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Breakthrough Selling – We Teach you How to Move Past Your warm Market to Success with New Prospects in These Series – Part 1  


Do you really struggle when it comes to developing new or progress in your current business like Marvin? This post will open your mind up to moving from dejection to breakthrough selling, i.e. getting past the low-hanging fruit and succeed with new prospects. That’s why we call it Breakthrough Selling! Marvin “asked Julie” how do we do it? How do we get past family & friends and get the prospects to make a buying decision? 

Fortunately we have been focusing on sales strategies for a while because we want our audience to also have regular breakthrough selling experiences. We come from a place of helping you out here so don’t mind our tough stance. See we would like to address your mindset & wrap up selling. Our sales advice is targeted at an helping you arrive at an even more exciting journey in your business. Yes we know you want to make more sales! Exactly why we would love to share more sales training with you!

If you’re someone who really dislikes “selling”, yet you are either in network marketing, direct sales or have something to offer that makes a difference for others, we have something that will completely help you get to  breakthrough selling so you can do more of what you love.



Are you going through the following?

  • Your presentations or online offers, or conversations aren’t turning into sales!
  • You’re now avoiding showing or sharing your products because you have a fear of rejection or bothering people…!
  • You feel like you don’t know what to do to get a potential customer to say yes!
  • You’re close to giving up because you keep hearing no from your prospects!
  • You only offer small packages or under value your offers to them because you don’t have the confidence to ask for the higher ticket package!
  • Bottom line: You aren’t earning the income you want!

If so, you’re definitely not alone. We see far too many entrepreneurs struggling to have a selling breakthrough. Here is the deal, it’s because they are scared of being told NO! CLICK TO TWEET

BUT have you ever considered…



The Real Cost of a NO

No means they too wont get breakthrough selling, do you wish that for them?

You may be so soaked up in your pity party, thinking poor me me me, why me…right! How about those people who said NO to your services or product, YET NEEDED IT? It’s not just you who lost out. Yes your prospect or potential customer loses out, too.

See you opened their mind to a problem they didn’t even know they had, or they came to you with an urgent need and now they still have it…!

Now they stay stuck and you feel rejected. Nobody wins…what good is that?

Skill up; self-development, training, get a mentor…Learn. Do. Teach. It’s that simple!

Invest in your education and self-development. Stop thinking that investing in a course or attending events is a waste of money. This kind of thinking will never get you to breakthrough selling or making record sales. That’s your dream or vision gone…in a puff!

You see when you make a presentation well, you get a new paying customer or partner to share your talents or product, and they get their most pressing needs met. That’s magic!!!

We’re here to tell you – no matter how much you’ve struggled with recruiting, selling, making more sales, consultations etc., you can get better results surprisingly fast if you know what to do. That’s what we’re here to talk about today…


DO YOU HAVE A SYSTEM, or are YOU WINGING IT? Are you ready for breakthrough selling? Then here is Your Solution:MLSP_BANNER Breakthrough selling techniques



Create a Breakthrough Selling Business:

Have an Enrolment or Recruiting System…Lol you think we are messing about do ya!

Nope, you may have been taught traditional “sales conversations” which often place the emphasis on closing the sale at any cost. Lots of pushy and uncomfortable tactics, so you feel uncomfortable and are focusing so much on these feelings you are attracting discomfort from your potential clients…Yup. What you focus on expands! You are uncomfortable so your prospects react the same way and even if they like what you share, they may go away and even buy from someone else…OMG

In order to have your breakthrough selling moment you have to learn Heart-based Sales techniques and this is what they are about. Its “enrolment. In order to have selling breakthroughs, you need to learn HOW TO ENROL. Enrolment when done properly makes the customer feel & get involved in the sales decision! Have you ever been part of a Club like Rotary/Rotaract? You usually actively look to get in you want in, you do whatever it takes to get in…WHY? Because they have created a culture that’s attractive. So you want to ENROL more people? Create a culture of support, of inclusiveness, have a system! CLICK TO TWEET


Lets take a detour, did you got to college? Remember the process that got you there? How you chose that college, the effort you went through to get “enrolled” into that college, the pride you felt just thinking of being part of that college! You chose it right? Well guess what it in turn CHOSE YOU!

No means they too wont get breakthrough selling, that your wish for them? Click To Tweet

Well it’s a similar system you want to be part of or create so that your prospects will QUALIFY THEMSELVES to buy your services or offers. That’s how you get to breakthrough selling and create lifestyle of your dreams. And here is why:

  • Enrolment is about helping people commit to getting what they want.
  • Enrolment is about inspiring and transforming your potential clients’ lives.
  • Enrolment is supporting others to make wise choices that will leave them in a much better place having made those choices.
  • Enrolment conversations are designed to offer your services in a way that’s authentic and empowering to EVERYONE you speak to. (Do you see just how similar to college this is? So your college education wasn’t a waste, put it to work for you)

How have we achieved this? Among other strategies and tools, we Created an Application Form on our Site, for our subscribers to fill out. Check It out Here. This form is not pasted on the page its behind a “LEARN MORE” button thus making the qualifying process even more streamlined. It has not only generated us numerous leads & helped grow our business, it has given us a clue what they want upfront. Prospects qualify themselves and we in turn receive the info we need to help them progress in their lives by pointing them in the right direction or enrolling them into our primary business. This is breakthrough selling our dear friend!


Understand that more important than money is knowing that you get to help your customers and team members in a deeper and more significant way. And every time someone says YES, they’re really not saying yes to you or your offers. They’re saying yes to changing their life or business in a major way. They are saying YES to themselves and what they want. So Learn the skills and Get Less Nos coz you are not just killing your dream but theirs too, when you fluff the presentation and miss the enrolment to your breakthrough selling!

Here is the difference, Traditional Selling is something you DO to people.  Enrolment is something you do FOR people. Shifting from “old style selling” to “enrolling” is an essential mindset you need to both enjoy and be more effective in your presentations thus breakthrough sales.  Tilden & Associates boldly gave old style Breakthrough Selling Models a thumbs down.

We have discovered with time that mastering “enrolment is THE key to financial freedom because we can get clients any time we want. And it’s not what we say it’s how we say it once they opt-in! Remember Heart energy? Well Heart-based selling is part of that! CLICK TO TWEET



Here is Why Enrolment will get you to your Breakthrough Selling Days:

Learnig How to Get Yor Prospects to Qualify Themselves to ENROL with you to have More Breakthrough selling months!

If your prospects Can Qualify Themselves to Buy From You, You’ll have Breakthrough Selling Months for life!

Here is where you may think we are being hard…People misuse the word “Enrolling” And mistake it for “Selling.” They then loose focus and quit. Errr sorry but the two are very different although could be complimentary! Your job in a presentation is NOT to convince someone why working with you is a good idea – that’s “selling.” Your job is to help them make a commitment to moving toward what they truly want. Once they make this commitment, it’s much easier for them to choose to work with you – “enroling.” So Enrolling in that case means allowing your prospects or potential customers/clients to see the opportunity to get what they want. This will get you more ACTION Based YESes than facetitious ones or Nos.

You are a YES  Creation, see the Universe is conspiring to bring you more YESes, more opportunities and more goodness. The more people that say YES to you:

  • The more people you can help
  • The more lives you can positively impact
  • The better the world will be as a result

This is not a pipe dream. This is ours and your world. This is the world of so many of our students and customers.

Are you ready to have this too? Then its Time to Join Our Exclusive Power Team CLICK HERE!

See you on the inside! 

Next Time we shall focus on The Enrolment Process, Why and How to get to Breakthrough Selling.This could be a 2-3 Pat Series so Watch This space for Part-2

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