The 7 Step Plan to Start Making Money Today They Don’t want you to Know! This could lead you to your first Online Million!



Boy have I had a major mindset breakthrough about making money. I mean mind blowing amounts of money, so much so that I couldn’t keep it all to myself!

Why didnt nobody teach me these in school? I think every child should learn these steps!

We’re on a mission to not only accelerate to consistent 6 figures monthly, but also sharing the secrets we learn ABOUT MAKING MONEY with our audience and blog visitors. So tighten your belts!

Wanna play a lil game…? 

What’s the difference between a professional footballer and a six figure earner or even millionaire?


The answer: Nothing. They both know how to use simple techniques, endurance,perseverance AND some mental “hacks” to become highly successful at a new skill and making money.

Learning any skill even football gives one the chance to set measurable goals and test your approach over and over again until you eventually see success.

See we have learnt that making money on or offline is about leverage. Leveraging your skills, resources, network, social media, etc. So if you wish to create a consistent six figure income and we presume you do. Then you need to cultivate a millionaire mindset…Okay we are done here



Let me ask you some questions we were asked by Lorah Langemeier the Millionaire Maker, author of “Cash Machine For Life” at an online training event she hosted recently on how to become a millionaire. You too can get it here, very time limited. In fact it could be gone!

Are you tired of being tired & overtaxed for your labour?
Are you juggling a job & business or just started one?

Do you have underperforming assets that don’t seem to bring in any ROI? We call these Lazy Assets!
Are you stuck in a lifestyle that’s way above your means?
Or maybe you are just looking for a new challenge?

Then pay very close attention to this 7-step Strategy to Start Making Money Today That You Must Learn and Start Implementing Fast! We are seriously sharing nuggets that the discerning business entrepreneur will start to see results within 90 days! These 7-steps to making money today were designed to put cash in your pocket quickly IF YOU IMPEMENT.  Yahoo for business has some real off the hook tips too in their 3-step strategy to your 1st million!

In my view…


First you must believe that you have the skills necessary to create your wealth. Accept it and allow it. I’ve been saying this for months! If you are not yet mentally ready to receive your abundance, it will not appear. You Need To Allow It! Then the source of all wealth will release to you what’s already yours. Nobody can actually access it but you… Esther (Abraham) Hicks does propound this very principle in all her seminars and teachings. The ALLOWING…!

So what are we waiting for…lets dive in…




Step 1 to Making Money today – YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY!

OMG a lot of us have so much baggage attached to MONEY they can’t even discuss it. Heck I know even as you read this you’re going…”I already know this!” Guess what, you are about to miss the biggest breakthrough of your journey. You don’t understand my friend. This is About YOUR EMOTIONS. Do you Feel good about money, real feel damn good? Desire is not enough or we would have a multitude of on and offline six figure earners. Coz boy do we all desire wealth! Yet we have a cloud of doubts, negativity, bad feelings, wrong verbiage about money…

Many of us look for excuses as opposed to opportunities, EVEN WHEN PRESENTED WITH one for making money…we doubt and look for reasons why we won’t or can’t do it! Do you wish to genuinely start making money today? then ask yourself, what do I do when opportunity knocks? 

I did a video recently asking the same Qn watch it below.




See the idea and the doorway to your wealth, to making money regularly is to SAY YES TO OPPORTUNITY then figure out a way to make it work. Sir Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Atlantic keeps saying the same thing. With such advice from power houses why would anyone doubt. So SAY YES MORE and the universe will say yes to you too! Most of us are conditioned to say yes when we’re sure of the end results…THAT’S Being AVERAGE and average sucks!

And please don’t get me wrong…Yes Isn’t = allowing every opportunity that lands into your lap. NOPE!


The trick is to attracting and making money in large amounts is to entertain the idea of saying yes. Don’t over think it, get creative and resourceful of how you’ll get compensated for it!

Man this was deep, super huge! If you don’t get it, you aren’t ready for your 6 figures…yet!  



Step 2 to Making Money today – KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FINANCIALLY?


Again I hear you say how is this about making money today? I already know this… Well if you did then you would be among the top 3% already so pay attention! Robert Kiyosaki gives some serious details in his book Cash Flow Quadrant grab it on Amazon Here for less than $1, I highly recommend you do.  

I’ll bring it even closer to you for ease of access! Do you know?

  • Your Assets, Liabilities and Net worth? Do You? Coz trust me I’m not too great at book keeping either, thank God Pauli is. I wasn’t even fully aware of these details!
  • Do you know the above numbers within the $1000? Get crunching mate…
  • P & L – Assets and Income…STOP LETTING Your Money control you!

And here is how, by documenting our finances even if we are on a salary. Firas Kittaneh breaks it down so well in 3-steps to your 1st million. Knowing our spending, ONLY and only then will we accelerate our journey to making more money! See finding out where we are helps us map out where to go next, it’s just like setting a GPS…you get it? Let’s go make our journey to making money to 7 figures…



Step 3 to Making Money today – LEARN Your FREEDOM DAY CASHFLOW NUMBER!

Ha gotcha…I know you are wondering what the blazers… FREEDOM DAY is the day you can stop actively working or hustling to earn your income! Welcome to Passive Residual Income baby! You won’t be actively needed in the day-to-day running of your business…woot!

Ask the Qn: How much money do I need to make every day to make the money I want? Write it down and don’t aim too low people, don’t sell yourself short!

Then get resourceful get active, do whatever you need to do. Don’t jack in that Job while you work your plan.

Remember as a child you made a deal with mama to get the yard cleaned? She named her price and you went about getting it done fast… to earn that money. Making money as an adult is exactly the same. So does a neighbour need their loan mowed, trees trimmed, yard cleaned, do you fix cars? Go offer to do it for a fee. Do you have a skill that’s redundant? Revive it! Making money is not hard, it’s our minds, pride gets in the way. We focus on our past and what we don’t have. We make it hard, complicated, care what others think…OMG that was me 3yrs ago…Now I couldn’t give a toss what anyone thinks! I love what I do and I am getting it done!

In fact I am proud to say that we are now podcasting on iTunes, a long dream of mine and which I’ve been working on hard. You can meantime find “Your Power Echoes with Julie Syl Kalungi” on SoundCloud too! Look out for the image below


Making money Podcasting is a real long term plan! Tune in will ya!

Get Creative my friends. Imagine what an extra $300 -$1000 would do for you? So stop whingeing and go do something about it.

If you aren’t happy about your vehicle or upline or no company or team support. We are happy to help you start making money with your dedication & committment!  Just hit this link here! 


Now no disrespect to my fellow entrepreneurs but I hear it bandied about a lot, heck I used to do the same. Saying “I have Financial and Time Freedom…” No you don’t. Not unless you can comfortably take off 1-3+ months without ever worrying about your income or paycheck and STILL MAKE MORE MONEY! Or you can wake up anytime you want and go back to bed and not even think about the bills, or how about walking into a shop and buy stuff without even looking at the price tag or final tally as you pay for it! Have you gone house shopping lately and not thought about how much it’s gonna cost you? Then you my friend have not yet got the above freedoms! So making money is still on your agenda, doing daily actions to create that income and focusing on allowing it to flow to you.  





Step 4 to Making Money today – DEFINE BAD DEBT, GET A MENTOR TO HELP YOU!


Hmmm head in the sand ostrich style! Wake up to the fact that you are gonna get into debt in your bid to making money fast. BUT what kind of debt do you want?
Bad Debt is money you can’t recoup such as credit card or loan debt. Good debt is money you can get back preferably fast e.g. a franchise, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, a home based business etc.

Get real close and comfy with good debt it’s great for your cash flow and self-development. Invest in yourself. Successful entrepreneurs ask – where can I put my money now? How can I leverage available resources to turn a healthy profit?

The rest of humanity thinks, I need to hang on to the few pennies I’ve got, money don’t grow on trees you know, plus what about that rainy day, how about a emergency pops up..Let me keep my money in the bank just in case…!

Just in case what? Make your money work for you? The bank is after all making it work for THEM and giving you peanuts for interest. Then they charge you a fortune in interest payments if you borrow for BAD DEBT purposes. Making money involves spending money…deal with it already! Or stick to that 9-5 mate!





Step 5 to Making Money today – KEEP THE MONEY YOU MAKE

Oops this Julie is contradictory today….maybe she missed the lesson! NOPE!

I’m talking about the taxes you pay…which you must pay with pleasure as well. WHY? Because you want the state to deliver certain services and they’ve got to find the cash…so pay up! BUT PAY WISELY!

Thing is you can’t strategically plan how you’re gonna be taxed! But do you have the capacity to keep the right choices? See Govt likes to keep the majority employed & paying taxes. As an employee you’re one of the highest taxed people. Yet as a business owner you can write off strategic taxes thus making money & keeping more of it!

Get advice from a professional, outsource these things. Different countries have different tax laws. If you are in UK we can recommend a couple and help each other out! So the whole point to making money is to set up a tax efficient structure for your income thus keeping more of the cash you make, making more in the process!




Step 6 to Making Money today –MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU-ROI

Again this may be common place to you…yet lots of people wait for the 401, hope for a pension and wait for the sky to fall down like the ICE AGE Squirrel! Do you have a plan for your money to make money for you aka Return on Investment (ROI)?

Here is what Lorah emphasizes:

  • What’s your ROI?
  • If your ROI isn’t in double digits, then create a plan on getting there! Otherwise making money in 6 figures could take a long time my friend!
  • Identify your money rules. Be responsible, honest and integral at all levels when you make it and what you keep. It’s called paying Caesar what belongs to him and to The Higher power too!
  • Commit to learning, building a team and leverage your money properly!

Making money is a matter of asking the right questions too! SO YOU MUST ASK THESE QUESTIONS:

  • What am I invested in? Vehicle, platform, product
  • Is it of interest to me and others? Passion
  • Whats my risk tolerance? Do I break at the first sign of risk or challenge…
  • How do I build my portfolio – aka tools, resources, strategies, plans
  • How do I create my reality? Daily actions and commitments

In order to start making money my friends we gotta increase our ROI. And to increase your ROI  you must establish your current ROI!




Step 7 to Making Money today – DO YOU HAVE A TEAM OF EXPERTS?


Crickey Julie how can I afford experts? Well my dear remember good debt…go back to STEP 4. Plus you can create your own team of experts. How? By Building your own Wealth team to support your efforts as you all lock arms and grow your empires. Making money gets easier and less stressful when you have a team of focused, committed, fun, hardworking camp fire mates. 

Here is the deal, no single 6-figure earner or millionaire made a fortune on their own. CLICK TO TWEET

The first thing Tanya Aliza taught us as a team in this platform, was Create Your Own Rolodex. And guess what Lorah says? The same exact thing!



HOMEWORK TIME…See this is for serious people only so stop right here if you are a lazy entrepreneur! I warned you…

Are you ready to start making money today? Get an empty Notebook or Diary. Grab your phone and WRITE DOWN every single name and number in there…Drop a comment on each name as such:

  1. how close you are to them ,
  2. how do you know them,
  3. when did you last communicate with them,
  4. what’s their expertise…

This is your Rolodex of Super Connected Friends! It all starts at home, we call it warm market in network marketing. And here is the irony, anyone who tells you “I don’t have time.” Well they need a team of worker ants making money for them to become wealthy! So dig a lil deeper.

Start small and build your way up. Whatever actions you do that steal your time, well cut them out, limit them or outsource them!

Let me put it as simply as you already know:  making money fast takes TIME, dedication, repetition, resources, a huge dream, obedience to the Universal law of attraction and circulation and above all God’s timing remember the formula for success? This is our path to 6-7 figures, to millionaire status. Let’s take control of our cash flow and build our fortune!

So do you feel that I missed out on a step? Have you learnt anything new in our post on “the 7-step Strategy to Start Making Money Today?” If you did then consider liking, sharing and let us know your insights below!



As always you deserve more so…

Live. Learn. Love










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