Learn how to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing Business! #leadgenerationhacks

Where can you Learn how to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing or Home Business? 

This is how to generate leads 101#leadgerenationtips

The question where to learn how to generate leads, if paused to different people will elicit different answers. In this post I genuinely share how it can be done via a resource that has many truly thankful for its creator across the globe.

So what is this amazing resource?

Well first lets be clear that there is no such thing as a magic pill…every resource requires you to apply yourself, implement the lessons and instructions it offers and track your results. Rinse and repeat.

To start with you need to answer the questions:

1 Do you want FREE training  Or

  1. You have a budget and want to learn faster. Depending on your answer to the above!
  2. What specific area or platform do you wish to focus your energies on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc…Each is different and has its pros, and not zoning in on at most a couple to begin with will have you running round like a headless chicken going nowhere fast!

Thus a DECISION must be made and once that’s done, you will see things start to happen it’s is surreal. Next, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN…Whatever the Platform and Resource you chose and there are thousands online to be honest…

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Lots of Free training online, via Podcasts, Blog postsYouTube…You could spend hours watching it, dismissing, learning, testing  etc. But this journey is painful AND the most expensive…Coz it’s Your Time. Put a value on it. So you can either slowly and painfully gravitate to your profit. Or invest in your personal and business growth by Setting a budget and Purpose to Learn and Implement Fast so whats it gonna be for you…


One of the best ways to learn how to and generate leads online that we had the fortune to be introduced to. A resource that has us generating free leads online for our Home based business and affiliate offers is this amazing platform and community .

Your platform to generate Leads,grow your business list, make sales! #leadgeneration

This community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, network marketers, home business owners and above all philanthropic 6-7 figure earners, who offer and provide free training and has within it all the tools you need to generate leads and more important make sales in your network marketing or home business. Every Single week this community has FREE LIVE Training where you can learn how to leverage the following and then some, depending on your needs:


Social Media training to generate leads, and make more sales #leadgenerationhacks

Don’t get fooled by people’s Follower numbers, because many have non engaged “Follow for Follow” people who aren’t half interested in what they are saying at all! Its about how you communicate with your community and this resource teaches you how to tell your story effectively

Yes we have made the decision not to take part in any such events anymore and you can learn why in our Podcast Below and Subscribe too will ya.  


Honestly we could go on about what you can learn. Get you generating leads on autopilot, tips that aren’t on the open market etc. The question is do you genuinely wish to learn or you want to drift along picking up a tip here and there, as your life passes you by?

And by the way, we have a wonderful Pinterest for Business Training that can get you generating leads from Pinterest and making sales You can have it here for a Limited Time Only.

We shared with you tips on email marketing  and Ab testing, but let’s take a step back. Did you know that in order to get generating leads online you must have a means of capturing the information of your target market? This resource teaches you how to do this and offers you Capture pages, landing pages, sales funnels which you can customize to your heart’s content! We can’t emphasize enough what having a Customer Relations Manager tool and auto-responder like Aweber can do for your home or network marketing business! There is no better way to efficiently communicate with your subscribers and track your results and sales with a click of a button than via an auto-responder.

Before you can get anyone to subscribe aka generating a lead, you have to provide some value n a consistent basis to your target audience. It’s called POSITIONING, consistently doing this will get them increasingly showing interest in what you offer within your content and finally TRUST YOU WITH HEIR DETAILS like name/s, number, email, skype, etc whatever it is you request them to give you in return for your awesome value.

For a long time, we believed that giving away something for free would make us sales finally, maybe ….NOT Necessarily. Yes offer free giveaways, but if that’s all you ever offer, you will inadvertently attract a crowd of freebie seekers and on to the next one they will go once they got their fill.

In our experience, its best to offer value to your potential subscribers or network marketing leads, add a FREE OFFER as a Lead Magnet and Inside of it offer them an option for more, this one a paid offer also called an up or side sell. And do this until you get your subscriber to either say NO THANKS or Get what it is you really want them to take on. The real meat and potatoes so to speak!  We are sure you have faces a similar lead generation and sales technique from the offers you did purchase yourself. Think about it…it works! This is the best way to also learn who may be a tire kicker and who is a serious buyer. Separate these two. And target them with different information. Coz as Zig Ziglar said Once a buyer always a buyer….you want to know who is a buyer and know it fast. You are looking o learn how to generate leads FOR YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS not for the heck of it right!

“Do it right first time and you got a cash machine…this is a FACT!”

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How do you offer something when you too are only just started, we hear you ask?

Lots of FREE Give away offers online for beginners. How about you go and do some research it may take you a few days but it’s worth it. Create an Ultimate guide to….And in doing your research, think about what your target audience and market desire. If you , for instance a friend is a Fitness instructor and promotes such products, She reached out to us and offered a FREE 7 day health and wellness accountability partnership. Where she is giving is meal plans, and exercise regime which we have to do. We each have a fitness goal. All she asked was that we weigh in with her what those goals are and how we do at the end of the 7days. After which depending on our results and having stuck to the above 7day plan, we could upgrade to the 21 day Bootcamp at a price. See how that works? Or you could Provide a FREE “Ultimate Proven Guide to Super toned Legs or Abs” with a paid plan behind it, and it’s called an upsell – get the picture? GET COMFORTABLE WITH THE TERM upsell!

Learn to always provide Value upfront on a daily or regular basis to generate leads. This is an age old strategy that still works and has worked for us and for many others when it comes to generating network marketing leads for your own business.

Well that’s my response to the Question: “Where can you learn how to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing Business?” I believe this and the training you have will go a long way to help you generate more leads for your network marketing or home based business too.

If you Need more detailed training or explanations on generating leads then feel free to join our Wednesday Webinar or get in touch with us.

I sure believe we have given you a flavour of what you need. Focus, Determination, Perseverance, Positive attitude of gratitude and Your eye fixed firmly on your Prize…While taking Targeted chunked down action are simply the basic ingredients! The rest is down to sheer grit!

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