How to become a Home business professional. Interview with Robert Frank! #robertfrank #developingprofessionals

How to become a Network Marketing professional. An Interview with Robert Frank


Robert Frank Shares his 5 Keys to a Successful Home Based Business! #robertfrank #homebusiness #podcast


Are you serious about building a successful home based business that gives you the income you deserve and a lifestyle you love? Are you ready to learn the keys to developing network marketing professionals? Then today meet Robert Frank. We interview him on “Your Power Echoes with Julie Syl Kalungi” and you want to listen to this guy! 

Here is something I learnt from him:

Define what you do and how you help people… then own it. – Robert FrankCLICK TO TWEET


Robert Frank is a genuine good guy, very calm and down to earth. He is a Leader, Blogger, Coach, a father, brother and last but definitely not least an internet marketer/home business entrepreneur. He uses The 5 Keys to Evaluate and Build a Home Based Business and Success System that he coined years ago: The Mom Test, Leadership,  Support, Training, and Community….BUT none of the 5 are what you are thinking.

So we will let him explain or better still head over to this link and grab those 5 Keys now.


Network Marketing success with Robert Frank! #networkmarketingsuccess #networkmarketingtips

One of Robert Franks missions is to help as many people as possible have more Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment using those Keys above. 


His Favorite Quote is by John Maxwell and it goes:

“Until I am committed, there is a hesitancy, a chance to draw back. But the moment I definitely commit myself, then God moves also, and a whole stream of events erupt. All manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, persons, and material assistance which I could never have dreamed would come my way begin to flow toward me — the moment I make a commitment.” CLICK TO TWEET

Robert Frank also shares with us some super nuggets that I felt I should share right here in case you miss them.



QN: What do you think is worse? Lack of Focus or Lack of Training in Entrepreneurship?

He says ” Focus comes from your vision, it comes form within!”

Training can be acquired and bought. Focus cannot! This is really deep and absolutely amazing! WHY?

Because a whole lot of people think that they need to first find that magic bullet. That magic pill, training, tip, strategy, funnel etc to get cracking on building their dreams. And yet all along like motivation, Joy, happiness all those good things; FOCUS comes from within. Wow. CLICK TO TWEET


How to become a Home business professional. Interview with Robert Frank! #RobertFrank #developingprofessionals #networkmarketingsuccess

Robert Frank with Peter Montoya Branding Guru And with Julie Syl Kalungi at TEAL3

QN: Your Top 3 books and Your top 3 Productivity Tips? Robert Frank answered as below

  1. The Holy Bible – Go to Life book. Build a relationship with source of all life, with God
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki – On insights on Employee mindset vis Entrepreneurship!
  3. You Can If you Think You Can – By Norman Vincent Peale – the title speaks for itself! 


Robert Frank’s 3 Top Productivity tips:

  1. Get Clear on what you want to accomplish
  2. Create a Plan or Define the activities  that create results. Prioritize those activities and  do them daily to accomplish your Plan
  3. Take massive action on the above actions CLICK TO TWEET

I don’t want to do spoilers so I am going to let you listen to Robert Frank’s nuggets on developing professionals and network marketing success! Tune in and Listen to that awesome interview below! 



Learn More about how Robert Frank develops professionals in the home business industry in the Interview Below: 

Well we sure believe you have taken mob notes and grabbed some super nuggets on: Developing home business entrepreneurs or network marketing success from Robert Frank! We urge you to implement and create your own success. 

The resources Robert Mentioned in the Interview are:

  1. His new Product coming soon Titled “How to Master The Art of Prospecting” look out for it! 
  2. The 5 Keys to Evaluate a Home Business” Grab it Here. I really recommend it. An awesome read, Great tips actionable and also a short read! 
  3. Check out Robert Frank online via his Website here
  4. Find & connect with Robert Frank on Facebook
  5. Follow him on Twitter
  6. Subscribe to Robert Frank YouTube Channel
  7. And the Resource that’s got Robert Frank super excited is Here Go check it out and create a free account. I recommend that too an amazing resource that we are using to Grow our List too

As he says; the only way to fail is if you quit. When you start a journey you don’t know the price until its paid. 

I hope you have enjoyed our interview with Robert Frank on Developing Home Business Professionals. And if you have, then I encourage you to connect with him on the socials above. Like and share this post every image & text is shareable and let us know your thoughts below! Also

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As always Rise and Shine to your awesome destiny for you do deserve more.


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