How to get what you want through persuasion

How to Get what You want- Are you the Persuader or Persuaded?

Do you want to learn How to get what you want? Well I guess you are gonna have to bear with my musings, call it reminiscing or maybe Sunday blues…

Lately I have been ruminating on my past and how I used to get what I wanted in life. This literally brought me to share and hopefully help as many people as I can to better their lives by showing you how to change your lives Now! In another life years ago as a young budding solicitor, my job was to present my clients’ case the best I could, i guess thats what every solicitor does 🙂 . I was always dressed for the occasion, proudly suited up and stepping in court before a Judge or Magistrate….to present my client’s case and “Persuade” all present that my client was right and …they were wrong! I was taught and subconsciously believed in the “Art of Persuasion” (Get your free copy of the amazing book via that link) because then it was my bread and butter. But I never once thought about it that way at the time. I literally thought it was my smarts that did the good deed and won the case Lol .

What has this got to do with selling, online marketing, network marketing, MLM recruiting, affiliate marketing, direct sales etc…! Well must you ask? Of course it’s the Art of Persuasion.  Getting the other party to feel like they made a decision to buy from you all by their awesome selves and feeling wonderful about it and of course doing the same as you did and so on goes the song! I have come to learn that in almost all areas of life we are either “the persuader” or we are “the persuaded”…and many a time we sadly sit on the fence neither one or the other, which is fine too, but Not In Business!

The entire marketing industry depends upon our ability to persuade people to trust us enough to buy the products/services or whatever it is we are promoting. This purely depends on our ability to attract and persuade others that there’s value in it. This is where Attraction Marketing Comes into Persuasion! Going back to the legal sector, any case I handled was won by the better persuader, whether myself or the other lawyer. In business esp. our industry, products and services are sold because of our ability to persuade leads, our prospects, traffic, client that our product or service is the best one for their needs.

The crucial aspect of persuading someone lies in the above statement right there – identifying a need. When I met with my clients and today when I connect with or meet potential partners or customers, one of the first things I try to do is find out about what’s their need, whats missing in their lives, that Gap that needs me to fill it for them, what’s their pain, so I can provide the Pill. It’s not “about me” it’s about them. So if you want to get what you want, you must find out; what problems do your target market, ideal clients/customers have that you can help solve? What issues do they have that you just might have the solution to? It’s your job to persuade them that you can in fact, help them, in doing so well guess what, this is how you will get what you want. The late Zig Ziglar said it best …I am sure we all know this “…that If you help enough people get what they want in life, you too will get what you want”! Very wise man Zig Ziglar was!

First, persuasion is gentle, assertive, fine even but never aggressive, nothing wrong with being focused or determined. But, spamming others with our links is never polite nor smart and neither does it really get us far! It is in fact quite unprofessional and any network marketer or home business owner worth their weight in salt must avoid it because it simply displays a lack of Posture, Skills & you got it lack of persuasion!

So with all these thoughts, I literally had a lil chat with myself yesterday that if I could stand before a Judge/Magistrate/Jury and persuade them that based on the facts and Law my client was right, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same in sales? And its  very simple. In online network marketing, all we have to do is tell our story or a story, sell the dream, the benefit and the benefit of the benefit. Stories Sell – Facts Tell! I literally stumbled on more on persuasion in my search for info on sales and learnt that, Employing the art of persuasion in business is essential. Without it, we literally would not be in business. So, you may ask, “how does the art of persuasion work?” Well Jason Nazar of Forbes gave 21 Principles of persuasion quite comprehensive. But below I give you a simple breakdown of the process, and it can be applied to any verbal or written communication meant to persuade the other party of your point of view.

What You Don’t Know About Is Costing You A Fortune! – Here’s The Straight Scoop On How to Get what You want every time:

1. Clearly identify your goal – HOW?
-Gain the interest of a prospect or potential client by identifying who they are, what they need, how you can provide the solution! You will then ….
-Improve your own productivity and grow your team…this will help show others that it’s doable! This you can do by increasing your Money Making activities, focusing your time in chucks of 90 mins per activity. Do your research as to Who, where your ideal client is & What they like, whats their pain! Which in turn will increase sales for you or your clients! Learn about more technical ways to appeal to & attract customers!

2. Determine your approach of persuasion- How?.  By Appealing to your Prospects
-through values and emotions – (story) usually the more crucial element of persuasion

-through logic, reason, and factsYour Product Information, Facts, statistics, presentations
-through edifying and sharing higher authorities successes (credible up-lines, mentors, case studies who endorse your program, or services)

How to get what you want, compellingly

The Art Of Persuasion, Bees to Honey

3. Persuasion uses compelling language.
Don’t get all defensive about your offer if the other party is not enamored by it. This is not how you get what you want! Give them a chance to think about it if that’s what they need! And if they don’t like it…that’s cool too! It may not be for everyone. You will attract the right people with the right attitude to what you do! Remember that letting go is not such a bad thing, if a change is what you need go for it, could be the best decision on how to get what you want!

4. Be prepared to show Proof/Evidence.
– Provide your prospect with proof that your services/products will uniquely meet their needs. If you have no proofs ask other successful people in the business to share with you and share their story or success! This is a sure fire way in how to get what you want! Last Saturday we attended an event and An awesome number of people shared their stories and successes and how they got there! Many were inspired and now do share these stories too!
– Don’t forget your existing customers or team, show them too, tools & proof that demonstrate how increased use of your resources & system, services will benefit their business. Its essential to show them too that this is “how to get what you want”.(Learn more about Customer appeal here)

Ponder on this as you get to work: My grand ma bless her soul used to say (in our language) and it goes something like this, “…a drop of Honey, goes a long way than a cup of bitter vinegar. Always think before you speak, as once spoken a word can never be taken back”!

How to Get what you want the Honey & Vinegar Proverb

What will Attract the Bees, Honey Or Vinegar? Scratch that, that Smile Wins Hands down!

And on that note we persuade you to feel compelled to drop a comment, share your thoughts below on how to get what you want! 🙂 By all means Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, And G+. Get first dibs on our new tips & tricks, subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Let us know will you! Who said The Sky is the limit!

We believe in You

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