The Keys To Success in LIfe

It’s True: You Really Can Achieve Success with our 4 Secrets listed Below!

This was meant to be Friday’s “Ask JulieMotivational Friday article but we were so focused on the Info-graphics creation we kinda got deeply involved in that, all part of our Success plan & drive for 2015!  In this article, we share with you our 4 biggest secrets that have helped us progress and achieve some success and we know the bigger breakthroughs are only a stone throw away as we are on a mission to crack the internet marketing code and share our findings and success with others.
These things we don’t usually talk about. To some people they may even sound silly but to those in the know and to us they are pure gems!
We hope they will help you, or even change your life!
We truly believe that making money online is not just about knowing the methods nor having a shed load of fancy tools, software, websites…
If it was so easy, then most internet marketers would be extremely successful or even millionaires, don’t you agree? So believe us when we say, it’s much deeper than that.
We are 100% confident that if you follow them (our 4 tips), then you too will reach the success you wish for and have always dreamed of faster.
The tips below  helped us move from confused newbies to 5figures in 3 months, so we are sure they will do the same for you…IF YOU IMPLEMENT & Have a huge WHY!
Alrighty, let’s get to the meat…

Success Via Our 4 secrets Revealed Below

1. Exercise.
Guess what dawned on us 3 months into IM? I Julie was getting what our friend Angel Balichowski calls “computer butt” ! Woot every pair of jeans had suddenly become “skinny jeans” super tight! And yet I hadn’t changed my diet or meal plans! The lesson sunk in that the computer is an energy sucking machine and because I spent hours sat by one, it was affecting my metabolism.
One of the most important yet some may think silly, secrets to success is to keep active! If we don’t set a schedule with breaks, chances are you sit all day, and eat without noticing and of course get sluggish & less effective, yet your health is paramount. It’s very easy to feel tired, lazy and reach for the biscuit tin after 4 hours of work on the PC.
Our #1 Secret to success is to ensure to keep active and exercise. It is one of the most effective ways to become more productive. You have to feel pumped and energized all day to succeed. So take 10 min breaks every 60 minutes and do something intensely active, burn some calories!
We both work out at least 3 days a week; we have been doing this for a while now. It not only helps us to stay in shape (which wasn’t our intention at all at first. LOL), but more important, we feel great and do way more stuff as we have the energy. To be honest it’s addictive plus it allows us to eat more or less what we want, chocolate anyone…
When we use the gym, we love the boxing punch bag! Every time we think negative non-serving things or even consider failure in anyway, we beat/punch the Crap out of that issue!
2. Believe in a Higher Being – Think & Believe positive.
Do you honestly believe the Universe is as it is because of the big bang…more on that later. We used to literally argue about the news, fighting over the remote on which news channel to watch…Now we don’t. (Julie doesn’t watch news TV, its full of bad & negative news)
This is something we learnt from Tracy Biller training, and have since heard from our several mentors like Ray Higdon, Ryan Deiss, Tanya Aliza etc.
This was reinforced recently when I attended a meetup with the most amazing group of people the Fellsters with Gill Fell in Liverpool, and the ethos is all about thinking positive, Go with the flow, follow the path of least resistance and everything else falls into place…! So you see why we don’t watch news anymore! The thing is whatever good news that’s reported gets buried fast while the bad news like an infection gets regurgitated for days and hangs around in our heads planting negative energy and we know what negativity begets…This in turn paralyzes our ability to think positive, which is the key to every success, not just in business.
Success doesnt need Bad news


Also try to surround yourself with good people. Meditate on life and all the good in it, think & affirm & you’ll attract goodness and by all means if you are a believer in a higher being like we are, Seek God in all you do!
We are happier, more fulfilled, clear headed people ready to take action daily on every idea we think of. When your head is clear, it’s much easier to acknowledge your shortcomings & failures and make changes. Which is extremely important in any business.
Speaking of business…
3. Treat internet marketing like a real business.
When we started out online about 3 years ago and made our first $300 from an online program, the commission seemed like a huge gift from heaven…yet success tasted bland… Don’t get us wrong.  We were so proud & excited that ‘it worked’, yet at the same time that money had no value in our eyes. Probably it was because we made it virtually, not working physical hard work offline as we were taught to do…! Mind you it’s not just us. Sadly most people we know who make their first dollar online, treat it like something they created from thin air.
We have a friend who made $600 USD on his first day and $5300 in his First 2 weeks in the same program simply posting on Facebook using “viral script” Fast Success! Most people he told thought it was a hoax and were asking him…John (not real name) is that real money? Will you receive it or not? Well he did get his money, but this man abandoned ship including his team…cest la vie!
When we asked him why, he told us that he knew the program wouldn’t last and he had gone back to his poker games with no regrets & spent all the money. He treated internet marketing as a game for fast cash, not a long time income opportunity. We’re not sure what he’s up to now…probably chasing another shiny object…
When we first started we treated IM as a hobby.
Over the next months we tried many and found methods that brought us a stable income of $xx/day every single week. We worked our backsides of…we struggled and got angry with each other. As we couldn’t break the $xx/day limit whatever we did.

We started treating Internet Marketing as a real business and act like real entrepreneurs online. Today we know it’s a “real business.” When our friends ask what does Julie do? We proudly tell them: “We run our own business on the internet. We are Home Business Entrepreneurs and Julie WORKs on the internet.”

We have programmed ourselves to the FACT that this is a real Business, which it is. This is what Julie is doing and she is making a living online for the foreseeable future. People have real businesses offline and we have a REAL brand online. WHY? Because we got more serious. It isn’t just a game/hobby anymore. Our mind-set changed completely. When this mind shift happened Our income ceiling broke and we are so grateful to God for that!
It didn’t happen overnight because it wasn’t easy to overcome the “hobby mentality.”
Most people think and talk about internet marketing as a way to make “some” money .
Instead, we should think of it as a way to make a full time living or better yet “a way to create a real business online…” and do it from the start. The quicker you realize that, the faster you will reach your income goals
4. Have a Focused Vision. Things that Keep you motivated.
For Business Success in Internet Marketing we must have a Clear Vision and Motivation. We can only take action based on our levels of motivation. The more motivated we are the more massive action we take. Motivation is brain fuel it’s what drives us toward our Vision and Goals.
You absolutely must find the things that motivate you. Imagine having a better life in that dream home. Imagine quitting your 9 to 5 job… And remember these every time you are about to quit.
Remember the story of the Insurance sales man who owned a gold mine…and sold it a few feet from the gold vein…he quit just before he hit pay dirt…are you like that man?
It’s true what they way that usually when you quit, you are that close to a breakthrough! So stick it out!
We wrote our Vision down in a Journal & Created a Dream Board (fancy cars, fancy homes, Dream Resorts) and places still on our bucket list printed out and placed on our Glass topped cabinet right where we see it daily. Try it we’re sure it should pump you up like crazy 
Other things that motivate us are: our Info Product that we just launched. Reading success stories of other entrepreneurs esp. team members! Setting up a new goal and imagining reaching it in our minds (for example: vacation to Barbados 5* style, drinking cocktails by the pool watching our beautiful children splashing about LOL  )
You know what our first dream was when we started out? What motivated us to keep going?
Building and finishing our Apartments back home and Setting up a fund for our children’s University education! Some would love to visit Las Vegas and play poker in an expensive casino like Caesars Palace. We too would love to do that as we already travel quite a bit. We will visit Las Vegas too being members of an Elite Travel Club that’s made it possible for normal people like You and I to travel the world 5* style at 2* rates and Save a whole lot of money in the process. Yet for us real estate came first check it out below its only the beginning…Success is such a heady elixir…
Success Pension Plan

Prime Real Estate is Our Motivator – And Project 1 is almost Done

Our advice is failure must only be used as a motivator to succeed. We know by now that every time we fail, we’re getting closer to Our Dream and success. We filter out things that DON’T WORK. Its true what they say that: “Fail fast. Fail as fast as you can.” Always keep in mind that your biggest success could be just around the corner…
We hope you find these tips for business success useful. And we really hope you will put some of them in action. As always we would like to hear from you. What motivates and inspires YOU to succeed? Just leave a comment below.
We will talk to you soon!
JULIE & PAULICreators of The Secret Affiliate Roadmap – “Build a Lucrative Home Business From Ground Up”.
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