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Marketing on Pinterest For Business Success takes Certain Techniques. Learn to Pin Like a Ninja!  

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Battle Tested Steps to Ninja Marketing on Pinterest For Your Brand and Business!



If you’re not Marketing on Pinterest for your business yet, why not? Are you an internet marketer or blogger and Pinterest is not one of your marketing platforms? Maybe you don’t do cute lil dog images, or sell Etsy products so you reckon Pinterest isn’t for you?

Did you know that Marketing on Pinterest can be a super way to share your offers, products, business, and also learn about trends? You can actually build an engaged potential customer base and ultimately boost your sales!

In this article I’ll share Eleven reasons and ways to improve your Pinterest marketing, or get you started on this platform.

If you already have a Pinterest Business account and aren’t getting any real results Then You need to ask yourself some hard questions. And it could be any number of reasons why. Apart from Lack of Focused Consistent action on Your part or Lack of Sharing other people’s content to attract theirs and their followers attention to your content…Consider asking yourself these very essential Questions below, or use expert help in getting them answered soonest: 

  1. What is your Brand Identify?
  2. What is your Primary goal for marketing on Pinterest?
  3. What makes your offers and brand Unique, that others should take note? 
  4. Are your Images aka Pins Showing What You want?
  5. Are they Attractive, Compelling and eye Grabbing?
  6. Do they offer solutions to people’s problems?
  7. Do you share Lists for people to follow?
  8. Are Your Descriptions Clear and Keyword Rich! 



If you’re not interested in Pinterest Marketing, Stop right here.  But if you are determined to attract more opt-ins, make more sales and by learning Marketing on Pinterest for your business, keep reading. By the end of this article, I believe you’ll be ready not only to up your Pinterest game, you will be rearing to go!


11 Reasons and Steps to Ninja Pinterest Marketing!

By following a few steps and consistently applying them to your Pinterest Account, you can grow your brand through marketing on Pinterest!



#1 Create a Business Account:

Yes, this is where it all starts so I will keep shouting it from the roof tops. Without a business account you are not marketing on Pinterest, you have a hobby! It’s very easy to turn your existing personal account into a Business account, it’s also Free. So do it.

A Pinterest business account gives you access to detailed analytics not available to those using a personal account. If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can easily switch it to a business account by following these directions.



#2 Check Your Pins:

A Pinterest image has to grab the eye before a person even bothers to check out the Pin description. So what images are you Pinning? Not all images are created the same! Carefully choose or create images with text overlay that will draw people’s attention!

If you have been pinning once a week, that right there is your road block! So my advice is, look back at your last 10-15 blog posts. Check your images. Are they Pinterest Optimized, or pin-worthy? Would anyone else feel enticed to pin them? Would you pin them if you were not the blog owner?

If the answer is NO, then take some time on Canva, ipiccy or Picmonkey all FREE photo editor resources. Create some Pinterest Optimized approx. 734 x 1100 pixels bright images. Add text, your web address, and rename images to an appropriate keyword description.

Use TailWind to Schedule your pins and see better traction and interest in your account from other pinners!

Pinterest does give you an effective platform to drive traffic to your website. So absolutely create attractive boards with HD tall images, so your followers feel a magnetic pull to re-pin & click through.


#3 Study and Learn your Target Audience

I don’t know about you, but if you don’t know where you are going, you won’t get anywhere. Same thing here, if you have no clue who your services or products serve, how can you know where to find them or serve them? It’s not rocket science! Its basic business sense. So please do take the time to study, research, and create your Avatar. You can also reach out to me if this sounds like rocket a foreign language to you. Apply yourself to this exercise, it may be a little hard to start with, yet once you zone in, doors will open for you in ways you didn’t envisage.


#4 Be Authentic, Share Your Story

The fastest way to build trust in you and your brand is to share the behind the scenes story and journey. On Pinterest you do this though Visuals, Images, Infographs. You can share your experiences, lessons, case studies, successes and ask for help if you need it too! Give your followers a sneak peek into these things it will go a long way to building rapport and trust! They will relate, feel like they know you or aspire to be like you. You will Inspire…these are the triggers for buying decisions.


#5 Share Targeted Relevant Content

Once you know who you are serving and their needs, (see #3 above) then this should be the norm. Your followers on average are looking to you, your content and business for valuable information. Its time you postured up and Show them that you know your business and their needs! Engage with your pinners, thank them and build powerful relationships with your potential and actual clients.

For example, Jill Levenhagen’s Pinterest account does show case her as an avid pinner, Photographer and food blogger who provides excellent, relevant information to help her followers. She shares beautifully optimized images of her recipes, meal prep tips in a variety of categories! From breakfast, dinner, Fast food recipes and also Photography!  Check her out, if you are a foodie, Photography lover, or simply looking for Pinterest inspiration, there’s something for you there!

Jill Levenhagen - Pinterest Marketing Case study!

Provide helpful information to your followers, and even more people will follow your Pinterest boards and engage with your content. Knowing your clients’ needs, will help you create content that resonates with them and they will look to you as a trusted resource. The result will be more traffic to your blog, more subscribers and a more loyal clientele. This is marketing on Pinterest or any platform for that matter, the smart way!


#6 Run a Pinterest Contest

The idea is to use Pinterest Marketing to promote your brand to as many people as possible. It’s essential to attract new customers and keep your existing ones happy. So why not try this?

Now I too once had no clue how to do this until I met a wonderful blogger Kathleen Ahern. She runs a weekly Pinterest game and contest! You see Pinterest is great for increasing visibility, since the more a pin is shared, the higher the chances of it getting to The Smart Feed top page and more people seeing it!

This is a Smart Pinterest Marketing Tip. Create a Pinterest Linky and Contest to increase sharing and attract new Subscribers and potential customers or team members! To enter the weekly contest simply use the Blogger’s Pit Stop linkup and scroll to the bottom. Join the Pinterest Game and participate for better Pinterest reach every week. Esp. if you win the contest. Every participant is in the draw for the weekly prize.

Pinterest Marketing_Ninja


#7 Share How to and DIY Tips

I hinted on this in our Weekly Café Season 7 and I would like to expand on it a wee bit more. People love to find easier ways of doing things. We love DIY hacks that we can share with others too and may be look a bit clever? Pinterest How To & DIY Boards & Pins are a great way to do that. Have you seen DIY boards? From makeup, furniture, design, Jewelry, fashion etc. the list is huge. DIY is super popular! Just go on the Smart feed and Type DIY and see what I mean. Or go to YouTube and type Pinterest hacks…See what I mean!

Pinterest_Marketing_DIY_Boards Pinterest_Marketing_DIY

So why not Utilize Pinterest to show your audience your product, niche or interest related tips and tricks!



#8 Use Amazing Own Images

This kind of links back to being you. Your own Images also tell your story without giving away too much. So why not take a photo of your little ones having a blast, your pet romping in the park, your car (don’t show number plate.) Using your own images is a great way to market on Pinterest! WHY? Because you are letting your audience into your life, they feel like they know you. Again building trust and resonance!


#9 Streamline Your Pinterest Account

Narrow down your boards and stream line them into: Brand Boards, Niche, Promotional, Personal, and Interests. Keep them under 50 boards max! This will help you focus better on how your brand serves your audience, and target your Marketing on Pinterest accordingly. As shown in our earlier article, in 90 days you can increase your traffic by over 185% that’s a mere 3 months! And with consistency that can only grow! To do this you can:

Carry out audience surveys via your email marketing– send your Followers and esp. subscribers a quick survey asking what they like to see you share! Survey monkey is a great resource! To get them engaging in the survey, use a giveaway or Contests as in #6 above! Ensure only those that fill out survey completely get entered!

Then go right ahead and give them what they wanted! Customer service at its best! 


#10 Be Consistent and Focused in Your Pinning

Or shall we say “Saving” coz the old “Pin it” button has been replaced with the “Save” button. I liked the Pin it better, but hey-ho I am only a user. Okay like anything worth having, and to have success on Pinterest, consistency is the key. I like to say Intentional Action. You want to be Pinning at least every day. And You literally just need to use resources that do this on autopilot. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest does not mind automation tools at all! It has even re-opened the door to Affiliate links. So why not automate the process?  We have been sharing some automation resources like Viralwoot, Boardbooster, Ahalogy, and Our Very Best and recommended tool TailWindThese tools help you in your focus and consistency. And you can Schedule and repin any content using the Chrome extension. No need to login. Its super cool!


#11 Track your Actions and Results

Check out how engagement trends over time. Understanding where your audience is from can help you find new opportunities for marketing. Understanding their interest is very important to how and what you share and thus how they interact with your content and brand!


As said in #7 above, DIY, Fashion, Travel, Makeup, Recipes, these go a long way together with Pinterest. They are trending even in our audience interests’ demographics! It’s a common trend, so if you are pinning be sure to share some content in these niches. It will attract that audience to your content and site too = more subscribers and ultimately sales! Pinterest Analytics are great for the basics, Google analytics are awesome for social shares and my recommended resource of choice for Pinterest Automation and Analytics is TailWind!

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