Periscope or Facebook Live: Which one is winning for you? #livestreamapps #facebooklive

Periscope Or Facebook Live – Battle of the Social Media Live-stream Broadcasting Giants, Who’s Winning?

Periscope or Facebook Live: Which one is winning? Periscope or Facebook live| Periscope vs Facebook Live| Facebook video, periscope| Twitter periscope| Live streaming| Periscope| Facebook

What does a Periscope and Facebook Live have in common? You may ask, and why should I care?

I tell you now they are both Livestream broadcasting tools. Periscope is a twitter app and Facebook Live is built within Facebook for Video livestreaming purposes. 

When Periscope launched in march 2015, we kinda held back to see how it goes. 5 months later, I went all in and started scoping daily. My aim was to Share skills, lessons, values, and results, leverage it to grow our audience and business at a faster pace.

At about the same time, I started using, which has since shut down, I did a comparison of the two then!

Later in 2015 Facebook joined the melee and rolled out its Live Beta version to verified pages only…It was agony waiting for it! 

Today I am simply comparing Periscope Vs Facebook Live Video, the two currently trending live-streaming apps…

We have seen the demise of Meerkat and Blab. So, will these two survive?

Which one is winning: Periscope or Facebook live?

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Which Video Streaming app is Best for your Business?

Cool…So why am I talking about Periscope since I last used it in 2016? Because I have successfully used both Periscope and Facebook Live for lead generation. I thus feel qualified to share my experiences of both apps to help you decide which one could be best for your brand too.

I think these two are in a battle of who will dominate the Live-streaming field and grab the most influence in the Broadcasting and Online Marketing world!

Mind you, not to be left out, Google ditched Hangouts and opted for YouTube Livestream as well. So…

This is truly a battle of the broadcasting giants…And boy do I love a bloody one. Front row seats, where is the popcorn…Or has the battle been won already?

Understand that video live streaming apps have fast become the new social media trend esp. for the young. One of the reasons I was reluctant to jump on the Periscope bandwagon and refuse to snapchat was because it seems a new streaming app pops up every blessed day. It’s hard to keep up with all of them.

Nor does my android smart phone have endless storage. I use it for business so I can’t afford for it to get clogged with apps that I may or may not use…! Its either used regularly or its uninstalled or never installed…period! 

As a member of an online periscope community, I noticed just how fast Periscope a twitter app became an amazing platform for growing one’s business. And now I find the group has a very low engagement rate…It used to be so full of energy in that group, supporting each other’s periscope growth!

Today, most of the members are Doing Facebook Live Videos…Go figure!

Also, I at first was kind of put off by the Periscope trolls. On my very first scope, I had all these egg heads calling me such unrepeatable names and being very lurid and familiar. It didnt feel right! I then realised, all the while I was scoping upside down…Palm to cheek lol!  None of those creatures ever warned me, they simply spewed vitriol at me!

I wrote about that experience. If you are a Scoper, learn how to get rid of them trolls here.

Funny thing though, that Scope got me over 1000 hearts, I felt so good, and vindicated…So I continued! 

With Periscope or Facebook live, your content could easily go viral…They are truly internet meets Live TV Big brother kind of thing! But you have to have a tuned in network and/or promote your livestream prior to and after the fact hard!

There is no such thing as a free lunch huh! 



Let’s find out why and what Periscope or Facebook Live streaming can do for you and the decision as to which one you should chose for your brand…Well, frankly that will be up to you mate!

Funny thing though, in my opinion the two clear leaders in this new social media trend are Facebook and YouTube Livestream which replaced Google Hangouts.

Where does that leave Periscope? Well something to do with its mother ship Twitter. Periscope is simply trailing behind those two.

So let me ask you:

How can you use Periscope or Facebook Live to generate FREE Organic leads and grow your business?

Is it worth it to start exploring these apps?

I answer these important questions. WHY?

Because I HAVE BEEN USING BOTH apps and so can give you my very considered opinion. And also, some amazing training we invested in to properly leverage these tools.

I can categorically say right now that right now, Facebook Live is our Livestreaming or Broadcasting resource of choice. And I think you too might agree. Here is Why:



Periscope or Facebook Live, why we prefer Facebook!

  • The Billions of Facebook users aka a readymade large audience. So, this is a good place to start exposing your brand, expertise, skills, knowledge, product, services etc.
  • We can broad cast to several audiences at one inside of Facebook. HOW? Well by sharing the livestream to various groups, pages, friends while live. Or if you can, broadcast live on two gadgets in different groups or page and profile.
  • You can broadcast right from your Desktop Woot. See Image Below. Just like a status update, there’s an option to broadcast live. Give it a catchy title and you’re Live. Really simple as shown below.

NOTE: Your PC or Laptop must have the latest software to be able to go live on it. 

Trending live-streaming app; Periscope Vs Facebook Live!

  • It is very easy to find yours or anyone else’s videos coz they are archived very easily. Facebook, does it automatically. Unlike Twitter where you have to add the hashtag #Save to your scope to have it saved/archived. Check out our mate Andy Atsugah’s Facebook video vault below! Simply hover over “More” and A drop down menu pops up with Videos right at the top of the list. Click on that and you have access to anyone’s PUBLICLY shared videos. Enjoy xoxo 


  • You can Broadcast via OBS or BeLive TV and add some cool stuff to your Livestream; like subtitles, text, images etc. You can also have several presenters on the Live shows too! Only via PC/Desktop at time of publishing
  • We love the Facebook analytics or insights, if you broadcast via your Fan Page! You can see how many people really watched your video, how long they stayed and the demographics. We love that stuff! While Periscope and other apps have 3rd party tracking, we prefer and believe that in-house analytics are best. Periscope kind of caught up with insights, yet they are remedial, at best.

    Now here is the sweet news for the entrepreneur, your analytics can be the resource you use to decide to use a live video as an ad for your page. If it got some serious traction or went viral, USE IT! It obviously is liked content, so build that list already! It’s called Monetizing.



Here is the Difference with Periscope:

  • Okay you may say this is not for everyone, But we have a GoPro camera and love this feature. You can Scope or broadcast live via your GoPro. Now this is something Facebook hasn’t hopped on yet…We suspect because Facebook is in the business of serving the masses and not many people do have or even wish to have a GoPro camera! 
  • Did you know you can sketch during broadcasts? Well I think this is awesome, esp., for those who have been at it for a while and know what they are doing!
  • The Periscope App is separate from its mothership Twitter. Which is really smart because one is independent of the other. So, you can keep tabs on your follower count, view popular streams and track your scope impact! The Facebook Live is built within facebook! BUT this in itself is its advantage over Periscope. More eyeballs get to see your Video. While if nobody joins your scope while live…It’s chances of picking up momentum after are very low! Facebook does offer a live video map on desktop as well! Cool or what! 

Periscope a Twitter App was launched with a lot of support and panache. But the trolls ahh they killed it for most ladies! And the lack of backup Twitter support to propagate the scopes further also didnt help. So most peope, got tired of talking to themselves!
On the other hand, most Facebook Live videos get a lot more views after the fact, most of my videos go beyind the 1k Views at least 2-5 hours after the livestream! Check out my most recent video below: 

Facebook Live Videos gain traction after the Livestream event. Periscope videos, not so much!

Thats the big pull and decider for me! How about you? 

Recommended Resource on How to leverage Facebook Live like a Pro Use the very resource we use too Here


Periscope Vs Facebook Live Final Thoughts!

There are so many more comparative features with these two livestream resources. But the basics as to which one is right for your brand are laid out above.

If you are an avid Twitter user with tens or even hundreds of thousands of Followers who love what you share, Periscope is your app to crush it.

If the same is true for you on Facebook. Absolutely start serving your audiuence via Facebook live. If you are a social influencer in your niche, grab your tablet and phone and Livestream on both as Ray Higdon does. Sweet.

Here is my personal view: Although Facebook is steamrolling through the glitches Periscope already chewed and spat out. Its still the more powerful Platform. You can bet your bottom dollar you will see your moma’s Birthday celebation on a Facebook Live near you. Or your bestie’s christening they didnt invite you to! Or the Superbowl Live on a broadcast by your uncle Tom. It doesnt get better than that!

On periscope, you gotta be already well known, with a huge following to gain any traction these days. Yet on Facebook you just gotta share your liveshow in various groups, engage with other facebookers, offer value, be personable, smile and bring the energy….Whats not to like! 

Recommended Resource to help you Learn how to leverage Periscope, use this Free Resource right here

So, in my humble view Facebook Live is winning this one, for us entrepreneurs anyway. 


Long may they battle to better the livestream services, as we beneficiaries enjoy the fruits.

Your Views? 




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Did you like our comparison and mini review of Periscope Vs Facebook Live? Which one do you think is best for your business

Share your thoughts below, like, bookmark…? And what are you waiting for, go do a Live show and Connect with your audience super fast. Be consistent, persistent, focused to connect with and share your goodness with more people. Your Success awaits for sure!

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