Marketers forget some basic laws of life. By the way this includes bloggers, direct sales reps, network marketers, affiliate marketers, ebay marketers, home based business owners, MLMers etc.

You see, there are Leaders and Followers. There can’t be one without the other.

Also, we can’t all be selling stuff, who would buy from the other. Most of us push everyone and anyone to start an online business. We hear it bandied about a lot, it’s so easy even an 8th grader could do it…Well if they could, WHY ARENT THEY doing it? Children are the most creative and if it was that easy we would have a world full of successful 8th graders.

That right there is the #numero Uno online Business myths! 

Today I want to point out some more of those myths and share the truth as I have experienced it.  I am going to share with you WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO GO FROM Zero to 1K+ MONTHLY in an online business!

Before I do that, let me bust some of the most paralyzing myths that are negatively affecting our industry and maybe help someone out there build a proper business that pays you!

Shall we…!



8 More Common Myths About Online Business Success


#1. I Will Try see if It works, Then Really Show my friends i.e. Commit later. 

 WHAT?  Get serious here. You are looking to create an extra or fulltime $500 – $500k/month Income and you hope to JUST TRY? You will be lucky to make $10 bucks let alone your investment back!

If you didn’t tune in to my episode on: Are you Dating or Married to your business. You gotta check it out.

You have to COMMIT to making things work, to your Vision of Success.

See, lots of wanna be entrepreneurs are shown or even go online looking for a solution to their money problems or whatever problem they wish to solve. They find an opportunity and with or without further research they get started.

If you know our story you know we did a load of research before we started our primary platform that allows us to travel the world and actually live the life most people dream of. Feel free to check it out for some details if you are looking for a solid Online Business.

And you will also get our Full Team Training and Personal Support…Sweet! 

Anyhoo Back to the myth…Most people start online business, because they get excited about making money FAST…Another Myth.  They think they will TRY and see. Big mistake!

If you wish to start in online business, you MUST fully commit to the process, get excited, take action and NEVER QUIT Until you create the success you desire. Whatever that means to you!

  • Paying off a debt,
  • buying a new car,
  • new home,
  • paying your children’s education,
  • Paying for your parents’ health and welfare… What does success mean to you?

Well Make sure you COMMITT to that image of success and Don’t Quit until you achieve it. Period.

There is No trying. As John Maxwell said;

“Until you commit, when you do, the universe aligns with you, and conspires to create ways and means to get you to your desired destination!”


A saying that inspired Robert Frank and gave him the chutzpah he needed to dig in and keep excited about developing Professionals in Home business.




#2. You have to or Can do it all by yourself! – WHY?

Granted most of us start from Zero, including you: “Me, I and Myself.”

In our case, we soon realized we have to share our business with lots of people and have to do it Daily, no letting up. And well, I value my time… As the chief chef in our brand!

If like me you value your time, you will also find ways to outsource, delegate, ask for help. This will save you valuable time to Connect, Prospect, Follow up and Close sales.

THOSE ARE THE income producing tasks you must focus most of your time esp. in the beginning!

Also the person building up Leaders makes the most money. Meaning you have to connect with otehrs, Inspire or empower them to do more and Tap-root into their network. Remember, you are Business for yourself but not by yourself. 

Also, you don’t have to be a know it all.

Yes, you need to Brand You, but if you don’t have a clue how to build a blog – We can help you out on that just check out our Web Design Services.

You can outsource your social media management to a part time Virtual Assistant (VA) just like we do.

And definitely spend more time producing the results you desire and then hire some people part or full time to do these tasks and more. So, you can Live the “Laptop Lifestyle.” Until then, you aint living it.

Another Myth most newbies tell themselves and others!



#3. You can work whenever you want – Laptop Lifestyle!

Again, a misconception many new and struggling Online marketers tell themselves!

I have learnt from my Mentors & team Leaders Tanya Aliza & Cesar L Rodriguez, that:

“until your bank balance allows you to stay in bed without an alarm. Or you can take long vacations and earn even more money, you don’t have time freedom yet.”

So, DAILY WORK is your portion…Make it fun will ya!

Most online marketers stress out trying to create an income overnight from scratch…Get over yourself…

In the beginning of your Online business, you will work crazy hours, burn the midnight candle, stay up for late night Webinars and still see very little return on your investment. UNLESS You have a Massive Network tuned into you from the get go.

In which case, you have to teach them Duplication and How to Build a network like yours. That is how they too can create the same success you got. Thats how you Creare a Super Team

Definitely all you need is a computer, internet connection and time so that is NOT A MYTH!



#4. It’s easier to create Success and make 6 figures with an online business than with a bricks and mortar business!


Yes, you do invest way less, yes you don’t need to have licences, rent a space, have all your overheads upfront before you can get started with an online business.

But you still need to have the necessary skills or learn them pretty sharpish and get knowledgeable in your chosen niche. You have to constantly keep on the ball with the right information and You have to WORK your BUSINESS Daily.

You must invest in your training since you are the boss and in tools and resources to help you run and automate some aspects of your business.  

And it still takes at least 2-5 years to create the kind of income that you can take a vacation from!

Still excited about Online and Home Based Business? Then let’s burst some more myths!



#5. Social media marketing is Free


In order to create success in your online business via social media, you have to learn how to leverage it and follow proven steps to build Credibility and trust so that people actually reach out to learn more about your business.

You have to be consistent and share your value while not spamming your business all over people’s walls, what two of my mentors Nadya and John Melton call “Commission Breath.”

You can get lots of organic traffic via Social Media if you know what to do. But the Price you pay for is Your Time. And today I want to help you save some of that time, because I created a Killer Resource For you to Optimise the results you get from one of the social Media Platforms I am really good at. Pinterest.

So, head on to or use banner below. You will get our happy Monday Discount on this course Just This week. Then the discount goes away.



#6. You Can Automate Everything

Err NO…In the online space, YOU are the brand that people buy into. So, if you remove yourself from everything…Whoosh, so do the profits.

Yes, definitely these days there are programs and software to automate a lot, you could even hire staff members. But everything can’t be running by itself. As the head of your business and entrepreneur, you still have to: Make calls, expose your business, close those MAJOR deals, attend meetings (yes even virtual ones) and just take care of stuff no software or employee can.



#7. You will be traveling non-stop

Hmm well we do a lot of travel because it’s our lifestyle and business, BUT NOT non-stop.

As a new-startup, you definitely won’t be travelling anywhere unless it’s to attend events. These cost a packet, which most newbies cannot afford. You will be more focused on building that business up, creating a solid foundation and the income to actually pay for those vacations and travels, including events and trainings!  

So, travelling strictly depends on your personal preferences, choices and likes. We love to travel, and are fortunate enough to have access to a System that Allows us to Travel at Wholesale rates. Also our children are now bigger and get to enjoy travelling with us, although their school schedules put a kibosh on those impulsive weekenders!

If you are like us, then your children’s school schedule won’t let you travel all the time either!

So, if anyone tells you this myth, you know what to do…Call their bluff or find that person who isn’t hyping it up and work with them!  



#8. You can make money from Nothing

FREE programs, no one invests, but you all make a packet, retire to a beach in Bora Bora and Live the life of Riley…!

Ha, I can’t believe well educated professionals fall for this…Well I didn’t until I too did lol!

Where does the cash to pay come from those programs that claim: No Financial Investment Needed Just Sign Up for FREE and make money? Make money clicking links, WHO IS PAYING? Pure codswallop.

Someone somewhere has to put in the money for that system, service, product. And sooner or later, you too will have to PAY something or invite others to PAY, in order to make any money! This is the honest truth.

You can’t imagine that I fell for this twice…lol. Companies invite you to “Advertise your product or service for FREE.” They tell you, you can make money just doing that! Naaa…Bollocks! Money is an energy that flows between people so if no one is passing it on, how do you expect to receive yours?

If we are all just advertising, who is buying whose stuff…someone has to pay. And, guess what yes, they tell you that in order to earn, you will have to pay some kind of membership fee…Bingo!



Myths you Need to Know about Starting an Online Business #onlinemarketing

Understanding What You Need to Be Successful Online

Next time you hear someone saying that starting an online business, is easy peasy an 8th grader can do it…Tell them Cows toes. 😊  

But above all, I believe I have given you enough wisdom to take the right steps to do the research you need and make an informed decision.

Work has to be done, Delayed gratification is Essential as a characteristic.

You absolutely need to have your tools and resources to make your work easier.

Wanna take a look at our Tool Vault?

Head on over to our Products page and see if there is a resource you might find useful. And if you hover over that page you will see a drop down menu of other awesome resources that may help you build your business to a monthly income faster. 

Okay, what else Juley?

Give yourself time, settle into your business, learn the numbers. Create excitement, launch your business without spilling the sauce. Get people curious… You could get some quick wins, use those as leverage to the sustained long term wins.

If you would like to start an online business, you should Commit and get started today.  Believe in your ability to succeed.

Make sure to find out if the team or company you are investing in has the right leadership, longevity, training, resources, and above all Duplication, so you too can do it. Our platform has all these, in addition to being our passion, it has a product most people work hard all year to earn and that’s why we chose it

There are lots online business model tools and resources out there. So a complete newbie and non-technical person can start from zero. But you need some guidance right!

For a person like this, I highly recommend finding a business a community to support your efforts and reduce the learning curve.

Are you looking for a Product/Service to Promote? Do Check out Our Platform. We offer Some great Bonuses to our Team Members, in addition to tappong into our community of Global entreprneurs with a world of knowlwdge! 

Personally, we use a system and tools some of the best industry leaders use to build a solid business. This system can help you get started building YOUR online Business and shorten your journey in the shortest possible time.

You would be learning from those who have been there done it got the RESULTS you seek to make your first 1k online. We have an amazingly supportive online community.

In order to help you get started, I’m giving away a FREE 10 Day Trial worth $150!

Once you take this leap of faith, you’ll be able to make immediate progress with building your online business and income stream



Share your thoughts below, like, bookmark…And absolutely go crush it in your Online business, build residual income and live life on your terms! Be consistent, persistent, focused to connect with and share your goodness with more people. Your Success is yours by right, you gotta get it!

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As always You deserve more

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