5 Steps to More Sales By Split testing or Ab Testing! #abtesting #emailmarketing

We share with you 5 Steps to More Sales By Split testing or Ab Testing Using Proven Strategies and Tools!

I was going over some training on Email Marketing, Ab testing tools and Split testing tips by Amanda Gagnon and knew we had to share. It’s been a journey!  

This lady advises business owners on how to grow your business with Email marketing. She produces case studies, blog posts, articles, and guest columns, on the subject. An active industry participant, Amanda has attended several Marketing Sherpa conferences.

Thus I felt the need to share not only her expertise but also what we’ve learnt and applied thus far on split testing and ab testing tools that’s worked for us. I first learnt of her style and strategy to More Sales By A/B Testing on her Aweber blog which inspired this post. So you too can start to see better results. It’s not the size of the list that matters rather the relationship you build with the PEOPLE.

Let’s take a Magnifying glass to your style…

WHAT are you Serving YOUR AUDIENCE?


ab Testing hacks to help you get more conversions! #splittesting #seotips

How are you serving your audience?


Why not check the following out


  • Your last broadcast or email blast you sent?
  • Your Last Promotion
  • Your Follow up Sequence

Go ahead, open them up, this is real essential for your business growth and Income generation…You ready?

So, was your Title interesting enough to open in any of the above? Did you add a CTA aka call to action? Was it Eye Grabbing so much so you want to click it yourself? When we talk about titles or subject we shared a whole article on Irresistible Blog post or email subject lines you want to check it out here now!

Okay you did know or now you do that opens and clicks only indicate interest. Your end goal is conversion aka A SALE, right?

NO sales = NO Business. Customer purchases = Revenue and that’s what keeps the party going.

So your email, promo, follow up or broadcast’s true worth should be measured in the sales you generate!


The idea is finding and learning how to craft messages that prompt the most opens, clicks AND purchases. With the right ab testing tools and correct setup, you can do this with your Aweber account. So today we share our ab testing tools and how we do split testing the Gagnon way.


Split Testing strategy Step 1: Set Up your CRM or Tracking Resource

First, you definitely must have a way to track your subscriptions and which of your Offers, Promos, Emails, Broadcasts etc. attract the most interest and conversions. You need an Email management system or CRM for tracing and setting up your Ab tests and we Highly Recommend Aweber, which you can Try for just $1 Today!


Whats a CRM you may be asking?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. It helps you improve your profitability.”

We like to give you various options so you could also try:




JMailer Pro

Google Analytics

Each of the above does a great Job, you just need to know what your’s and your customer needs are!

If you are a Home business entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Small Business Owner, I can’t emphasize enough why you MUST BE Building your LIST. And you can’t do that if you aren’t collecting your target audience/customer details via a CRM like Aweber.

Once you got the above up and registered it’s time for…


Split Testing strategy Step 2: Set up your Sales Tracking

First, you’ll need to create or have an offer a lead magnet or two you are gonna test/compare. You then drive traffic to your offer, or lead magnet via ppc, blogging, social media however you drive traffic. OR send out an email blast to your existing list. Make sure you track the Opens, Clicks, and Purchases subscribers are making in response to each broadcast, offer or email.

As an Aweber user you are a winner, this resource helps with your sales tracking. And once you follow the set up in your Aweber account properly, this is done once. Then skip to step 3.

If you haven’t yet, head over to the Knowledge Base and follow the step by step instructions. Or follow the instructions of your existing CRM!

You done with this, then let’s get rolling on to…


Step 3: Tweak Your Offer or Promotion

Let’s focus on your original broadcast design. The goal is to test our a different version to see if it will sell more. So let’s create that other version.

Let’s get started, take a look at:

  • Your subject Line. Is it eye-Grabbing enough? Maybe different words could be more compelling? Check out your competition’s Ads! No need to re-invent the wheel!
  • Your call to action. Create a design that’s eye-catching. Would different words be more compelling? Try placing it above the fold (the point where readers need to scroll to see more).
  • Your text-to-image ratio. Experts recommend a blend of 60% text to 40% images to illustrate your message while avoiding spam traps. Again Aweber and Sendblaster test your spam ratio and give you results you want 0% See some of ours below .

Ab Testing - ensure 0% spam score via CRM! #abtesting


  • Your preheader. Ensure you have a whitelisting request, a link to your newsletter online and  very essential an unsubscribe link.
  • Your format. Are you using the best layout for your content? Or should you try one of these options instead?
  • Your images and copy. Are you presenting your product or service in the best possible light? Or would your readers respond better to something else?



Step 4: Split Test for the Winning Design

To figure out which design will generate more sales, use the broadcast split testing feature in your CRM. This sends each version to a randomly selected, equally sized audience so you’ll get the most accurate results.

After the broadcasts go out, follow the QuickStats for each version to keep track of sales. (Just click on the subject on the Broadcast page to see how they’re doing.)

Once you have the winning version, you know what design to use for future promotions!


Split Testing Strategy Step 5: Google A/B Testing  aka Google Analytics Content Experiment.

First if you have never done this I suggest you Read How to setup Your First Split or A/B test or experiment here now.

Your aim is to check your best and worst website/blog behaviour, analyze your results, check where your website lacks and fix it for your users experience and better organic traffic from SEs. In order to do this ab testing experiment you need:


  • Gmail account
  • Google adwords account…FREE
  • Login to your Google developers site your screen should look something like below!

Google Developers Ab testing Landing Page! #googletools #abtestingtips


The experiment is about ensuring your website performs great on a Speed test for your audience ab test. You can check your Blog or website speed and how to fix any issues here.

Back to our test, you need to be logged into your analytics account and Click on “Reporting” on Left side panel; Click on Behavior – Site Speed – then Speed Suggestions as shown in image below:

Google Site Speed part of our Ab Testing experiment! #googletools #makemoresales


Your aim today and at very least once a month is to check & ensure your website runs at a min of 80/100. Of course the best scenario is 100/100 esp. for mobile users. Clearly we need to fix some site speed issues from the image above 72 -84 secs is simply too slow and am sure glad I checked!


It’s important to remember that a huge number of your audience use handhelds like tablets and mobile phones to search for your offers online. Thus your blog or website load speed according to Neil Patel should be less than 2 secs Max. Clearly we need to do some work on this front! So this ab test tool is supremely essential for your business. We best get to the ab testing experiment.

Whatever your aim or target for your website be it page views, clicks, AdSense, your absolute page speed should be 1-2 secs. We love our visitors to not have to wait for ages for our site to load and we desire that you stay for more than 20 mins.

That is great for Alexa Ranking and you wouldn’t worry about Bounce rates too. You in turn will learn new and great ways to build your business and brand. The faster your website loads the higher the chances of your audience sticking for longer and check out more. Below are our Desktop & Mobile Page speed ab tests

Ab_test_SpeedTest_PC Your Website Speed Ab Testing Experiment! #pagespeedtips #splittesting

To help with the above two webmasters nightmares aka Alexa Ranks and Bounce rates we have an awesome resource and Facebook Forum where you can participate. We support each other to improve these areas for less than 10 mins of your day! Consider this your VIP invitation to said Forum, only people serious about attracting Organic traffic need take this up! This resource and going through the ab test experiment may take up what you consider valuable time, BUT It is worth it and can reduce your bounce rate way down!

Below I give you the very simple steps to make your ab testing so worth your time!

Step 1 – Login to your Google Analytics account and follow instructions…

Step 2 – Go to behaviour, speed check as shown above. Copy and paste into word doc or Google doc the results you get. Spend the next few mins or hours FIXING the Problem areas or Issues. In our case our blog has lots of visuals: videos and Images. These can slow down a website if not optimized and compressed properly. So this we are focused on!

Step 3 – Create your 1st experiment making sure that your original offer and variation In Step 3 of Split testing above is in place. Install or check that your Google Analytics tracking code is installed. Again Google gives you instructions what to do. If all sounds like Greek Do REACH out to us to help Here!  By the way its best placed in the “header.php” of your home page or any widget.

Check & track the behaviour of the two offers for at least 7 days. And you will absolutely understand how to improve your website. And for this you need Google Tag Manager.

Learn how to set up your very first Google A/B test Experiment Using Link or watch Video Below


By Brian Dean of QuickSprout  

Click Here to learn More about  our Video Marketing Tips and Tools an Subscribe to Our Channel so You Don’t Miss a Tip



February New Vs Returning Visitors Google Analytics Ab test!

Ab_testing_New_Vs_Returning Visitors Analytics!

Our Audience View Analytics for Feb!

Now it may be a great idea to also add the Google analytics Chrome extension to track how your audience interacts with your website! The audience overview feature gives you a great idea how your audience is interacting with your website. This gives you a basic Google ab test between your New Vs Returning visitors. We encourage you to take it further!

Google likes to show fresh, value and original content on the 1st page top 10. And in our experience, Google Website Optimizer takes Ab Testing to a new level. The connection between GWO and your Analytics is real powerful in comparison to other applications. So take this ab test experiment serious and you will rise above your competition in your business.


Split Testing and Ab testing Resources it’s a Wrap for now:

So my questions to you are: How Likely Are You to follow The above Steps to see the change you desire this year?

Does setting up sales tracking, split tests, ab testing sound like something you’re likely to take on or already do for your business? If No, whats stopping you? Can we help?

If Yes to above, what changes do you think you’ll try out? We’d love to hear about your insights and results! And we’d love it if you left a comment below! And if you have got value from our Ab testing tips and tutorial postdon’t forget to Like, share with your mates and absolutely share on facebook…


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You know you do Deserve More so…


Live. Learn. Love

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