Our super Network Marketing Strategy That You Can Implement Today, thats got us great Results!

How to Create a Super Internet Marketing Strategy that attracts Hundreds of Hungry ready to Buy Subscribers aka Leads and Paying Customers!

Iron Clad Internet Marketing Strategy to Attract 100s of New Leads & Buyers!


Yesterday we stayed up late because we met Tony…! Tony said he has been an internet marketer for over 6 years and was finding it difficult to get traction in any internet marketing strategy to attract prospects and turn them into paying customers!

A highly common problem… 97% in fact. 

Are you like Tony? In today’s post we are going to respond to his dilemma and also give some tough love.

Finding it difficult to get traction was vague so we asked Tony to elaborate and he said: “cant generate any leads or make any sales…!” OMG did you hear that? Again a common statement…And here is the thing, most of the people who say this are also “Closed to most suggestion to learn new ways to get the job done.” But we know you are not one of them…if you are reading this right! 

And well the above dilemma stems from a lack mind-set…And before you stone the messenger do read some more…Tony is affirming in his thoughts and words that “He cant generate leads or make sales” and guess what is happening…Well he isn’t. Coz thats exactly what he is attracting!  

We suspected from our conversation & surmised that Tony truly believes there are not enough customers or business builders out there to go round! Tony believes that it’s difficult and he cant do it..So he attracted those things to the various businesses he has dabbled in thus far! Of course he looked dubious and was doubtful of what we said to him…So we had a longer chat and he finally saw that he has been resisting his sales and customers for years! Below is a brief of our Strategy session with Tony. 

We asked him; what Lead generation system do you have in place to attract your target customers? And he said well; I post on Facebook, I Tweet and…Others are doing the same…so why aren’t I getting the results they keep flashing on social media doing exactly what they do? 

Aha…the penny dropped even as he said those words. Because most of those money posts are fake as fake as they come. More of a wish that a reality for the posters! real leaders and online earners never post money photos or earnings online.

So are you ready to learn how its done after all these years, Tony was ready thank goodness!

But we are not going to talk about mind-set today…We want you to create a super network marketing strategy


Today we are all about practicalities!

Tony’s challenge is something lots of home business owners, network & online marketers can relate to. So we’re going to share with you a super Internet marketing strategy or indeed business strategy to attract hundreds of New Prospects who become Paying Customers.  We know how it feels like to not even attract 5 new leads a month and if you get a few, not be able to convert them into paying customers. It feels like a drought ridden season all year, a wasted investment. So we are here to share with you what we shared with Tony on how to accomplish this…ready? Let’s do this

Internet_marketing_strategy - Get leads Make sales Its Iron Clad! #internetmarketingtips

Are a Farmer who seems to never catch a Bountiful Harvest!! Why is that? Click To Tweet

Imagine you are a hunter who seems to never get a catch!! Why is that? One of 3 reasons…

  • you are not going to the right hunting grounds,
  • you don’t have the right hunting equipment to get the game you need e.g. no game bait or
  • you are simply not hunting enough!

Well as a home business owner or Internet marketer, you are either

  • Not using the right forums, you are not prospecting in the right places, or fishing in the right ponds so to speak.
  • You are not using the right strategies, or you are leveraging them to your business growth, So don’t have the right bait.
  • You are not taking massive action, not doing enough of the relevant actions to get results e.g. you are not showing enough people your business presentation…so getting very low or no results at all!

Now when you Leverage social media here are some super network marketing tips below…



Super Internet Marketing Strategy – Reveal Your Self

Reveal who You really are, to Your Audience, a great internet marketing strategy!

Please don’t go streaking butt naked down the street… #internetmarketingstrategy Click To Tweet

Please don’t go streaking butt naked down the street… All this means is; be yourself, be natural and even vulnerable in your communication e.g. updates, Facebook posts, tweets, pins, emails, broadcasts, newsletters. Get personal with your audience. Build Trust. The idea is you want to ANSWER QUESTIONS they are Asking, And in some cases they didn’t even know they were asking until you showed them…Why. Because your story speaks to them! Know your readers, their challenges, their questions, You’ll then inspire them, motivate, galvanize them into action! This is something Linda Claire Puig a super email Marketing 7-Figure Rock-star propounds too. Learn more about her style  and super tips here! Also you might like to learn how Devlin Smith a direct-selling expert shares what it takes to start out and make it in this industry. In his article on 7 Tips for Network Marketing Success for the Entrepreneur, he gives amazing network and internet network marketing strategy after strategy!  


Super Internet Marketing Strategy – Hook & Reel

use the “hook and reel” approach akin to fishing, to attract wallet ready prospects #salestips Click To Tweet

You could use the “hook and reel” approach akin to fishing, to attract wallet ready prospects.  One of the most effective strategies you can possibly leverage to grow your business. Here is how this network marketing strategy works:

Garner interest in YOU as a person, share your story, your expertise, your experiences, training as a marketer or professional. Keep people curious as to what your Primary Offer or business is, yet have a funnel to get those curious enough & love your value content to leave their details for even more.

Have a means to get these inquiries made by people aka prospects interested in your brand or offer.  Then you provide those people with the relevant information to get the sale done!  

Never ever ever….ever try and make the sale on first contact! This is an internet marketing strategy that shouldn’t even be called one, its a no no!!! Unless the prospect makes it absolutely clear that’s what they want! In which case don’t dither around with some auto-responder series…that could cause annoyance and loss of interest! So – Attract targeted and pre-qualified leads. In hunting thats a lure/bait to get them to give you their details and bring or reel em in…and make the sale. Simples as the meerkat says!

Here is what we do at Juleskalpauli Marketing…!


Super Network Marketing Strategy – How to reel Em In!

Use the right Irresistible offer to attract your Target Market. This is An Internet Marketing Strategy that Works a treat!

a) We have several “Curiosity baits” aka Free Report or Webinar Ads, Free training, a network marketing strategies pdf etc. Call it an ethical bribe. This is a low cost strategy and if done right with quality value information will generate high profits. It’s simple and can be done in any niche! Here is what You Need for it to work for you:  

  • The Advert – the bait – with a Super Catchy headline!
  • The irresistible Free Offer
  • An Autoresponder to collect the details of prospects
  • Awesome Tips and strategies to marinate your subscribers and show them that you can be trusted to buy from.


Below is a copy of one our older Offers: 

Make an Irresistible Offer - A Super Internet Marketing Strategy!

Modern network marketing suggests that you should ensure as much as possible to use editorial text in your Ad. Like in Newspapers! See there is a reason people buy lots of that stuff…because they have headlines that grasp our short attention spans, however crappy the real info is…!  Don’t make your Ad a pitch-fest, your aim is to merely stimulate interest, curiosity and make a promise of a benefit…the free ABC! It is meant to get the prospect so interested that they can’t help but click and leave their details to get the ABC. Make it urgent, TIME BOUND or Time Limited…(See above Image

b) Now here is what is obvious, yet many find problematic…PLACE YOUR AD in a place of prominence…Could be Google ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Betternetworker, TV, Newspaper Magazine, Email Broadcast. Not forgetting your own Website or blog if you have one etc. Trust me many publications do accept small ads to be placed. This is new age network prospecting, consider if you had a bricks n mortar biz you would advertise right. So whats stopping you doing the same in an internet business? A lot of network marketers and BLOGGERS simply ignore their advertising as an internet marketing strategy. To some sadly spamming social media is their plan. I was there once I know how it is. There is a  better way! 

– Make sure to send the FREE Offer to all subscribers or prospects, Thank them for their interest and remember to tell them to enjoy the offer.

– Offer an up-sell to your “Free offer subscribers” if you don’t ask you never get! If you bombard them with sales stuff after the initial offer you may push them away…don’t mind the unsubs! Yet many will take you up on the up-sell on the first click!

Using Newspaper-Like Headlines in your Ads is an Internet Marketing Gold nugget!

Create several different Ads for the same Offer and Track your Optins and Up Sales and make decisions about which strategy, advertising platforms and locations are the most profitable to advertise in. This is the best way to create an effective network marketing strategy or small business or Multi level marketing success! You will find that you are investing more in you by advertising better. A lot of network marketers simply ignore their advertising as a network marketing strategy. To them spamming social media is their plan. I was there once I know how it is. There is a  better way! 


Well that’s it for now:  Always remember your internet marketing strategy is not about network marketing companies, its about attracting people to You and Your brand. Offer value to them so much so that they are happy to buy into your services. Building a relationship for long term mutual benefit! Next time we’ll focus on another solution to problems you might be facing. Could be a social network marketing strategy!

If you need step by step instructions on how to implement a strategy and other ideas we train on List Building and Sales Conversions. Then you absolutely need this limited Time Resource. For those that pick that up, a surprise Complimentary bonus awaits you. Simply email Julie @ julie[at]julesklapauli.com letting us know that you did.   You will also receive a 25 Min one-on-one strategy session completely free if you so wish!  You always win by investing in YOU.


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