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At a family do we met & chatted with a long lost friend, he said he had been reading “Our Blogs” and sarcastically asked: Are you still doing that online thing? So whats the secret to your business success? We gave him a resounding YES we are and gave him a quick lesson…we go into more detail below! We believe we do an awesome job, sharing value, training others and promoting/running our Online #legacyempire…

Not to toot our horn, we’re chuffed to bits to share & to encourage others that its possible. Please check out what one of our mentors & all round Online Marketing Leader, Coach, Blogger and Rockstar Tanya Aliza says about us Below.

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Anyway, we threw the question back at Joe…Are you having great career success in your job? If so, whats your secret? Joe replied; are you guys serious, how many people do you know who are truly happy in their Jobs? We were very happy to say WE ARE! Well sadly he then said, “I was recently passed over for promotion and I hate the damn job, I feel trapped in it. I hate the commute & time I spend away from my only little gal and wife. I feel old & I have no plan B!”  Sadly, Joe’s story is common, yet he calls what we do “that online thing”.

Joe did want to know more about our Online business model…Yet his mindset was closed. “I don’t do online scams he said…!” Without any real clue what it is we do…Well there would be no business success without the Online thing! There are many like Joe sadly, who allow ignorance, stereotyping and their own lack of success to blur their vision and close their minds to a whole industry that is responsible for creating the most millionaires worldwide. Business Success comes to those who are open to new ways of creating wealth.

Job/career and Business success aren’t far apart…To succeed in anything one has to have a Vision, A Strategy, resources to make it happen, Tenacity and definitely believe in Delayed Gratification!

If you are reading this blog post and you are anything like Joe…Even if you are already an online entrepreneur and you have NO real business success to show. No upline or Team support whatsoever, we are here to say you deserve better. We can Help, Reach out to us.

Sir Richard Branson gave his 5 secrets to business success In this articleBrian Tracy Puts it more succintly:”…become an aggressive, lifelong student of the selling process. The top 20% of salespeople earn, on average, 16 times the amount earned by the bottom 80% of salespeople. The top 10% of salespeople earn even more. If you are in management, resolve to become an outstanding professional manager. If you are starting and building your own business, study entrepreneurial strategies, famous entrepreneurs and tactics and try out new ideas every single day.” Read More Here.

We share OUR 5 strategies that could help propel you to career or business success and in no particular order here goes…



Our 5 Secrets to Career or Business Success:


  1. To Have Business Success You Have to Cut Out Any Fear of Failure:

Business success is like athletics, Focus, Grit, A Huge Vision! Every person we know or read about who has had business success, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robinson, Mike Hoverson, Ray Higdon, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Dave Wood, Brian Finale etc. They all failed numerous times. The difference between them & you is they “Failed Forward” Ask yourself has Failure Killed you…Yet? You have obviously failed numerous times along the way consciously or otherwise that’s why you are where you are now! You simply MUST pick yourself up, dust off and keep going — and how fast you get back up and running says a lot about your mettle.

Have you seen an athlete with his/her medals…Guess what, the tears, sweat, the pain the sheer grit they have to go thru to get that one medal is unbelievable…And I guess they too are scammers…After all they give us one show, after all that hard, lip biting effort! Give me the life of a home based entrepreneur any day!


  1. Whats Your Passion? How about Your skills…

Well the secret is finding that sweet spot where your skillset and Passion intermingle and create a super awesome strategy or action. Joe is an amazing Architect, he used to be top of the class numerous times, yet now, he is a miserable adult…with no plan B! His passion has always been drawing…he is very artistic! We talked about this…Suffice to say by the time we left the party, Joe felt way more positive about his job and future plans!

See we all have our Pre-Destined Talents and Skills here or in an alternative universe. JUST FOR YOU! If you aren’t having career or business success, it’s Waiting For You to Send out the right vibes and thoughts and it aligns for your good! That junction where Passion and skills meet is a very rich territory i.e. where what you’re uniquely good at and what you love to do meet. That’s where you building your profession and/or Business will deliver Job/Business success to you, guaranteed! 


  1. Change Is Inevitable for Business Success, Embrace it & Reinvent if necessary!

We all know that we are born, we grow into toddlers, juniors, we become teenagers, young adults, adults, middle aged…etc. in other words We Grow, We CHANGE it’s the Law of Life, deal with it. In the same way you start a career with a target role in mind…Right? You want to achieve something before you pack it in or Retire. In the same way we invest in a business with a target Net Revenue in mind. So why dont we nurture that business into a toddler, a youth, a young adult, full grown Fruitful and profitable adult? We must agree that to achieve business success, change must occur! If we have to reinvent ourselves or what we offer, so be it. The Home Based business we started with over 3 and a half years ago is not what we are promoting now. The people we were then are totally different. We no longer chase family & friends, expecting to become gazillionaires from their one purchase from us…we don’t expect to retire in a few months of planting our seed or birthing our investment!

We hear people bandy it about, I want to retire by 30, 40, 50 etc. Do you really? Have you made plans on how to while away the hours as a retired 30something, with more money than brains? (There are lots of responsible 30+ Millionaires). If you don’t know what you are going to do when you retire early, you won’t get it, period. Your mind is not aligned with your wish simple as that. Who wants to just “retire”? Banish that word…You’ve got to take a chance on something worthy to impact yours and other’s lives, constantly reinvent if you must  — for it’s what keeps you alive. You’re never done UNTIL…  



  1. To Have Both Career and Business Success you Must Set/Have Targets & Deadlines

We see lots of people online who are perpetually looking for THAT NEXT GREAT BIZ OPP…they never settle. They don’t give themselves a target to try something and make it work. The minimum recommended is 90days. These “marketers” every month or so tell you about this breakthrough program that’s has just launched or is in pre-launch. To be perfectly honest when we first started we did a bit of this too. Everything looked amazing. STOP THERE RIGHT NOW. Its not the program, it’s You. You lack Vision, Your dream is not strong enough to get you focused and target your mind and time at something. Because you think if you do this, it all becomes a huge chore, worse than the 9-5 commute. We are here to tell you that If you don’t set targets and deadlines to achieve, you won’t achieve anything; or even know when you have achieved it! If you just aren’t all-in, how do you expect that program to do for you.

To have business success in what you do, you have to give it your all! YOU MUST put a time-frame on how much you are going to put up with before making a chand that change isn’t about quitting, rather change of strategy, find a better resource to work with, connect with more people, have a target number per day or week. DO IT.


  1. To have Job or Business success you have To Get Smarter, you are the BOSS, Know When to Quit…!

Now it doesn’t matter whether YOU are the BOSS or You have a Boss, where you are in your career or what you do! To succeed Your Boss Must Be smarter. In the Network Marketing Industry, we have what we call edification of your team members’ esp. upline! Its thus our daily responsibility to Make The Boss look good to your competition, customers, competitors, It’s a flat out job you got to do it. You/Boss must look good and smart, which leads to your products, service, technology flying off the shelf, bingo career or business success…got it?

Now if the boss is simply just BAD, UNPROFESSIONAL, NASTY, BIGOTTED, etc. It’s Your Job to Do all you can to leave that environment even if it means leaving said job. You need to grow and if you aren’t getting the support from up, and there is no support network from elsewhere, have the confidence to Move on. If you are an Affiliate/network Marketer, you know what to do…Get the training you need or CHANGE PROGRAMS…why people stay stuck with a company that won’t give them any training, has poor customer service, pays intermittently, the product ain’t that great, they have no team support…and have been at it for months with no results is beyond understanding! You invest to have business success, do whatever it takes to achieve it until… We wrote an article about Letting go read it Here, for there is no need to Fake it or flogging a dead horse! To Help You Achieve Business Success we are giving away 100% FREE our Super solo Ads Swipe file grab Your Copy Here!



In summary to have Career/Job or Business success we must:

Do all the above and then some i.e. be upbeat, get your mind on that positive kiln, support your team esp. those that show promise tomorrow will definitely be a better day. Build trust with your team mates and leaders. You want to be a loyal, supportive leader or teammate. Take your team/business partners with you as you progress. Absolutely be thankful for your journey and daily affirm your greatness, what a glorious future you have and be definitely grateful for what you have NOW.

Above all Study the habits of Or better still find that Successful Person/s i.e. mentor/mentors, and DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU to DO. Partner up with them. If you deliver and produce results, your mentors will endorse you. As proof of your work ethic and leads to even more business success. We cant recommend being coachable and taking massive action enough.

We guarantee that you will have career or business success if you implement the above secrets and characteristics TODAY. Start to practice the characteristics of the leader/ manager/CEO you wish to become tomorrow and it will come to pass. Make the changes you need NOW.

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