Must Do This Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant! #TBT #virtualAssistanttips

Hire a Virtual Assistant at Your Peril? Don’t Waste Time – 9 Facts Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant and the Roles to outsource!

9 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant. #businesstips


Tune into this Audio to Learn why you might need to hire a virtual assistant!  

If you want to create home based business or network marketing success, you will need to know what to spend your time on and what to outsource or delegate!

This post talks about how to balance your time between tasks so you can connect with potential clients more, prospect, content promotion, sales and fun stuff, hope it helps! 

Yes it’s time for us to hire a virtual assistant too long term and we share with you why you too should consider this option for your business growth on or offline.


This year part of our business plan was to hire a virtual assistant part time and get to spend even more time doing fun stuff and create a killer info product for our clients. We believe this is something that’s definitely essential for our blog and business growth.

Why hire a virtual assistant for your home business?

Let’s backtrack here. When I first heard the term virtual assistant or VA, I thought this meant some kind of robotic alien like resource online that you pay the creator to do your stuff…duh virtual et al…don’t you dare laugh at me …lololol.

Fortunately I learnt the truth fast. So whats a Virtual assistant?

“A Virtual Assistant is a professional who helps you with administrative or managerial tasks related to your business via the internet.”

So now that we are clear on who a VA is, let’s get into why you need to hire one or a lil army of them depending on your finances and workflow!

We have been creating and continue to create content that we like to be packed full of value, ideas, tips, resources, all implementable immediately! But this takes time and it’s all we can do to get the big articles created and promoted, prospect, syndicate, reciprocate, breath, breath, breeeaaath!  – I literally sometimes ignore or forget some seemingly small time-consuming tasks on our to-do list. Problem is these seemingly little tasks are the glue that keep things moving and progressing so we can’t put them off forever… so this year we must hire a virtual assistant. or some kind of help…By the way without help and a plethora of resources behind the scenes, the 4 hour week don’t exist, sorry Tim Ferris lol! 

Trust me I tried bribing our children to do some of the less techie stuff and move things along. Things like clicks, posting stuff…Yet I look at their tired faces after school, homework, and their fav TV program is on, it’s getting to bed time and I melt. I am a mom after all….

So what does a woman do? Hire a virtual assistant of course!

Must Do This Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant! #socialmediamanagement

We have used VA’s before and know exactly what to do to get one. We have picked some bum ones and some weird ones, and we can assure you it’s a trial and error even with Tim Ferris 4 Hour week tricks! In earlier jobs we hired a VA for: blog editing, content curation, research & proofreading, comment moderation and cleanup, Monthly or Quarterly Roundup Newsletter creation and distribution, social media promotion and posting, email management, but hang on to your boot-strings, details coming below!  

One of the things we learnt that’s essential before you hire a virtual assistant online is to vet them. A hard lesson we learnt after hiring one who did one, i.e. literally didn’t do their job had an excuse why she wasnt available at agreed times and sent us shoddy work to put it politely. So check and contact their references and online sites for reviews. The hard lesson we learnt here was;  you gotta trust this person to actually put in the hours you pay them for and also you have to trust them with access to certain accounts. So trust is crucial, esp. with account passwords. It’s essential by the way to change passwords once the job is done!

So yes do hire a virtual assistant. In our case, along with creating multiple 6-figures and creating a new profitable Info product (our plan this year) & yes these things are on our Vision Boards and I guarantee you they are already on plan.

Thing is why are we even talking about why you too should hire a virtual assistant? Because like you, we have 24 hours to live, create, build, blog, laugh, market, party, pray, enjoy, eat, breath, sleep…To Be ,Do and Have! And we definitely intend to do more of the; laughing, enjoying, sleeping than last year!

Very Important: Please read Brandon Turner’s tips on what you must know before you hire a virtual assistant! He gives you every reason to do your homework and what we followed when we had picked a few bad apples…has to be said!


Why should you hire a Virtual assistant – overview!

#1        A VA can help small business owners and home business entrepreneurs save time and money by outsourcing their administrative, social media updates, blog and document writing and more, so you (the small business or entrepreneur) can focus your time and expertise on building your business. In our case, our plan is to take our own advice more and be more Savvy, Social Media Marketing Specialists, Coaches and Speakers with the help of a super-efficient Virtual Assistant.

Hire a Virtual Assistant and Save time to Grow Your Business! #successtips

#2        First it’s a mega advantage that Like us the VA works in their own space, so I feel like we are supporting the Home based Business industry. Although there are corporate style VA services. Typically We usually look for a Home based person or a solo-preneur attached to an agency. So there is a way to track that they are actually doing the work and we pay for the agreed hours. So not having to provide the supplies, equipment & office space is a huge advantage! Plus it’s not my responsibility to worry about their vacation or sick pay time or benefits, for that matter. We only pay for the agreed hourly rate that’s it!  As entrepreneurs, when you hire a virtual assistant, he/she covers their business expenses like we do!

#3        Now this is something we also found out on a very positive note. If you do your research and find a gem hire that VA already…What am I talking about …

A good VA knows lots of other entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers etc. So know that when you hire a virtual assistant she is now your team and comes with his/her own network. If you treat them right, that becomes your wider network. She/he can recommend or refer your services to her/his list and vice versa. You could find an ace power hitter or other clients thru your VA. He/she too could join your team…  

#4        As you know we are bloggers/coaches, speakers  and travel consultants so we are away quite a bit  and if you are like us, you will find you definitely need someone on “Your team” who can efficiently and purposefully manage and run your blog. This you will find you need as your blog traffic grows and you have to moderate hundreds of comments…., deal with hundreds/even thousands of clients or students or customers. For peace of mind, you will find you need to hire a virtual Assistant with prior blogging experience. Once you explain your vision and goals, they will quickly understand what you need coz they have the experience. It’s the same as any offline job, You want someone who knows what they are doing and hits the ground running. Hand holding them is not a trait what you want from a Virtual Assistant.  

Hand holding them is not a trait what you want from a Virtual Assistant. Click To Tweet

Here is what to do to ensure the VA delivers a Stellar Service and does exactly as you require:

  • Create a Short Step by Step Instructional Tutorial on what tasks you Want done, Time frames and suggest How!
  • Create a PDF of the above instructions  so they can print it off
  • Create a Google doc or give them access to your Dropbox with the resources/Tools you use inc Passwords and ask if they have others they use that are more efficient.
  • Connect them to your Team if need be and of course request for their network of people they may use to get your work done…! 
  • Use a tool to monitor their progress or if connected t an Agency inquire about accountability!
  • Agree mutually convenient times for communication, reporting, updates, querries etc. 
  • Let them get on with the job! 


#5  For financial reasons, this is important. Don’t get dragged into making a long term contract with a VA. When you hire a virtual assistant, you only pay for the time you need, period! In other words when you wish to lessen your workload or wish to keep your blog active when away for longer than 7 days or you are bogged down and want to get out from under that pile of paperwork, and you budget for it; hire a virtual assistant to help you for a specific period of time. Make sure you have done the maths. Business is a game of numbers.  So once the job is done, don’t pay for non-existent work. You give them a short fixed term job and agree its length. Remember that…

The time your VA devotes to you MUST always be productive and Save You both Time and Money.”

The time your VA devotes to you MUST always be productive and Save You both Time and Money. Click To Tweet

Lets Do The Maths:

Hire a Virtual Assistant Online for 3-4 hrs/week at £7-10/hr 

Taking the higher fee and hours thats 4 x 10 = £40

If you Hire the assistant for say half the Year =26 weeks  thats 40 x 26 =£1040 

In Dollars this equates to approx. $615/year to hire a virtual assistant online and take back your time

If you are grossing $2k per month from your business, do you see how hiring some of the admin running of your home business out to a virtual assistant could be priceless!

Ask your self: What is my Time worth? Free it to do more of why your left the corporate world and live your life to the full!  

#6 When you’re away from your blog or business, your VA is still there making sure that things get done on time. Go ahead, take that vacation, put your feet up, meetup with your gals! Heck, just take a day off. Everyone needs time out, to de-stress, unplug now and then! Your VA will keep the fort while you’re grabbing a little R & R. Remember you left the 9-5 for a reason. So no need to have the “Back to Work Dread” after a little time off.

Hire a Virtual Assistant ad Have The Time for Fun! #virtualassistant #bizadmin

#7 To spread The wealth. And for your social media productivity you need to hire a Virtual Assistant…have you seen the resources out there…Lord almighty! Just managing one social media platform EFFECTIVELY for your blog and still keep a semblance of sociability needs a plethora of resources and tools…Instead of these, why not pay someone, hire a virtual assistant and spread the wealth a lil!  Let me give you an even better reason…A VA can physically share your blog on various niche groups in real time…changing the verbiage and images, giving platform like Facebook a human to deal with…Lots of Apps and tools are getting people blocked and penalized for posting unnaturally!

#8        Hire a Virtual assistant to keep on top of your Email Management. Honestly have you started avoiding your emails…? This alone is reason enough lol. Seriously I don’t know about you but I now have over 8 different email addresses not counting those linked to our sites and they each have a couple hundred messages every blessed day…This was driving me crazy until I discovered…So I unsubscribed to any service I had opted into and hadn’t opened the emails for over 6 months. That still left us with a good 15k unread emails and over 50+ subscriptions. Then one day I went looking for an audio on why I needed to hire a virtual assistant…I landed on Pat Flynn’s podcast. Just the medicine we needed, we think you need it too: Smart Passive Income – 9000 unread emails to Inbox Zero in fact Go subscribe to Pat’s podcast and while you are at it. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST TODAY BELOW


#9        This is really gonna give you a reason to consider to hire a virtual assistant online if nothing else. Below is a breakdown of the jobs you do or avoid to do as a home business entrepreneur or online marketer, which in the long run you will not only be out of time, you will think a 9-5 was a walk in the park. You need to consider which to outsource so you can target the High Value Income producing tasks. In which case these services a virtual assistant could take off your plate for between $10=$20/hr 3-4 hours a week, depending on the workload!

Hire a Virtual Assistant and Save time to Grow Your Business! #management #biztips

Ask your self: What is my time or family worth? 

1. Social Media Management

  • Create and Schedule Targeted posts: for updates, tweets, LinkedIn posts, Pins, Instagram posts etc.
  • Create and maintain social media accounts and profiles (these days one needs multiple profiles on facebook alone…).
  • Engage with and follow back Fans, create lists and groups, join niche groups and engage with others.
  • Account analytics and stats reporting.

2. Website/Blog Admin

  • Edit, proofread, schedule & social share blog posts (This could be priceless for info-products, publications & coaching products).
  • Curate & Research content for blog posts & Social blog images etc
  • Create and moderate Link parties.
  • Comment moderation and syndication.
  • Advertising & affiliate management.
  • Plugin monitoring and updates, + theme and software updates.
  • SEO Management Basic e.g. check & fix broken backlinks, connect with other bloggy’s etc.
  • Basic blog design updates.
  • Solicit and schedule guest posts.
  • Regular site backup.
  • Spam control -Clear-up and blocking (wait till you get over 200+ Spam in your blog and you absolutely must ensure you are not deleting a value comment. Delete and clear cache. Some of these buggers are spying on and/or diverting your traffic!)
  • Site analytics and stats tracking & reporting.

3. Email Management

  • Inbox monitoring.
  • Manage your email subscriptions (need to agree which.)
  • Respond to generic messages.

4. Newsletter

  • Create and design your newsletter.
  • Schedule newsletter promotion & delivery to subscribers.
  • Track stats & analytics reports for the newsletters.

You Need a Virtual Assistant Now...Here is why! #businesstips

So are you in agreement with us that you will sooner or later need the services of an assistant, whether virtual or not is down to you.

To Recap: We recommend that you hire a Virtual assistant as your business grows for the following areas:

– Social Media Management 
– Blog/Website Management 
– Email Management 
– Newsletter Creation 
– Media Kits 
– WordPress Maintenance 

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So really, How Many undone tasks and to do lists are lying in your in-tray? 

Leave a comment below and let us know. If you don’t have very many, what’s your secret? If you do have a lot like I did, what are you going to do about it?

You are amazing 🙂

Live. Learn. Love

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