Don’t beat Yourself up, Life Is Too Short…Let Go.

Do Let Go

Do Empty Your Hands to Receive a New Thing…!

I see my children and I remember how it was. I keep pushing them to get rid of what they don’t need anymore, to give away to charity old toys they don’t play with anymore…I look at their faces when they say its special…to them!!! Oh does this ring a bell with anyone?

When I was younger I used to hold onto everything, hoarding like a lil old lady. My teddies, not that I had many (hand me downs from the market) were bedraggled from being handled and squashed to death, grubby and well-loved for sure. Letting go of these was hard esp. when my mom insisted that I hand over one to a visiting cousin or family friend. It was always tears & tantrums…! As I grow older, I’ve learnt to let go of many “toys”, but by gosh I can’t seem to let go of My Handbags and Shoes! Maybe because my shoe size will never change now that I am an adult and good leather handbags grows better with age 🙂 or so I tell myself. 

And that brings me to something called Sunk Cost Syndrome (SCS). This is when we invest ourselves in something. And start to view that thing differently somehow simply because we’re invested in it; or feel “obliged” to stick it out! This is more so with regards to the professional and business world. If we are not careful, the Hoarding and Hanging on for dear life can drag us down if we hang on for far too long…! We must know when to hang in there, when to adjust and When To Let Go, it can be the difference between $10,000+ in our bank or $0 …Yes 🙁 

The above can be demonstrated in various ways: when we are in a bad even abusive or toxic relationship and we convince ourselves that the other person will change if we but show them some more love or “Stick it out”…!!!

Many times I have gone to the movies or watched a TV program where the first 30mins are simply awful! Guess what I do? Well I very rarely get up and leave, I literally watch it to the end and moan about how bad it was, another 40mins, or hour of my life wasted…WHY!!! Because mentally I have invested in the movie, program, action. I have this compulsion to complete what I started. From the movie I want to feel like I got value for my money, I paid to watch the drivel didn’t I…!!!! BUT MUST I?

I have shoes that I bought 5 years ago, Some are really well worn, seriously I should take them to a charity shop. I have T-shirts I bought when I visited wherever 7 years ago, with tears from then washer, faded old out of fashion, But hey I still think they are worth £500 to me…why coz I’m invested in these things EMOTIONALLY! I have taken ownership of these things which could be worthless to other for all I know. Mind you I am not beating down on people keeping things they have attached emotional value to or have memories vested in them. In fact If we all got rid of everything we find useless, we would wipe out history!

BUT and this is a Big BUT, in some areas Holding on for dear life can prove to be a BAD Move, toxic even. In Business it can make or break a person or a company. Evolving is normal, Change is natural, growth is supposed to be the target of every business man/woman/entity. If growth is not happening then Change must Ensue, even if that change means DROPPING IT! Let Go!

For instance: If I set up a website, or have a project I’ve been working on. I have been at it for years and still never made a dime out of it…! SHOULD ANYONE CARRY ON LIKE THAT? I say NO. It’s time to Cut Your Losses and Move on Do Let Go! Don’t hang on to that “Toy” it’s not worth it if all it does is drain your energy, finances, emotions, time, life!  If this is your scenario…put an end to it Now! The thing is, you’ve been at it for years and it’s still not profitable. STOP Burning your cash or throwing good money after bad! 

burning Cash

Oh yes I know ….You’re fully invested in it. Well I know it’s tough to just up and abandon it. But sometimes we’ve got to get past the emotions and simply move on. WHY? Because the past is gone, we can never take it back, we must learn from it and CHANGE. The future is what matters. So YES You can choose to stop anything TODAY right now! If a business Or a strategy hasn’t been working for you… Then it’s time to cut the cord and try something new that May actually work! Let go and allow your hands to receive something new!

Many people struggle online for years, making very little to nothing, the odd hit here and there, but nothing to write home about!  I say it’s time to Try This!

And let the Past become a hazy dream as you learn to Let Go of whatever has been stealing your time, efforts energies, creativity and Not rewarding YOU!

 Simply put this is changing the face of the industry. It has inbuilt funnels, The tripwires are set for you, the traffic that converts is set for you and You Get to have a Personal Coach at hand to keep you focused & handle that accountability, ensuring your progress. Anyone including newbies can do this. It as a training & marketing platform that gives you the ability to quickly learn & profit. It is created to focus on fixing the economics of your business life. Which in the short & long run  means a better income. 

Procrastination by the way can mean hanging onto something that is no longer working, becoming complacent and allowing the Fear of a fresh start to hinder your destiny. STOP that Now and Make the move you need to change your life. 

We did, now full grown adults who no longer hoard, nor hold onto past toys and teddies, It is not an option, because We have a Target and it is way bigger than hanging on to the Past.

Here is that Starting Point For You.

May you too be all you can be. Rise and shine to your awesome Destiny!

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