Create the results You desire by Taking Massive Action. Faking it Wont Do!, nor does it pay the Bills!

Faking it ain’t Cool! If You aren’t Getting the Customers Or Making The Sales…Here’s What You Can do?




Faking it, Pays Your Bills?…I thought not! 

Have you been Faking it for appearance sake or to keep up with the Joneses…The cash, the cars, the lifestyle? 

Its time to stop….

Pauli and I see lots of people on social media, a few even buddies who always seems to have leads on tap & magically make daily sales!! Daily they’ve got a tale about how they simply just arrived at an event, flew into xyz exotic location, or maybe they were standing in line at the local chippie, and voila they made a sale! I always give them a like, & congrats on their good fortune. But in the back of my mind I always ponder, “Geez how in the bejeezus do they keep making all these sales?”

Hang on a minute, I think Hmm there could be 2 possible answers:

a, They could be downright telling porkies, faking it aka lies 🙁 …

b, They’ve identified an ingenious way to leverage their funnels, tools, or trade/profession for more impact, influence, and income…so which one is it?

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Let’s do some surgery on “A”; Lots of people lie about their success all the time. About their homes, the car they drive, the customers they have, the money they make; they create an illusion of success that they too begin to believe which is 100% untrue. I know this because I did too when I first started thinking it would get others to work with me. So I can spot some fakes fast all I do is ask some questions to get more details & get some vague answers …you get the picture!

Recently I had a friend tell me that she now gets a huge number of leads on autopilot…! I very quickly asked her some details on her marketing plan as I know she has been struggling to get even one opt-in let alone autopilot! I wasn’t buying it, I somehow felt she was faking it! I asked, her version of “huge number” After huuing & haaaing she said “12 people.” Hmm Okay that could be a miracle for many…. 12 people may well be loads in her books, not to rain on her parade, but that’s not a huge number of leads! She literally is psyching herself with smoke & mirrors, with regards to her business!

Let’s face it if you pick up 6 new clients but none of them are paying clients then they AREN’T Your clients yet…! If you get 3 new sales and you had to slash your usual fee to less than 50% you haven’t got a good deal either! If you create some fab content or have an event to present & that audience is all wrong or none of them are paying customers, then you possibly just learnt a lesson and need to re-strategize! You get the picture…There is everything wrong with “Faking it Till You make it.” Some people exchange their integrity maybe to massage their egos I don’t know.

As hard as it is feels to be truthful about the real number of clients and conversions you get, it’s harder to step out of your integrity in an attempt to create a perception. The biggest drawback is you are preventing yourself from looking for & asking for the help you really need. You have stuffed yourself in a corner by faking it!

To avoid faking it- Show Up and deliver…

For instance irrespective of how many people show up for your event be it a webinar or live show, give them 100% they showed up didn’t they. They will go out there & spread the good word. Do it with consistency & integrity & the numbers will grow with time! I remember once doing a webinar and having just 3 people show up. Pauli & I were embarrassed and frustrated, even angry but hey 3 people had turned up & the party had to go on… Just because there were just 3 people on the call in no way devalued the content we were offering! My view is that we all start somewhere. So Instead of faking it, go out there and actually engage with people, go attend an event, pick up that phone, get to know them, continue the training sessions, share value with them, be a friend & shoulder to cry on.

Faking ItTruth is there is no Leads/Customer magician or fairy. They wont come by their blessed selves!

You’ve got to work on the mind-set, systems, tools, and people. We leveraged the Ultimate Branding Blueprint – to create out brand and grow our audience. It is an awesome system; simple to create a flow of clients that are hungry to work with you. Watch this though I didn’t say it’s easy! And BY Gosh you’ve got to work hard, literally burn that midnight candle. Especially in the beginning when you are creating the framework for your business. It’s the Foundation You Build at the start that will determine your Longevity! Don’t skip the fundamentals my dear! Invest In YOU it will be your Best investment!

If you have no leads generation system I suggest you try this one:


If you want to succeed just like others that have a steady stream of paying customers and are profitable in what they do here is what you gotta do:

– Believe in the work you do.
– Be clear about who you serve and what you offer.
– Invest in creating a system, program and product that allows you to focus on your ideal paying customers.
– Set you pricing based on the value you deliver and your customer results.
– Create a structure that allows you to deliver value and get results over and over again for your customers.
– Prioritize marketing and sales (and if you don’t know, hire someone to you.)
– Take consistent action to fill your pipeline with qualified VIPs (very interested prospects).

The above is what it will take for you to be that brilliant and bankable entity! Looking for & trying Quick Fixes Won’t Get You Customers faster, nor will faking it! Fear will only paralyse you…it wont pay those bills! 

Instead of Faking It or allowing Fear to take over, Step Up, Show Up, Take Action!

Today, we invite you to let go of the wishful thinking and stop waiting for the stork to deliver your customers, stop faking it! Go get a real funnel flowing, follow-up with potential partners, check in to those social media groups – do whatever it takes to get yourself in front of your VIPs. Not only do your potential customers need you, they are waiting for your medicine, a solution to their problems, so SHOW UP with integrity will you!

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Rise & shine to your awesome Destiny

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