7 Top Closing Techniques to Grow Your Business, Are you Finding it Hard to Close a Sale, then Read on!

Hey  its Julie, today is our son’s Birthday, he is such a huggy bear & is growing up so fast. I cant believe how fast time has flown, I feel so emotional and so proud of him, and I wish him every blessing. May he grow up to be a Super charismatic a people magnet…Ohh But thats not what I am about to share. I feel so generous that I am making a FREE OFFER on Closing Techniques To the First 20 People to reach out to me by 16th Nov. This FREE Offer will be a detailed Report on Closing Techniques, & Cold Market Prospect. And because I love to pay it forward, a 20 Min Skype Chat. All you have to do is Click on that banner on the side that says “Julie & Pauli Present…. follow the instructions & Send me a Skype Message that you have done so, my details at the bottom! 

So Closing Techniques, Lets dig in:

These Closing secrets we have learned from Top earners Ray & Jess  Higdon and Cesar L Rodriguez. And we all know what that says! Cool whats working now Closing techniques to grow your business. 🙂

I can assure you that despite what the word says, Closing is never at the end, You close your prospect at the beginning….Ha many will scoff, but the word “Closing” is a lil misleading here, Why? because you will either have impressed the heck out of your prospect at he beginning or near enough for them to buy from you, or they have been following you for a while & appreciate & resonate with what you offer! So whatever the case, Closing is never at the end its the culmination of your actions/words before that! And this is my very first closing technique or Tip.


Closing techniques #1 It starts at The Beginning. never ever do a hard sell of your Biz Opp on first meet; the cut throat approach has been proven to alienate many people, heck it alienates me! Tell your story, why you are sharing & doing what you do, your experiences or those of others you are working with! Tell them exactly what you’re doing and how it can benefit their lives or business. Be upfront about your intentions, this engenders trust and grows a mutually respectful and rewarding atmosphere that could grow into a great working or personal relationship!


Closing techniques #2 Instead of Responding to their Questions with a Yes/No, Ask them A Qn instead. Here is how. A prospect asks you have you earned yet or How much? Answer your prospect’s query with a question of your own, e.g. ” How much do I have to earn for you to invest?  or Do my earnings determine your decision & If I have made a good amount, how soon can you join? If a Prospect wants a Lipstick color in fuchsia and they ask ” does this come in Fuchsia? Instead of answering them Yes/no, ask them “Would you like it in fuchsia?” You see if you carefully chose your questions and apply, these closing techniques they can help lead to a sale.


Free_Offer_Closing_TechniquesClosing techniques #3 Free Give Aways or Free Trials. The right Free offer to Your Target Audience can most often lead to sales and grow your business. This approach has been coined the “puppy-dog” close, after the attachment children develop to a puppy after keeping it overnight. It works well for all sorts of businesses and is used frequently in Internet services, magazine subscriptions, training programs, where you can make use of or receive the service, membership for free for e.g. 7, 14 or 30days etc! One of our mentors Ray Higdon is Literally Giving away one of his master classes – Recruiting Mastery  full of Closing Techniques for peanuts, less than the price of a burger & Soda!  GET IT!

 #4 Don’t Over cook it, Recognize when a potential customer is ready to BUY. Many of us talk ourselves right out of a sale, missing the signs! In this closing technique I show you that I have learned to “SHUT UP” and LISTEN! That’s how you are be able to HEAR what the other person is saying and when you can go in for the SALE! When they make comments like “Good idea”, “Oh really”, “sounds good”. You could tell they’re ready when they ask questions about the product/service or the process: “How much does it cost?” “How long does delivery take?” “What colors does it come in?” or “Can I upgrade?” And would you believe that complaints about previous experiences or vendors or products can oft times be a SIGN they are ready to buy and simply are looking for Your reassurance that You/yours are/is different!

I did say 7 Top Cool Closing techniques and I do deliver.

Watch the Video below for 3 More Hot Closing Techniques to Grow your business

I hope you have learned something and If you have then please share with your team, share with your associates and reach out to Me Julie for More closing techniques! In fact Pauli & I have a Full training Course on Recruiting Absolute Must Dos!

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