How to Build a Super Team in Network Marketing! #teambuilding #networkmarketing

How to Build a Super Team or Organisation that Produces results in your Network Marketing Platform OR Business!


How to Build a Super Team in Network Marketing! #teammotivation #teambuildingBE WARNED this CONTENT is INFECTIOUS…how to build a super team in any organisation…with special focus on network marketing!

Are you bleeding team members or downlines? How would you feel if you could build a super team or organisation of leaders that produce results? How would it feel as you attend your company event and get recognised with your team of Alphas? Would that be something you’ve dreamt about?


If you haven’t even perceived this in your thoughts, it may not even happen!

Do you agree that one of our jobs as leaders is to support & develop new distributors to a point where they are leader’s themselves? Thus build a super organisation that produces residual income for y’all! Well then why on God’s earth do so many entrepreneurs and network marketers quit?

Poor Leadership….That’s it!


We’ve heard it numerous times, “I won’t be doing MLM again because my last sponsor was horrible, they abandoned me…”

We are sure you have heard this before in your entrepreneurial journey. Well it’s time to do our bit to clean up our beloved industry. A top guy and leader Steven C. Krivda actually made a passionate case for this in his blog post on network marketing scam or people scam caution controversy! (Watch out for “Your Power Echoes with JSK” interview with this awesome leader)


His article got us thinking so hard we decided to add our voice to help more entrepreneurs. Part of our Vision is “To impact as many people as possible to change their lives today.” This is best done by helping your new team members or reps to not only stay the course but produce results! See our role and aim has always been to:

“Help more home business entrepreneurs build a super organisation from the ground up” Julie Syl & Pauli


Allow us to share a short story; one day on a team webinar during the Q&A Julie asked the presenter Tanya Aliza this Qn: How can we motivate team members to produce results & stop quitting?

And here is what she said: You don’t…!


The only way to get others to produce results is by showing them how it’s done. The only way to show them is by producing results. You cannot motivate anyone, if they aren’t motivated.  That’s an inside job. But you can Inspire them to emulate your actions and results…that’s duplication! Neither should you babysit them. None of that mummy, daddy, pretty please wipe my nose stuff…

We can assure you it was a hard lesson to swallow, yet so on point…!


On the other hand we’ve learnt from Tanya’s leadership and training how to not only inspire but practical steps to build a super team and organisation. Tanya and Cesar are the #3 producers in their primary business worldwide. So we have learnt a great deal from their mentor-ship and leadership. Our Brand is growing day by day, we are getting amazing results!


So let’s get on with the task…


We must be honest in the beginning we were not always coachable or consistent with the advice above. We thought it was hard core and we allowed our judgement of others to get in the way…But since we submitted to their superior experience & implement the lessons our growth has been amazing.  

So if you have a few team members and they aren’t producing, here are a few quick practical things you could do to help them and the new team you will be building hence forth.


Our 9 Actionable Steps to Build a Super Team And Organisation!


#1 To Build a Super Team – Your Vision of them:

How to Build a Super Team in Network Marketing! #yourvision #teamvision

Endeavor to always See your new team member as what he is capable of achieving, as a successful entrepreneur, as capable of running their own business and also doing what you are doing i.e. producing results. See this positive energy will help them see themselves the way you do, build on that self-belief & attract the exact results you both desire.

Plus you must see YOU as a leader with hundreds even thousands of producers. How can you possibly babysit them all in 24 hrs? Its impossible, so empower them…Allow other kingdoms to grow. We keep forgetting to share with you about “the different Kingdoms” remind us will ya… As Ray Higdon says:


You can take a horse to the water and make it drink….if you salt its food enough”  

How to Build a Super Team in Network Marketing! #inspireteam #motivationtips


#2. To Build a Super Team – Strategy: It’s always a good idea as soon as possible preferably within 24 hrs of purchasing or enrolling them, to have a strategy session & ask your new reps their strategy? Whats their plan of attack? Who do they intend to share with first. Do they have a list of names? Help them start to work their business from day one. Mind you don’t baby sit them by running around doing all the work for them. That’s disabling them, and they will blame you if they don’t get the results they want, despite not doing the work. And who wants to be baby sat as a full grown adult? That’s not enabling them, that’s the baby sitting we talked about above.

BUT neither should you assume they have a plan!  Remind them that they started a journey to get away from helping their boss build a big house for his retirement? It’s their time to build their own house!


#3. To Build a Super Team – Systems: Once you have made a sale, plug new reps into a system to get hot, locally based leads so they have someone to share the business with fast. People need to see fast results. It doesn’t matter what they tell you about their why or vision. We all want to see ROI fast! Check out our tips on lead generation below!




#4. To Build a Super Team – Handle Fear: We Recently did a Podcast on Fear and Doubts definitely listen in, very insightful.

So reduce their fear of rejection by sharing with them some of the water tight rejection-free scripts for approaching prospects and closing more sales. Every new team member on Our Team receives this training. And because we like to over deliver. For a Limited time only, we are sharing that Training FREE to our Blog audience. You won’t find it anywhere else on our offers.  GRAB THAT TRAINING HERE and share this with your team!



#5. To Build a Super Team – Tackle the Mind: Build their confidence with an inspirational audio, e-book or CD. Ray Higdon offers a Fast start CD for new network marketers for about $7.You could buy a few of those for your team and get them started on the right foot. We also have Drive Time University for mind food, for not just new but all team members to maintain a healthy mindset. All new members of our team receive an audio of 101 Power Thoughts by Louise Hay!  Powerful stuff.



#6.  To Build a Super Team – Enrolling: Reduce their fear of rejection by helping them position themselves as attractive options for “Enrolling” new business owners as opposed to “recruiting.” This is a super strategy to position oneself as a messenger of hope. Attracting and only talking to the people that voluntarily wish to see a major change in their lives who have Faith and want more for their lives. The only way to do this is to ensure they Plug into the training, attend events and implement the team growth strategies. We can’t propound enough the benefits of attending events. You must encourage them and show them the benefits of attending training and investing in their self-development.

BUILD_A_SUPER_TEAM - To Build a Super Team Practice Enrolling! #enrolling #howtoenrol


#7. To Build a Super Team and Organisation: Motivate their boy/girlfriend, spouse, partner and in some cases adult children!

Quick story: Once Julie shared our primary business with a hairdresser who said she would love to speak wither son first. Son attends Uni & lives 30 miles away…It took her another 5 weeks so we suggested on a lil trip to see son. And we finally shared with him. The son was so excited about the benefits, he enrolled before his mom. Mom ends up being his downline ooops! 

If you get this right you not only obliterate the “Let me speak to my spouse” excuse, you will have the other party becoming your sales rep…! This is how you build a super organisation baby…!


#8. To Build a Super Team – A strong One: Know who you are talking to. In MLM we have what we call Colours of Prospects, propounded by “Big Al Schreiter” in “The Four Colour Personalities of MLM” read that book, free on Amazon Kindle. And recently we were reminded of the importance of the colours at TEAL3 by Jerry Da Rhino Clarke!

Is your prospect Yellow, Red, Blue or Green? We urge you to definitely read Big Al’s book. It’s a very short but powerfully insightful book on the characters of the people we talk to. Once you truly put into practice these skills you will start to see a shift in your sales. You will build a super team and organisation of leaders hungry for greatness.


#9. To Build a Super Team of Leaders: Work very closely with your new distributor/Rep in the first 7-21 days. Jointly set the first few appointments. Make the first few calls with them. Let them observe you at work and learn. Hold 3-ways with them. Show them how you Do the work, do it for them for these first teething days. Why?

Even baby needs a lil mothering the first few days even in a jungle aka survival of the fittest setting. Show them how it’s done so they too can learn the basic steps and show their new distributors…Duplication! To put it simply, it’s the key to build a super team of leaders. A solid organisation that lasts the test of time and builds a super residual income for you for and your team!


Listen to Big Al Schreiter’s training on Betternetworker on the 4 things that happen when we speak to a prospect. Teach it to your new team members!



And if you have got value form our post on How to Build a Super Team and Organisation in your network marketing platform, then absolutely share, like and and drop your insights below. We’d love to hear from you! because we know you like to …

Live. Learn. Love


Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi








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