7 Steps to Business Breakthrough by Smashing Self-Limiting Beliefs! #winningmindset

Powerful And Proven Steps to Smashing Self-Limiting Beliefs, And Setting Your Business and Career Free – Self Love. 

7 Steps to Changing your life - Bannish the Self-Limiting Beliefs!


Breaking that Cycle of Self Limiting Beliefs – Here is how

Recently a friend of ours from Kenya just turned 40.

When she called me, I was pretty excited, singing happy birthday off tune, as you do…But she wasn’t having any of that. She was quite upset, speaking at 100miles a second.

This is how the conversation, went down…Minus the gory details

“Hey Syl, (…sniff sniff,) did you notice once you hit 40, that you lose that oomph, the mojo to keep going? Your sight goes blurry, your prize chest hits the slopes, well your brain is a sieve…?” (I was like: Nope sister, I don’t think so Naija style…) I thought she was pranking me…she has been known to do one! But…

“Well I tell you what Jules, I have steadily gained a kilo the last 5 years. Losing weight became harder…How will I find that dream dude looking like a rhino! (I kinda could relate to this one-ish!) I also can’t seem to find the time to hit the gym or have a Spa day. Commitments, responsibilities they’ve taken over the time I used to devote to the relationships in my life. (I said Enough to this one 4 years ago.)

Here is the Sucker punch: that income, which I took for granted! It used to rise steadily through my 20’s & 30’s! Well, that stopped increasing 3 years ago. Maybe they knew I was hitting the big 40…No pay raises!  The bills keep piling up though! (Ouch, I deffo had faced this gremlin, for 2 years it had the driving seat…I knew her pain.) By now I too was sniffing along with my friend, let’s call her Vee!

“Syl, I just don’t know what to do, I don’t feel old, but I just see myself getting old, and society seems to agree.”





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Back to Vee

All the while she served her pity party, I was thinking: These are some of her Self-Limiting beliefs! She can’t see how successful and amazing she is…We gotta put a kibosh on this! Dig deeper, talk about this NOW. And break this before it grows horns.

The thing is…

Vee is not alone! There are so many people doing the same to themselves, what she was doing.  Often times succeeding… At undermining our success and life purpose. Unconsciously, convicting ourselves to mediocrity

But what are Self-limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are excuses or thoughts we use to keep us from growing, or taking chances. The reasons why we fail or refuse to even try. They are usually emotional and irrational, and never serve us. Hold a belief long enough in your mind, even if it is false, with time it becomes YOUR TRUTH! Believe it or not, you do become and are what you think. 

YOUR TRUTH! Believe it or not, you do become and are what you think! #selfbelief #successtips… Click To Tweet

Surround yourself with enough information to confirm your biases or positive thoughts and attitude, and soon you will be right.

I want to tell you, like I told Vee.  You never have to feel like life, opportunities, the good stuff is closing up for you…And everything you just said, has an origin in your mind way before you hit 40. It’s what we call Self-Limiting Beliefs. Some Social, some Hard Core and some picked up due to circumstances.

You do know, you have total control over your life…Right?

Then let’s break these gremlins:




7 Steps to Changing your life – Bannish the Self-Limiting Beliefs!

  1. FACE THAT GREMLIN, WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Write down every single negative belief, thought, feeling. Think about when you first started thinking, believing it. Think about what is the worst that could happen with that scenario? Is it what I want?

Then write down the Opposite of this Negative belief, its positive sister! How does that make you feel?

Great, right? You better believe it…For the next 7 days speak the Opposite of that negative belief. The Positive. Speak it until it feels natural, speak it until its part of your essence. 7 days may be too few keep going, try 21 even 30! Boom, your brain should be rewired…and you will start to notice some small, or even big changes in yor life,career, enterprise.



  1. WHY NOT FIND A MODEL/MENTOR? Someone living the lifestyle you want to achieve, in your niche? Are they open to talking, sharing, even holding you accountable? Do it, connect with them and get learning, applying and tracking your actions. Soon you too can share with others. Because believe you me, you will start to inspire others without even knowing or trying! In fact, you already do, you just dont know it! 


Smashing Self-Limiting Beliefes with Faith and BY Faith in your ability to Accomplish anything you put your mind to!

  1. BELIEVE THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Often times we dismiss things as beyond our abilities, before we even begin! Is this you?  It’s time to stop that!

Ever seen an athlete think they can’t? Every single one at the start line believes: TODAY IS MY DAY. They have planned, prepared, done the backend thankless work, The blood and sweat, the pain and tears, the mind work, so it’s their time to shine…YET Only those who have conquered their Monkey mind and the limiting beliefs Win! Period!

Only those who have conquered their Monkey mind and the limiting beliefs Win! Period!… Click To Tweet

It is your time to shine too. Are you ready to rise to your greatness, whatever that may be?

Remember, any negative, non-serving thoughts are imaginary boundaries created in your mind.

Step #1; is to Believe that anything is possible even if you have to say it to yourself numerous times a day as a mantra. Your inner mind will pick it up and start to create pathways, by presenting opportunities to you in the physical.



  1. START TO BELIEVE IN YOU 100%; that you can overcome any obstacle. Imagine you wake up and get out of bed, you don’t think the bathroom will be flooded and the bog blocked! You get ready have breakie and get to work. As you go you don’t think the train will be cancelled or traffic will be chocker. You don’t expect your client to cancel…do you? If you do you need some serious help. :/

You are supposed to expect certain things as givens. SO WHY NOT EXPECT EVERTHING GOOD as a given?  Expect everything will be alright. A baby does so, when did you start thinking there are obstacles? Let’s reprogram that! Go after your goals, dealing with the negatives and challenges one by one with joy so they have no effect on your life other than celebrating the wins. Sometimes you need to take a new approach, yet achieving your goals should be a given.



  1. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: When you discover a new opportunity or idea, take ACTION NOW. Not tomorrow, or next week. The average person wants to ruminate over things and have every stick in a row. Successful people don’t do that. They jump in and learn on the job.

That is exactly what Sir Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Airlines says!

If you don’t take action on any ideas or opportunities, someone will pay you to build their dream always. So, take action on your dreams…

Action and achievement are so linked you can’t separate them.

Each step gets easier and creates momentum as you take Consistent, Focused action. I have come to learn that; the world rewards people who take action. Even if you take the wrong action, sometimes that opens to you new opportunities/doors, you never would have had if you didn’t take action. Or you learn a lesson and grow stronger from it.

Today, right now, stop talking yourself out of doing amazing stuff…The universe will applaud you if you take focused 100% all in action. The longer it takes you to take action, the more your brain talks you out from taking that action. So much so, you can’t even connect to the initial inspiration or why you got excited about it in the first place!

By the way did you know your brain is NOT your mind…? Seriously lots of people confuse the two! (I was guilty as charged…). Your mind is YOUR SPIRIT. Your inner man so to speak. Your Brain is well that physical portal for you to think, plan, take action…It gives instruction to your physical body! Use it wisely! 



  1. STOP PROCRASTINATION NOW. Procrastination stems from the SELF-LIMITING Belief that taking action NOW will be more painful than doing nothing!


That lil voice that tells you: “Stay safe” don’t jump, it will hurt.” That “Monkey voice.” It means no harm it’s just conditioned, hard wired to STOP you from taking any “risk”, good or not so much!

So, every time you wait till the last minute to do something; it’s because of a self limiting belief. It becomes so real you believe it. You believe it will take too long, you will lose your chance at that window of opportunity. You may be late with a project submission and miss the contract… So, whenever you consider putting off something, think of the pain of NOT taking action as a Whole Dream Loss.



  1. GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IN LIFE: You need to do this right now if you want to create amazing success. Most people focus on what they don’t want, and speak that into existence. Yes, your thoughts, feelings and words are your genie in a bottle!

 You have to be crystal clear on what you want, to even get half way to achieving it. Take every effort to achieve the ONE Goal with laser sharp focus.

Zoom in on that one goal, plan, connect, communicate, collaborate, make it happen. (The 4 cs

So, what exactly do you wish to achieve; in dollars, lifestyle, travel, dream home, career, etc.?

  • Make it clear, write it down,
  • get a visual representation of it.
  • Place it in place of direct view, so you see it daily.
  • Work your plan and you will start seeing these goals speed towards you. In various physical connections, opportunities, offers, collaborations, manifestations, even seemingly miraculous occurrences.

THE KEY TO ALL THIS IS ACTION, never forget this…So, for the action taker, hungry to Create a Lifestyle others dream about, now is your chance, take a look at one of the resources I have access to and let me help you soar towards your dream. This is what Vee needed and You too may need!

Connect with us on Facebook and let’s walk, run or soar together.

Stop whining, comparing, envying and complaining about your life. Stop reacting to life, and every dog that barks at you, aka haters, fearmongers, doubters, even if it’s you.

Become a partner with the Universe in creating the life that you are destined to live and Dream… Click To Tweet

Instead, Become a partner with the Universe in creating the life that you are destined to live and Dream of. You are in total control of How you Live Your life. Go make it happen, minus the self-limiting beliefs!

Share your thoughts below, like, bookmark…? And go implement. Be consistent, persistent, focused to connect with and share your goodness with more people. Your Success awaits on the other side of self belief!

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As always, you Deserve More! 

Live. Learn. Love


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