WHY You Struggle and Many Fail to build a successful Home business! #homebusinesssuccess

3 Major Reasons Why Most People FAIL to Build a Successful Home Business! The very Gateways to Business and Life Success! 

I keep asking myself this question; Why do so many people fail to build a Successful Home Business? It has also come up quite a lot as many keep asking the same in various degrees of frustration or anxiety. I asked myself is it because of a lack of skills? Probably!

Is it because of a lack of money, resources, information, time? Maybe its the lack of Free traffic! Naa…


In my humble experience the Answer is NONE OF THE ABOVE…

And in today’s episode I share with you the 3 Reasons most and you may be struggling to build a successful home business. The faster you understand and start changing by doing the 3 building blocks I share in this post, the faster you will see real results in your life and business.

In my experience, the reasons why so many people fail to create success in their business has nothing to do with lack of RESOURCES! The real reason is purely a lack of CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS and the 3 ESSENTIALS I share in the video today!

You see, it’s been proven over and over that your mindset determines your success. You create your tomorrow today. Period!

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In the past 4 years, I have gone through various stages of mindfulness and resistance, getting in and out of the proverbial Vortex as Esther Hicks calls it. I have been studying my team mates’ patterns of success or failure. I was truly amazed that my observations are supported by great psychologists!

We are part of a really strong team. Paul and I are blessed to work with people that have gone on to make millions of dollars online. They fired their jobs and are creating even more amazing stories, helping more people do the same.

Yet we also observe many more that have struggled, refused to make any changes or don’t see the value in doing so and quit!


It makes us So SAD when people quit without Giving it their all. And if someone puts in 100% and still fails, something is off…They need to check themselves.  The thing is Paul and I work Real hard to help others create success in their lives.


We thus decided to share what we have learnt held us back. How have we turned things around in our Business and Lifestyle? I hope those who are open to the message are going to make major leaps this year with this message. I hope to inspire you to KEEP GOING, in the right direction.


Take a look deep inside of you on where your help can be of the most impact. #winningmindset… Click To Tweet

Take a look deep inside of you on where your help can be of the most impact. Or maybe go take a walk and let your inner man guide you to those who need your blessing the most.

Also, WRITE DOWN whatever the reasons or struggles you think you are struggling. Use the template we shared in last week’s post on doing a Self-Audit right here. Then COMMIT YOURSELF to actually do something about it and make a change. Without further ado, here’s the video of the 3 reasons why most people fail.


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 3 Reasons Why Many Fail to Build a successful Home Business.




So, when you watched the video did you Understand and Identify the 3 Gateways to your Breakthrough. Do you now begin to understand what’s been hindering you? I sure hope so, these are the 3 best ways to Open Abundance into your life and others. Global impact, right?

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Not doing these 3 things are the most common reasons why most people fail to build a successful Home business. Or any kind of success in their lives. Sounds real Hard, yet #TrueStory.

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