Business Growth in a series of steps

Business Growth is not everything, Remember you need to have Personal growth and Wellness, they are just as important.

Business Growth and Rest #1 Biggest Tip is: Schedule Your Vacation as early in the year as possible, even better the Year Before! Now is the time to plan Next Year’s Vacation. It will give you something good and enjoyable to look forward to and to work towards thus giving your business growth half a chance! And it wont be any old Vacation, it will be the Ultimate experience for you and your loved ones, in the lap of luxury, doing the things you enjoy to do and recharging your batteries; so plan Big & Work your plan! It’ll give you the momentum you need to work hard and Smart; looking forward to the adventure, and you will see certain business & personal growth as you get on with it!

#2 Hire the Team you Need Now, Yes, Before You are ready for them! If you have Huge Dreams its the only way. Listen up If your Dream doesn’t scare you, if its not so outlandish it seems impossible to the normal Joe Blogs, then its not big enough to push you into extraordinary action to fulfill it. Know what You can do between 9-5, plan it in advance, DO IT! You absolutely Must dream Big and thus Take massive action for your personal & business growth!

#3 Be Your Own advocate of goodwill and Cheer Leader, who else will do it for you? No one is going to shout your praises unless you show them your worth and do it loud. In other words shout out loud, blow your own trumpet every so often, show the world you are present, all in a nice and classy way. Don’t be in people’s faces, or faking it till you make it type of loudness. That will only serve to bring you down as you wont be doing the actions to manifest your dreams and growth.

#4 Go all in; Say Yes To Yourself. Say You are Ready for this, Know what you want and WHY and make the decision to Go for It 110%. Yes once you make that decision to do something to grow your business to develop your brand, then you must absolutely go in Flat out and make 90days plans to laser focus to make it take off. Don’t juts dip your toes in thats no good, who ever took a full bath by just dipping their toes! You will see exponential business growth & personal development as you get on. We’ve learnt this from Natalie McNeil; Best Selling Author and Media expert and Founder of The Conquer Summit. Never Let The Noise of other People’s Opinion drown out Your Inner voice.

#5 Outsource More. Can you imagine the time you will free up to do things that are more important to you, your personal & business growth, if you outsource the mundane things like admin, content research & drafting, email responding, SEO, setting up profiles e.g. we out sourced to Seohut on Fivver our Social Share networks setup (over 50 social media network profiles) and it cost us only $5 this would have taken more than 48hrs of our time and yet its not a Money Making Activity as such. BUT it will lead to even more long term Business growth for us. So for just a few Hours a month and for under $20 you can outsource some of those activities that are not necessarily Money Making but are essential to your business growth!

#6 Never sacrifice on self care & love. Go to the gym, do that yoga or meditation, exercise more, cook healthy meals; sleep enough hours, you want to live long and healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the growth of your business. So find the Time for you and Your loved ones. You can always cut things out. Remember “Everything is on your plate Because you said Yes to it” If you want less you can take some off your plate and replace it with something you like to do and enjoy. You can pick and chose if you so wish! Its in your power to Grow Your self and Business!

#7 Have a Birds Eye View of all the Pieces of your business. Be the Eagle. See the top level view, you cant afford to be the underdog, in the underground for you wont see whats going on all round. You are Te Boss and your success means you start to see things as the Top Dog, as opposed to the employee! This means at the start you may have to cut out things that are not productive and focus on your mission, which is to Grow your business to be a value platform for you and others, earning you your dream income and creating Time freedom for you and your loved ones. Now that is what we call Personal and Business Growth.

And as a bonus if you are in the Home Business Industry get rid of your addiction to the result, it will show in your tonality. Have an “I don’t care if you join me or not” mind-set and posture up. Ray Higdon says it so well in his blog post read more about it here

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