Would you Really Get Your wallet out to Join YOU?

A friend asked me why she wasn’t making much progress, why people don’t seem to want to work with her! And why should she spend money on advertising, training on the “Online thing”! Don’t get me wrong this person is highly educated, yet she saw no value in getting better equipped for a new business she has invested in! In her opinion, it’s a waste of cash advertising, this is just online business, temporary… WHAT a pity! Any way I told her that every time she is posting her adverts she must ask her self; Would you Join YOU? she looked at me blankly a lil annoyed even!  This conversation has been on my mind for days and the more I think about it the more I know she needs help massively in her Business.

Why has this been on my mind – because there’s a CRAZY attitude by almost everyone that they can get into online marketing and wing it! It’s such a common misconception held by so many people. Now this friend of mine has got some people who have opted into her link as she posts it everywhere! I feel she & many others need help. Why? Before we invests in any online program we have a checklist of things that if the t’s aren’t dotted, we think twice. One of the Top Items on the list must be WHO we are joining as Upline who would be our leader/mentor in that program. DO we want to Partner with them? Every one must Make a short list of the values such a person should have. Just like you have to create an avatar for your ideal client, so should you for your ideal Mentor/Upline. And there are some seriously great marketers out there, you should find them. People who are leaders, with Systems & Processes in place to help you get started & earning fast! Pauli & I chose to be the Leaders we desire to work with…It hasn’t been an easy journey & it’s still a work in progress but we are getting there Fast!

So Here below are the Characteristics we look for in a Leader!

1. Someone who CARES: …about others! Geez there are some heartless souls out there who use people, make that quick buck and move on! (Don’t get me wrong some people are simply untrainable, you direct them and they do not take action!) But in my view Zig Ziglar said it best “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”

2. They Have to Know A Whole Lot more than we do  i.e. love Personal Development. If you want to reduce your journey, find the expert in your field & Learn from them. Do everything they tell you, Duplicate their actions! I don’t know about you but we want to learn from our Lead & Mentor and hopefully Business Partner. The more they know the better. They must have a “WONT QUIT” positive mindset, be well read in their field not necessarily qualifications. They should be well-traveled, attend numerous events…!

3. They must be Focused – We demand 100% focus from our lead business partners, someone with a long term plan! If we’re going to give 110% into the business, we want our Leader & partner to give 200%. I would hate to work with someone perpetually chasing rabbits down holes or always looking at the next shiny object! I want my people receiving more value from the person we are plugged into therefore progressing Fast.

4. They must have time for us, be Accessible/Available – Can You imagine you need some guidance from your leader & they aren’t accessible 24/48/72 hrs later. It’s such a common occurrence & it’s simply not on! We find it unacceptable spending our hard earned $$ with someone and they go AWOL! When we just begun it was all new to us and we needed lots of guidance, it took us awhile to get our mojo on, it’s the same with most newbies …..they deserve your time to help them achieve succeed. They have trusted you and you must be available to support them newbies or not!

5.They Should be consistent & be Connected – We don’t know any industry where knowing the right people doesn’t open doors faster for anyone! As the adage goes …it’s WHO you know that matters! It’s great to have someone who knows the right people, who can connect you to other people of power & influence! This ties in with a person who is well traveled & attends events thus has a NETWORK. And to Know who the leaders are, you must also attend the events shouldn’t you!

When we present ourselves as ideal business partners, mentors & up-lines, we try to present the above characteristics coz we want others to know that they can, work with, follow, join under, invest with us. You too must reflect what you want from others. Would you Join YOU?

So it wasn’t hard for us to seek out who was the Best Person to work with in Our Primary Program . With lines of communication open daily, we have the process/system in place & exclusive team training, masterminding with the Industry best. 7figure earners and trainers, we wanna be like them when we grow up !!! Still wondering what Our Business is

Rise & shine to your awesome destiny


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