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Prospecting Tips not as you know them. The Mistakes you Must Avoid – Lesson 1 – Podcast & Scope 🙂



Gee Julie I have a prospect with me now, If you get him to join, I will join you…Lol! Said Prakash, a fellow entrepreneur! WHAT, sorry but I am pretty busy at the moment!  I answered? BUT I am going to give you a quick lesson. Some prospecting tips, by sharing the prospecting mistakes we’ve made, nothing held back?

Prakash is a “Passive income, I don’t want to recruit people type.” He has been playing this game for a while….The “I will buy/join when I get some of my own customers ready to buy with/from me first….A load of Hogwash if you ask us! 

Why share these mistakes? Because we see so many doing the same today and it makes us pretty sad. Allow us to let you in on the multitude of prospecting mistakes we’ve made that killed many a sale and how we’ve overcame them! We wont just delve into the mistakes but also some super Prospecting Tips so you can get to your desired results faster! Closing more of your leads and make more sales!

Did you know that:

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”Henry Kissinger

Yet most new network marketers, home based business entrepreneurs and small business owners give their power away completely to the potential customer or prospect. By the way they behave and the things they say. Today Paul and I are determined to help you take your power back By obliterating these prospecting mistakes and how to posture your self better  today.

If you are stretched and wanna grab your prospecting tips on the run then listen to the Audio below but make sure you come back to this post for the meat and potatoes!



#1 Create a Collaboration Group akin to BNI or Leverage Non Competing Businesses: 
We recently learnt this from a network marketing colleague Stephanie Irwine thank you! Join your Local BNI or create a network of collaborating non competing entrepreneurs and exchange not just leads but Real Business contacts and sales! 


We attended one of the many local BNI chapters aptly named Twilight! It is an absolutely amazing way to generate more leads and make real sales fast! Esp if you have services outside of Internet marketing like we do. This is a prospecting tip par excellence! At any given time you have buy now collected a plethora of entrepreneurs in different sectors. Including prospects who may not be buying immediately!  Whoever you’re showing your business has dozens of other services and products being sold to or shared with them. E.g you are a motivational speaker promoting to a corporate CFO, an events planner sharing with a Hospitality Manager. Lawyer, propositioning accountants. You get the picture.


Establish alliances with others selling different but complimentary services & products to the same people, you will realise major benefits. This a prospecting super tip! Why?


Because you’ll gain access to each other’s lists and networks. Creating a “circle of trust” – people who know you and love your work. If you do things right you might also create partnerships on the same sales. In the construction industry we always found that we sent work to a plumber,electrician, trades we knew.  Do you see just how powerful this can be? You will soon grow your network in amazing ways! And make more repeat sales….sweet! 

#ProspectingTips, Its a learned Art! Learn it to #growyourbusiness!

Prospecting – a Learned Skill and an Art!


#2 Prospecting Tips – Mistakes we made: Take Back Your Power: You deserve to have the good things you envision…and you cant do so when you keep making the same mistakes we made.

Network marketers and most sales people habitually do and say things that immediately and unequivocally hand ALL of their power to prospects and customers, who then hold all the cards for the success or failure of the entrepreneur, without the benefit of the doubt! Talk about power. The ability to cause someone to succeed or to fail. Think about that for a moment. It’s like playing god with someone’s livelihood!


That’s exactly what it felt like in our early days of marketing when prospects wouldn’t buy and we had no power to do anything about it. The worst part about this is the fact that network marketers and small business owners think they’re doing the right thing and that they’re SUPPOSED to take these actions that give all their power away. So many times we’ve said and have heard others use the following statements. Pure prospecting mistakes:

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you custom or earn your business.”

“If you join my team or buy from me, I’ll be at your beck and call.”

“I’m all about after sales service. I’ll be available to you anytime after installation if you need help.”

“I’ll even give you my home number. I want to be available to you anytime for any reason at all.”



Why give your potential a paradox of choices? Be precise what you offer and you start off on the right foot! 

You must present yourself as an equal at the very minimum, and preferably someone with more knowledge if its is valid! Then, and only then, will you receive the level of respect from customers necessary to make them fall into a frame of mind that THEY must prove themselves to YOU and EARN a place as your customer.


Please keep in mind that arrogance and brashness won’t get you far. Our aim here is not only to make you recognize that you are more than enough as a professional entrepreneur. But also emphasize to you why this frame is an absolute necessity if you are to become hugely successful in your business. Its but – a game. A game of wits and psychological positioning aka POSTURE!



#3 Prospecting Tips – Not Following up on the NOs:

Pick Up The Phone, Call The Nos, #prospectingtips

Here is a prospecting mistake we used to make its amazing. Have you considered all the Nos you have been getting? The last 5-10 sales you lost, have you considered why you didn’t get them? If not, go find out and below is what could happen:

  • You could redeem the sale. When you ask for feed back your prospect may have been going through a bad patch so timing was all wrong! So if you approach them asking for their help and feedback, you just might resurrect the deal and make a sale. These are the prospecting tips you keep hearing and not putting into place…Lol Its called Follow up…with a twist! 
  • Practice makes perfect, so you’ll definitely gain confidence & improve. This is more so if your prospect decided to buy from a competitor…as they do! Use this chance to find out why that happened This kind of feedback helps yo improve your chances of making he sale. feedback will help you get those sales! Application of knowledge is power, You will find that your next deal brings different results.
  • You could get a referral. Did you even consider that when you are prospecting, you could ask the person for a contact or connection to someone who may benefit from your product or services? recently Ray Higdon did say exactly that. If you lack posture you could lose the sale. But don’t let them get away without asking if they know someone who does need what you offer! In most cases, your prospect may have been excited about the deal. So always ask this powerful, question: “Who else do you know that could use some help with….?” 



In our Short Broadcast Below we Did Share with you Why you need to take your power back and give some Prospecting Tips. Watch and learn 🙂 





#4 Prospecting Tips – Not Laying The Client Risk Out! This is specially prone to new business owners and entrepreneurs. Hyping things up and failing to Clearly share with the potential client a strategy for managing the risk. At one of the training events we attended over the summer. One of the speakers stated that people shy away from purchasing from you because of two reasons:

  • they don’t think they can do it
  • they don’t believe you can lead them! 

Your prospects may become overwhelmed by the information you share esp. if you go into explaining comp plans! Yes many entrepreneurs focus on selling on price or Comp plan. This is pointless! People need to know whether they can promote the services as you do. So Keep It Simple Stupid…So mush so an 8th grader can understand how it works and the risks involved…! Money or start up costs shouldn’t be the major focus. That only arises when someone is not convinced of their abilities, your abilities or worse still the benefits of both! Get them to see these 3 and you got a sale without even worrying about the price…that is something people pay or find a way to do so when they see the vision! 



#5 Prospecting Tips – Do you Value Your Time? This is another mistake made by new home business entrepreneurs and network marketers, that needs to be cured! The struggle with attrition is real. And most of us fail to understand that Time is a precious resource. We have to make the best use of the time we get to build our business. Have you ever made an appointment with a potential client and they either show up so late or they are a no show with no apology?

Then you can relate!  

Paul & I once went to visit a potential client, who made us wait for 65 minutes! When she finally deemed it fit to show her face, she was dismissive and rude. Paul politely stood up thanked her for showing her face – and said See ya! You should have seen her face! It was priceless! Know your value, Your time is priceless. We wasted 65 minutes of our time that day. BUT we also learnt a lesson and we since then never wait for anybody beyond 15 mins! By the way this woman rang apologised profusely and Promptly made an order!

Lesson: Prospects must earn your time too! 

By the way you can Download this Definitive guide to Prospecting 101 as a PDF:

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This will help you as you home your Prospecting Skills and GET THOSE SALES IN…

#6 Prospecting Tips – Its okay to walk away!  Yes this is one of those prospecting tips and techniques that only works for those with super posture and experience, and thus needs lots of practice to pull off and still get the sale or referral! No business relationship is immune to speed bumps and challenges. If a potential customer, prospect becomes aggressive and derogatory, argumentative and even brings up the P word…It can be an uncomfortable situation, and sometimes, fighting to keep calm. To either get or keep the business is a lost cause. The smart thing to do – walk away with your respect and posture intact. This will believe it or not leave you in a position to redeem the business. esp. if its an old customer who knows your value and worth and sees this after the “Grass is greener” Syndrome wears off!  And absolutely make sure you too would Join You we recommend you avoid faking it till you make it….a No no!


#ProspectingTips -How to Call Your Leads! #closing

Are You Calling your Prospects the Right Way?

#7 Prospecting Tips- Call your Prospects! While cold calling may be dead, CALLING YOUR prospects is a Must how will you learn of they have integrity i.e. if they have provided a VALID number? Well by picking that phone up innit!  BUT we just don’t like to reinvent the wheel. When awesome resources like Hubspot have created a super post a whopping 25 Phone prospecting tips to get you that sale so go read said article here!  Remember your product or service or you are not perfect for everyone. But may be perfect for the right people. Doesn’t matter how great your solution is since sliced bread, if it doesn’t fit how a potential client/customer does business, you wont make that sale! It’s nothing personal, it’s just not for them. The face doesn’t fit he frame. This one is not just a prospecting tip but a life lesson! 

Yes, you will soon be in a position to turn down any prospect who isn’t deserving of your time, energy, service or consideration. That’s the ultimate example of taking back your power. It’s done all the time. You have the power. Keep it and use it. Give it to NO ONE.

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So do you reckon I was too harsh on Prakash? By the way he is still chasing butterflies…! Have you got value from our Prospecting tips, techniques and strategies? Then do consider liking, sharing and tell us your insights below! We know you have an opinion and we’d love to hear it! 

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