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How to Use Pinterest for Internet Marketing and as a blogger, Top Pinterest Tips! 



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In this episode #41 I talk about how to use Pinterest for internet marketing and blog traffic.

It is totally possible to build a targeted following on Pinterest and drive high amounts of traffic to your blog or site. It’s not as hard as you may think at all.

There is a dire lack of quality content on Pinterest from Internet marketers and for this post I focus on Network/affiliate marketers, and Home business owners. If you haven’t yet read our post on how to make 1K+ per month online go check it out here now!

How to Use Pinterest for Internet Marketing in 8 Simple and Applicable Steps! #Pinterestmarketing #internetmarketing


Now we have shared various tips on Pinterest marketing and you can check out our Playlist here to catch up! So For this post lets start at…

Deciding on an Internet Marketing Niche

As home based business and travel bloggers, we do blog on a variety of topics; home business training, email marketing, lead generation, branding, winning mind-set, on one site and travel related content on another etc. But I know that not everyone can do 1 blogs per week or even produce such varied content. So my advice is you need to zone in on a niche.

That will help reduce overwhelm and avoid burnout for you, and you will start to produce much better quality content! In our case we found a gap in the Internet marketing sphere on Pinterest (See image below.) See how most pinners have less than 40 pins some have 0 pins plus low follower numbers. The content is lacking and most pins have broken links either due to expired promos or inactive domains/websites!

How to Use Pinterest for Your Internet Marketing Initiative!Poor Show for Internet Marketers on Pinterest!


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My focus on Pinterest has been very good for our audience too because lots our audience: bloggers, network and affiliate marketers are looking to learn more about; How to use Pinterest for Internet Marketing

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First let me make a bold statement: if you use Pinterest as an internet marketer correctly you will see an increase in affiliate receipts. That’s for sure. Don’t throw affiliate links on Pinterest willy nilly. Be strategic in your shares and make sure it benefits your audience and that they like it! Pinterest does allow affiliate links on your Pins. So if you create an optimized image, cross promote it, and ensure that the affiliate link is presented via a blog post, you will get targeted traffic! Every once in a while add a direct affiliate link. Make sure to cloak it and use a branded capture page!

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Focusing on a niche topic will also bring personal benefits. You will find you enjoy what you do more. You won’t be all over the place blogging or creating content about every subject imaginable. You will serve a specific audience and guess what, you will find it easy to zone in on where they hang out even more, thus serving them even better!


So, how does using Pinterest as an internet marketer help your blog and business? Via re-pins.

And in order to get re-pins, you need to be part of a community of like-minded people who love to support each other. And syndicate each other’s content! Steve C. Krivda did a super post on why use Syndication Groups, you will love it. 

So  lets talk about how to use Pinterest as an internet marketer for targeted traffic…



Pinterest Re-Pins and Traffic

In order to get your content re-shared and thus more traffic to your site and offers, focus on the following:

Pinterest is Keyword Driven.

Yes, its visual, you need to use an image but also make sure to use your Keyword/s in your pin description. This means doing some Keyword research for your blog/content. Optimize your Pins for search.

I do a killer tutorial on Pinterest SEO in my signature course; The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map! You are guaranteed to learn a trick or two for your blog too!  

The good news is you don’t need to be an SEO expert to Crush it on Pinterest as an internet marketer! You just need to know a few tricks and I share a load via the training! Join My Evergreen Webinar below! 


So always remember to add those words people use to find content on search engines so your Pins are actually found beyond the Pinterest walls!

Use Your General Blog Niche Phrase Consistently.


For Instance, we use See, Do and Be More a lot. We use “Your Power echoes” a lot and its easily tagged to our Podcast! This is a simple way to attract more Pinterest traffic. So if you are a “Fort Myers Dog Walker” Say so often in your Pin descriptions and content, you get the drift!


Know Your Audience:

Okay I keep banging on about Zoning in, Niching, Avatars…Heck get with the program and Do this so you get some cool targeted traffic soonest! Learn more about Avatars and Audience targeting in our Podcast!

Because you will get better and better and reading your audience very well, you’ll have a great idea on what they like to consume and thus what content to share and what resources to add as links. Apart from awesome posts and content that adds link juice to your site, or your Collaborators or Blog Tribe mates, Mentors etc., DO NOT link to items that you aren’t affiliated to or that you haven’t tried yourself.  Get this spot on and you will grow your email list pretty fast and make money as an Internet marketer! Serve your audience and you too will get served, win-win all round!


Add your Affiliate Links to Your Posts:

Pinterest has allowed affiliate links back, and that should be amazing news for internet marketers. And….

Secondly, your blog is your online real estate and so you should be able to recommend resources, tools etc. that you have used and have done for you. Every piece of content that you put out should provide a solution to your reader’s pain, problem, desire & should have a recommended resource or tool with an affiliate link to it. Don’t post content or purchase any online resource or tool that you can’t use an affiliate link for. It could even be a simple Amazon book or Shoe, Bag etc. Every little counts!

I made some $200 via Amazon this year so far. That’s great for paying for our web Hosting!

Just by recommending stuff, books, travel items etc. We do a Travel Post every Tuesday that contains affiliate links. Every post on your blog must contain RELEVANT & Related Value links. Its super Great for your SEO and site Rank too.

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So when you pin your Post, your affiliate links are right there and guess who is going to make some affiliate income? YOU.


 How to Use Affiliate links on Pinterest

Now this is super important, It’s going to make you some money so pay attention!

  • Of course you could do Promoted Pins and that is something you should look to do in soon! For purposes of this post we will focus on organic! Normally, I encourage you to link back to your blog, but with Pinterest’s new Open door policy on affiliate links, do go right ahead and use them. Strike while the iron is hot!
  • Link directly to the offer using your Capture page, and if amazon, Etsy & such our Direct affiliate links.

However, don’t make it the norm. That will be considered spam and your account could be suspended. I truly believe your audience wants your input, review, ideas, insights before they buy so give them it. This personal approach is also great for building long term relationships and rapport with your readers and they could become your brand ambassadors. Sharing your links freely without being asked or paid to do so…cool!

It is super important as an internet marketer and blogger to build a relationship with your audience. They need to see and relate to you as a “real person,” not a seller or website!

When you share your story, and experiences your readers come into your world, they relate and feel more comfortable buying via your affiliate links! So its value over matter! This is How to use Pinterest for Internet Marketing.

Blogging has allowed us and so it can for you, to share the good, bad and ugly of your Internet marketer or home based business, products and services. So when you add those affiliate links or product links, you are merely saying: hey this has worked for me or I hated this, and leave them to make an informed choice. To buy or Not to Buy!



Tips for New Internet Marketers or Home Based Business Bloggers

Invest. That first Investment, well it’s not all that’s gonna make you a 6-7 figure earner or whatever extra income you desire. It takes time, self-development, and money to create any kind of income online or via your blog. It takes money to build a solid list of subscribers. And I am not taking about an Advertising budget! Invest in Pinterest Marketing Training and learn how to make it work for you!


“By the way We have you covered on that, at the end of this post, Check out Your Pinterest Domination training! You will love it!”


Good News is, You don’t need any special skills or even expensive equipment to produce Pinterest worthy images. Simply use your trusty Phone Camera every time you are out & about. Take clear pictures of interesting scenes and views.  Create your free Canva, Picmonkey, Pablo or Pexels account and get creating beautiful images. 700 x 1100 pixels is optimal for Pinterest images!

Patience. It can be exciting to get started and you can’t wait to see results. Remember you are a “Farmer who is planting your Mega Tree” It won’t be rushed and so patience is key. Keep doing and keep practicing. Test out different images on Pinterest and Descriptions of the same pin, LINK BACK TO SAME URL/CONTENT!

Consistency: This again its quite scary for many, so congrats for getting started. So my advice is Get doing and keep doing it! Consistently apply your knowledge. Practice does make perfect!  Just know that everybody, even the top earners started at ZERO! You do have time to test, amend and change things about till they work for you!

RECORD Your steps and share them with your team! That’s Duplication!

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My Top Pinterest for Internet Marketing & Blogger Tips:

Below is my 10 Battle Tested tips on How to Use Pinterest for Internet Marketing initiatives:

  • Like in all things worth having, one size doesn’t fit all. There are different strategies that work for different niches. Use this as a guide-line! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you have no clue what they do to get the results they got! And some people have been pinning for yrs! Others have Social media managers, or use Paid advertising! or are simply focused on Pinterest as their one and only Marketing platform…!


  • Make sure you try different images for the same content & carrying out A/B tests to help determine what works best for your brand.


  • Be consistent and have a Pin Style, almost like your own brand Style! Trust me it will stick in your followers’ minds, we love beauty and cosistency!


  • In order to grow on Pinterest as an internet marketer and blogger, make sure you keep track of the bigger picture: When do you pin, how often? The resources you use to Schedule, Automate your Pinning & Analytics? I recommend TailWind create your free account here. Others may recommend BoardBooster, the thing is it doesn’t use a Pinterest approved API. So some people’s accounts have been known to be blocked due to using it! 


  • Group Boards, Hmm these haven’t recovered from the Feb 2016 Algorithm change and although the smaller better manned ones have. WHY haven’t GBs recovered? Because some have hundreds of thousands of contributors. The Admins cannot control them. You can’t tell who is a spammer or not cos they update pretty fast. Pinterest doesn’t want these anymore.


My advice: Focus on your own Boards. Build authority, pin popular posts to YOUR BOARDS, and if you must, join Small Active Boards with 200 Contributors or less!


  • Remember you are an internet marketer and showcase your experience, knowledge and offers as a blogger. So you should know that pinning your content just the once when you publish a post is just not good enough. You should repin your old content often. We call it looping and that’s why we recommend a Pin Scheduling tool with a Pinterest approved API. Over time, this serves to keep your content fresh on search engines too and your new followers don’t have to scroll thru old pins to see it. No one does really!  Remember 75% your audience are mobile users. So optimize your pins, tall pins look better on Mobile!


  • Don’t be a selfish pinner. You want other people to share your pins. Well share theirs too! It all comes back to you! 60/40 rule works. So Pinterest recommends pinning 2/3 your own content vs. 1/3 other’s content? I think that’s really fair!


  • How about Stalking your niche Influencers? Follow them or their boards, re-pin their content, Comment on their posts & Pins. You can even follow them on other social media platforms. And guess what. The good ones, those who relate will follow back and Even re-pin your content. When this happens, you will get a ton of followers, re-pins, blog visits, subscribers and sales! This is how to use Pinterest for internet marketing the smart way


  • To get your Pins to the top of the Smart feed you are going to have to get some re-pins & re-shares. So definitely Join a Social/Pinterest Syndication group.



RECOMMENDED: Social Bloggers Hub Join a community of Creatives and Bloggers to grow your social influence!


It’s exactly like Blog commenting. The more engagement you get on your pin, the faster it will rank & Show up on Top! And once it does, you will get Organic FREE traffic over and over to your blog & Affiliate offers over and over on autopilot, you won’t be able to stop it!  

And there you have it.



Resources for you:

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Tailwind for Auto-Scheduling – Learn more

Social Bloggers Hub – Free Mastermind – Join Here

A/B Testing – Learn How

The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map – Learn More

This is my Signature Training on Pinterest Domination. A must have tool in your arsenal!

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