Use These Tips To Create a Competitive Edge in Your Biz"

Create a Competitive Edge – Do you have what it takes to compete, outlast, and win? Info-Graphic


 Lately it seems like online marketing’s a war zone…Lol do you agree? So how can you create a competitive edge? On the surface, it looks like most websites, adverts, traffic resources & offers are all offering similar stuff. But Some are making a killing while others are NOT! Question is, how does one Stand Out & grab some of that cake? How do they create a competitive edge? Our answer is QUIT COMPETING or COMPARING! Become the Master, the Expert…more on this in a bit! Dont miss the 4th Tip ad Infographic below!

So Whats creating a Competitive Edge or advantage:

“It’s being able to deliver more value than your competitors can, or to deliver the same value cheaper.”

In a home based business or network marketing, there are a couple of ways you can do this & we will be going into them shortly…patience

First you need to accept that unless you have created your own unique product and sell it exclusively…! You are in business with a few thousand others in your company and a few million others in the Industry. So you have to stand out for all the right reasons to have a competitive edge and sustain it!

Also remember we live in an abundant universe, so there is more than enough for everybody. If you believe this, you are set for a life of abundance period. And all you have to do is to outshine and be more consistent than the other marketers and business owners! Easier said than done, you might say…Well No its not! And at this juncture we share with you.


How to Create a Competitive Edge in Your Business:

  1. Leverage the power of numbers & duplication:

Looking Simply Awesome…A Supportive Team

To create a competitive edge,  You must form/build a strong and productive team! You see instead of slogging it out all by your lil self, (you only have 24hrs/day anyway) you will have an army of people delivering more results! So if you put in 4hrs per day it’s your team x 4hrs. That’s the power of multiplication! And here is the exciting bit, you’ll be able to build more campaigns & faster. You can try out different campaigns and see which works best. This is when “Two heads are better than one” works best. In order to attract the numbers, Be patient…you trust your investment vehicle don’t you, so build the income with patience. Yes success loves speed…Tell that to Thomas Edison! You must be ready to learn 999 different ways not to create a lightbulb….as you build your fortune and create a competitive edge! People will only come to you if you stand out for the right reasons. So BRAND YOU!!! Now you might think the next tip is the same as this, you couldn’t be more wrong…


2. To Create a Competitive Edge: Master A Niche and Become an “Expert” at it

Every super successful person has achieved success in a specific niche. Even Ikea is known for a special niche…Designer Flat Pack DIY Furniture…!

With over 70million Online Marketers how do you expect to stand out if you’re a jack of all trades. That’s why we push our children to specialize in e.g. Law, Engineering, Medicine, etc. We want expert professionals – the universe rewards people on top of their game!

Master a marketing strategy, become the go-to person for that, and make it known by freely sharing great info & tips. The custom will come to you. You will have the competitive edge! Research says it takes 10,000 hours to achieve expert status. Utilize your time mastering a specific marketing strategy, and you will create a competitive edge that pays you beyond your working life!



  1. Connect/Partner up with ‘Connected’ & Driven People.

Scenario a) Imagine Katie has a built a team of 150 people, not particularly motivated. All look to her to help them grow their business. But they arent coach-able, ‘too busy to learn’ and give excuse after excuse why they cant meet! She is stressed and feels overwhelmed.

Scenario b) Bob has a built a team of 50+ connected and dynamic people, they are hungry for knowledge, often share tips, don’t need him to hold their hands. Every day his team grows bigger. He doesn’t have to push them. They meet once a week to brainstorm and exchange ideas on how to build faster & grow bigger…

Which team would you rather have? Personally b) any time! If your team or market includes Team Builders, power hitters, Big Fish call them what you want, you will grow & hit residual income fast. HOW DO I CONNECT WITH SUCH PEOPLE? You might ask! By keeping your head down and work. Study their actions and do the same. Get close to them and get their mentorship and do as told…They will notice! Connections to key individuals or organizations (B2B) can dramatically accelerate your ability to meet and secure contracts and boom you create a competitive edge. Our advice is try to have at least one “Connected” member on your team.


Let’s share a personal story with you: In our last company, our business was growing BUT we

Takes 2 To Tango

You Aint Superman – Two heads are better than one

needed serious help. WHY? Because we were working all hours Seriously! We were holding webinars twice a week, calling team members, calling prospects, keeping the team motivated via whatsapp, Facebook etc. Driving all over the country to present for team members…at our cost! It felt like a 50hr week. Julie was spent trying to maintain Team and Company campaigns…It was hard! Being the Alpha can drain if you are The Only Alpha! Wikipedia calls it having a Superman Complexi.e. an unhealthy sense of responsibility, or the belief that everyone else lacks the capacity to successfully perform one or more tasks. Such a person may feel a constant need to “save” others.”Wikipedia


Lessons we learnt & Share to help you can Create a Competitive edge:

  • We were the bottleneck! We had become “too relevant” to the team. Ray Higdon says: the best Leader is one who learns how to become irrelevant. You can take 3 months off and find your business in a better state than you left. This is having a competitive edge. Well…we couldn’t get away and not come back to complaints and grumbles…The rest of the team had come to expect us to deliver their Results…and the end result was…they didn’t deliver…(Hello Katie)! We had become mom and dad to them…Bad Strategy. The best way not to create a Competitive Edge!


  • No matter how hardworking or smart you are, you can’t beat a smart & connected team. Paul & I aren’t interested in working 24 hours a day to keep up with the Joneses! We want to play Golf, Travel, Spend time with our loved ones, and live life living. So Do You! Build a Power Team!

As another mentor taught us: we must use our time + knowledge + energy to make money. And Use said income to leverage OTHER people’s time + knowledge+ energy to make even more money. This is the Formula to create a competitive edge! Learn this super-fast.

  1. To create a competitive edge You Must Maintain your Passion but Avoid Burn-out

Looking at the our last company, we definitely were at the state of burn out! Its super easy to get burned out in business. This comes from the stress of lone working, the apparent lack of progress…(too many allegedly successful people and you don’t see results…you think you are a failure). The routine can really wear you out. And the solution goes right back to “Having a dynamic team.” Keep round the “Camp Fire” to keep motivated. Share and learn alike. Let your inner child out at least once a day, this will keep you youthful. Exercise, cant emphasize this enough. For every hour sat on your PC, take 10 mins out to walk around do stuff, run up n down the stairs, take the dog out for walkies. “Get Off Your Butt or you get PC Butt.” Take time out to visit with friends, have a coffee, check on the elderly neighbour. HECK ENJOY YOUR LIFE and even evaluate your next steps away from the work station!

We really love our home based business yet not all is milk and honey! If you are like us, then you need to consider outsourcing…! This is a great way to create a competitive edge. Because it frees you up to do the money making activities. More money, more fun…in our book anyway! Things like creating ads, copywriting, research for your articles etc. By having other people do all that, you can stick to what you really enjoy. Or is necessary which is Strategizing, Prospecting, Follow up and Closing! If you don’t find time to celebrate anything, you will burn out…that said its bed time for me!

Below we share our Super Info-graphic on how to Create a Competitive Edge:


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