Chase your Dream with Actions

Start to Chase Your Dream- 4 Tips On Setting Goals to achieve that dream!

Hey there did we say Part1 last time… right! Well here’s Part 2 on how to chase your dream, Dive In…

It is where we get a lil bit deeper into what we believe you need to do to chase your dream and ensure it manifests into reality in the New Year! Making a decision is the first step of course but you really need to set yourself up right by planning ahead.

Do you believe in You? Do you believe you can make It happen? If you don’t believe in You, Stop right here because this is not for you…
You see we are committed to make your new year amazing and we are sharing what has worked for us thus far. We don’t believe in BS (excuse the French).

Below is a short video Julie created on how to chase your dream and create success in your business!

So in the last post we encouraged you to chase your dream hard, But HOW you may ask?

Below are 4 Tips to help you set your goals to chase your dream

#1 Set Yourself a Realistic Achievable Main Goal! Start by reflecting on the last year and look at what you haven’t achieved and Why! Pat yourself on the back for all the achievements however small! And Set New Goals to Chase Your Dream! We will get into a bit more detail on this. See yourself living the life you desire, purpose to envision yourself and loved ones living that life daily, this will give you the mindset to go for it, whatever it takes, no excuse! Chasing a dream is great, achieving it is way better! So Action, action, action…. WHY? Because success is a HABIT, no one stumbles on it, some say it is manufactured! We agree 100%.

#2 Invest in your skill-set/Personal development. Never stop learning because it’s in learning new skills and strategies that your dream becomes more concrete and even closer to manifestation. Set aside a budget just for Personal development and it doesn’t have to be huge. Know where you fall short, find the expert and get with their program as soon as you can. Meantime find info on YouTube and online to get you going and polishing up on your weak points. Develop good habits, read the right books and listen to positive audios to build you up 2015! We are excited for you we really are!

#3 As Part of chasing your dream You must STOP comparing yourself to others, You don’t know the half of their story, nor what they have done to achieve their success. Know today that this race is a marathon, taking part and keeping your focus on the finishing line is all that matters, every one arrives at their own pace and time and when we do we are all winners! It’s NOT A SPRINT! Be kind and patient to You, reward yourself, celebrate each small success and OTHERS success too, you will attract what you give out in terms of attitude, effort, thoughts, and definitely words. So non-serving statements like I can’t, I won’t, But I am…, they are like that because …, these won’t do, delete them.

4# To chase your dream this new year Take Consistent Action and here is when we are more specific:

– Create a Weekly Action Plan Specific to WORKING YOUR BIZ. At least 90 minutes per day must be spent on Active Prospecting, which you can then break down day by day as each day will be different!
– Break it down into 90 days chunks. This is absolutely essential if you are to chase your dream and achieve it! Too short and you won’t have given yourself enough to make it work, over 90 days and you will find yourself going off chart. In each 90 day Set TEST & TRACK your Actions & Results. WRITE everything down or have an electronic record.
– In order to properly chase your dream You must have written down your Target Results and AFFIRM them daily like you already have achieved them. Oh Yes this works Trust us, it’s not hocus pocus!

– and for goodness sake Stick to something, Say No to all them shiny new objects, say no to all those So called “Amazing Opportunities” and Stick to Your Plan and Passion, you can make money in any opportunity with the right mindset, Goals, Dreams and Tools! Learn to Say No, Learn to Pass as Eric Worre says Its not over until You Win, You can Live Your dream!

We hope you have by now got the gist of how important it is to chase your dream and if you would like to make this even more exciting and specific we encourage you to Grab this Training program launching 15th January to make your new year even more fruitful that you ever imagined!

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We wish you an Abundant & Happy New Year!

Luv & Prosperity,