Build your Online Business to Consistent Residual Income – My 14 Killer Steps to Help You Crush it!

Have you got it yet? We presume you want to build your online business or offline for that matter…!

Yes, “The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers” by Hal Elrod & Pat Petrini. Its absolutely amazing. There was a 1 day promo for $.99cts, it was gone within 24 hrs. So now you really need to Grab your copy here. This book is going to change your life and business! No spoilers for you coz we want you to get the full impact and benefit by reading it yourself. You will start to build your online business or network marketing platform in beastmode…Once you create a winning routine. Did you know that Ray Higdon and Tanya Aliza did write a foreword for this book? We say grab it and prepare to be amazed

Develop your self First and Build Your Online Business! #miraclemorningfnm

And that’s why today we decided to come all out and share our routine…A consistent daily personal routine we have by now learnt from Ray Higdon is the key to success!

We’ve also been asked this so many times it’s clearly a pain point for many network marketers, and home business entrepreneurs: How do you guys do it? What do you do daily to build your online business?  

Well I can tell you 2 words: Routine, Consistency….! Seriously 

I shot a quick Facebook video sharing my Morning Ritual watch it here. But today is meat & potatoes yay!

By the way feel free to Ask Julie anything on Fridays, and you could be featured on a blog post near you. If she is not available, definitely check out her amazing podcast on iTunes. It’s the 2nd last month of the year most people are getting anxious and beating themselves up… STOP THAT NOW. Everything is its own time…Get into a routine, get the above book and learn how successful internet marketers create success. In simple words by developing ourselves first, we create personal success. 

Are you maximizing your results in your core hours? In this post and video we’ll share with you how Julie maximizes her day so that you too could do the same to build your online business. And Increase your Productivity and Results 10 fold.

Build your online business by Being Laser Focused on Production! #biztips

As you do even those that say no to you today, will notice that change. See your results and you will start to see more engagement on your Social Media, get more followers. Absolutely you will get more traffic to your offers and start crushing it! And we can tell you this none of what we share will cost you a penny!

We’ll show you how you can separate yourself from all the BUSY but UNPRODUCTIVE noise on Social Media and stop doing what most average marketers are doing that is totally not effective and not getting any results.  You too can use some of your creativity to crush it and build your online business full or part time!

We generate 5-10 leads all day long every blessed day…You too can!

By the way its imperative that you do generate leads to Build your online business daily. So if you are totally stuck, don’t wait anymore. Check the Resource out below and Get Generating Leads Fast! 

MLSP to help you build your online business! #leadgeneration

You can’t build your online business in two minutes. Sorry to burst your bubble, Liverpool wasn’t built in one day! Why on earth do you think you could possibly build your business in 2 mins? Yes you can make a huge load of progress in the short term. But if you listen to the people who have reached their boundaries, they share their struggles, speed bumps, bummer days and all…LISTEN And Learn!

They are all telling you and we’re reiterating that to build your online business. You must set a plan and work your plan, daily, consistently, with focus, dedication. Lots of patience, pure Stubborn Self-belief, embrace delayed gratification and above all perseverance.

You must have a huge vision, thanks to Ray Higdon, we realised making money in itself is just not enough! Money is nice to have, absolutely. Steve C.Krivda did reiterate that in the interviewYour Power Echoes with Juleskal” had with him.

So if are you still thinking and believing the hype online about how to build your online business? Then listen up…

See we all get 24 hrs in a day yet Beyoncé is up there on a pedestal. Is she any different from you and I? Yes she is…she followed her dream no matter what and she is getting rewarded daily for having that self-belief taken into action on steroids! What do you do on a daily basis to build your business? 


So if time is still your master you might like to tune in download the audio below & listen on your commute or whenever.


Julie’s Actual 14 Steps to help you Crush it & Build your Online Business 5 Days a week!

I am usually up by 6am!

1. I meditate and reflect on my day with gratitude, I pray.

2. I affirm what I would like to see in my life, like its already here…More Gratitude.

3. I envision my day as I would like it to pan out!

4. I exercise & eat a healthy breakfast while reading a book usually 15-20 pages. I also may make notes for implementing, podcast or blog from the book.

Why do I mention all above because they are the cornerstones of productivity for my day and how I start to build our online business. All the above activities take approx. 1hr 30mins! Because this is the one time I allow myself the luxury of multi–tasking otherwise its not allowed in my life as it’s a time and dream stealer. The cause of Average lifestyle…average sucks! If you want to build a successful business online sack multi-tasking. !


My day then gets busier: now I am in online building mode

5. I schedule our Social shares, images & text to auto post on Facebook & Twitter. Hootsuite is awesome. And Facebook gives you the option to schedule your fan page posts! We also have a Pinterest & Instagram schedulers…more on that in the next post

6. I call our local contacts and/or prospects

7. If it’s a Blog day I get on with publishing and promoting it. We blog 2 days a week!

8. I make follow up calls in the afternoon straight after lunch. Then make sure I have a proper lunch break. Could include a quick refreshing walk, and usually I do my grounding then (ground is a lil warmer)…Reflect on the morning work done and do a quick 10-15 min meditation. It clears my mind for another 2-3 hrs of focused work! If you didn’t join the Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey’s  21 day Meditation challenge you have missed out mega!

9. I then check on Other people’s business aka e-mails!
10. I call new prospects or potential clients and setup appointments.
11. I may actually go out to meet new business and book appointments. 
12. I set up my CRM to send a follow up email to all the new appointments made. And also send some great info to my existing subscribers. I send them an email 4 days a week. I will be scaling this up to daily as it’s now almost on auto-pilot.

13. I wind down with a personal development audio or a webinar… as I chat with my children on how the day was or we tackle homework! 

14. I can leisurely and guilt freely check my social media news-feeds via my tablet. I respond to comments, likes & shares by personally reaching out via inbox to the people to further build rapport and dig a lil deeper. That’s how you get Organic prospects all day long on social media. (I use several Tools to schedule and populate our Social media). Like Massplanner on the side bar, Hootsuite, Networkedblogs, Viraltag, Instagram etc!) Frees me to actually engage later. So yes I engage with my “First see” people and close friends…as I roll into… 

Family time, enjoying life, breathing, living in the gap, chill with my Pauli…You know them things one has to do to actually LIVE as opposed to EXIST! 

I work a 4-6 hour day more or less. Do you think that’s too much to build your online business? When you cut out the breaks; I take 10 mins out every 80 minutes to stretch, and move a bit (Total of 90min segments)! I grab a sip of my fruit infused water (Keep hydrated its very important for brain clarity too)! Who wants “PC butt?

Keep hydrated for Brain Sharpness as you Build Your Online Business!

The above is more or less what you too could do to start crushing it and build your online business to massive success.  If you work 9-5 scale the activities down and ensure you schedule a POWER HOUR to build your online business and it will pay you back in bucket loads!

If you are new to network marketing or even a lil long in the tooth but struggling and you don’t have a personal website. I absolutely recommend you take a look at the MLSP SITES. Launched last week. Below is what you get: GET IT HERE


And as Hal Elrod says:

“Accept the things you cant change. Be GRATEFUL for Everything and Create Daily progress towards Becoming the Person You need to Be to Create your Vision” 

With a routine like this I have learnt to be that person that gives it all, focuses, and delivers 99% of what I set out to do Daily! Which in turn translates in getting closer to my life dreams day by day, and ticking items off my Vision board every blessed month!

And of course this means you too can start to Build your online business and see the results daily! How about that? Have you got value from my rituals and routine to help you build your online business? Then I encourage you to like and share this post. Want to share what you do? Well we cant wait to hear your side in comments below, over to you…

You do Deserve More…

Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl Kalungi


Skype: Julie.Kalungi1
Email: julieatJuleskalpauli[dot]com

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