Ask Questions to Make Money Online

It’s True: You Really Can Ask these 4 Questions And make money online And Here’s How…

Pauli & I love to cook, in fact we think our son gets that from the both of us. On weekends you may find us 3 cooking up a storm in our kitchen. Paul Jr Loves to follow proven formulas & recipes, and he loves to ask questions why/how things get done to create a mouth-watering dish. It’s the same if you want to make money online. You got to ask yourself some Questions and these 4 are extremely essential to your home business success! Now, I am more the throw it all together and see how the magic happens. Pauli is the prepping man… Our daughter designated herself the Chief Taster…cheeky lil bugger, she got it all figured out we reckon!

Let us assure you that just like following proven recipes. There’s really no power even in the most expensive mouth-watering recipe if nobody puts together the ingredients to make it happen!

We don’t know about you, but in our kitchen esp. if Paul Jnr is the chef, a great proven recipe call it a formula requires a bit of THINKING and most definitely PLANNING!

Now as the chief cook, I sometimes, think outside the box, but most days I follow a proven menu, formula and system to get fast results. I can assure you it’s the same with making money online whether in mlm recruiting, network marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

So today we are sharing a proven formula that’s made many fortunes, on and offline. If you’re stuck today or you ever get stuck in your business, you should stop and ask yourself these questions. This formula works for business in general but we’ll focus online! So in order to make money online the integral way you must ask yourself these four Powerful questions:

 These 4 Questions Can Change Your Fortune!

How to make money online

Different ingredients Create an amazing dish. Same formula in order to Make Money Online

1) What is the Missing ingredient?
2) What is Working Now, and how do I find/access it?
3) What’s my/the Next step?
4) How Do I Leverage it?

Trust when we say there is absolute power in these questions, fortunes have been made, when asked and actioned properly! In fact Tests show that anyone can Make Money Online If you ask these Questions…! 

If you are serious about making money online you can see what’s working well in your niche, so you’ll almost always know or find out what’s missing in your business. Oft times you need to do some market research, by asking your target market questions.

We know of a woman that did this with their home business. Michelle Pescosolido is a Home Business Leader and Top earner who started out with nothing, no knowledge of the market, no list, made all the mistakes newbies make. BUT she asked herself the above 4 questions and kept asking “what’s missing”. She then went out and found the “baddest” most successful people in the industry and proceeded to do exactly what they told her to do, she invested in the right training. She invested in herself and today she has retired her husband from corporate America & they are all over social media as The real deal, make money online success story. WHY? Because they listened and took consistent action and today together they are crushing it in this program

Do you know what’s next? It is finding the smartest way to move forward and take action. And that’s what is really cool here.

When you go through these questions, you see the path to making money online fast. Everything becomes clear. And taking action will be easier than you’ve ever thought possible. You will find that you simply need to do more of what’s working right now today, If someone else in your home business is making it work, How can you imagine it won’t work for you?

If today you do something or say your upline is doing something that makes them money online today all you have to do is take his/her advise. Always ask yourself or those that are making it happen “what worked before?” or Whats works for them?

Follow the same process and you will discover similar trends as before irrespective of your niche or sector that will get you t make money online in your home based business! You will make money online faster than before and you could even make more than your upline or team mates! Depending on how often you as these questions, your commitment & consistency of application!

The Pescosolido’s are making multiple 6figures in the various online affiliate programs they run.

Not bad for Pay Days huh!

All because they looked at what was working, What’s missing? How to leverage it…

What Paul and I have found missing in most people’s recipes in home businesses is this…

Lots of people are getting leads easy, they’re even making sales… But barely breaking even or making any money online! Why?

All because of bad timing, lack of a proper business funnel Or promoting low ticket programs that require a huge number of sales to make money online or offline! The fact remains whether you are promoting a $18 or $5000 program you need to put in the same effort to promote it, BUT the results and profits differ hugely!

And with a low end product Facts are it’s just too hard to have a profitable online business, unless you have a shed-load of leads, are a super salesman and closer. OR you have the best training available.

This presentation gives you the easy solution

That even a single mom with all kinds of odds stacked against her managed to make money online in a major way!
We encourage you to take yourself through the 4 questions and remember them always in your business and life in general.

They’re that powerful.

And we can guarantee you that the formula revealed to you in the above presentation can be just as powerful if you keep an open mind and are ready to make 2015 Rock and roll.

All the Best,

Julie & Pauli Kalungi

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